[pnpgm] Game Update #70 - File #578 - Shu casts Vong Ritual

John Hooten jhooten at windstream.net
Thu Feb 11 07:07:04 CET 2010

<I will correct the oops and send to the list, some of this was not 
posted to it. It is not 'secret' and should not be as anyone in the room 
could hear it.>

     "Not perceptive enough", Raban replies, "I should have heard anyone 
in that Hallway, yet I did not hear you or whoever did this. I checked 
the Room and Shu locked the door. I will check the room again, I know 
about secret doors, hiding places and spy holes, they should not remain 
hidden from me a second time."
      "Who has the rooms to either side, or even above or below? If some 
door or hatch exists, it should connect to one of those. And if they 
exist, this place is responsible for this tragedy!"
     "She was so happy this evening, no one should have taken that away 
from her!"

<hopefully this can be fit together with the other posts>

On 2/10/2010 11:35 PM, Tobie Bonahoom wrote:
> Fremea quickly looks up at Raban, with her mouth open to say his name. 
> "You are more perceptive than I had thought. There was nothing here 
> that I had seen as I entered. I have only been here for a minute. I 
> will find what has happened though. No one kills my 'sister.'" The 
> look in her eyes defies that she looks like a child right now.
> > >
> > ><Nasty problem and just what did occur? Maybe Raban will show some 
> insight into events.>
> > >
> > > Raban, though confused, still sees more than some. Softly he 
> approaches Fremea and calmly says , "What did you see? What happened 
> here?"
> >
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