[pnpgm] Game Update #70 - File #578 - Shu casts Vong Ritual

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<ooc - don't worry Scott I read the post first :)>

Fremea is standing there when Raban walks through the door. "I just got in here myself." She starts to investigate using her own skills to see if she can figure out how someone was already in here or had gotten in here and out without showing anything was wrong, only backwards. She will look at the maps too, to see if there was a marker or Shu's fingers on a spot. She touches the dagger after that (sending a separate email to you Scott).

When someone asks her about her dress, "I happened to step out for a little bit and someone drunk in the alleyway tried to have some 'fun' with me. He will not do that to any other person now. I was not seen." She says that without a glance up from anything she is looking over. The last part is to ease anyone who had any other thoughts of distracting her.

When Z says something about Regeneration, "I can help with regen if needed. I am not the best skilled at it, however my masters thought I should know it just in case."
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