[pnpgm] Game Update #70 - File #578 - Shu casts Vong Ritual

Mark love_to_travel_mark at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 9 22:21:58 CET 2010

[For now Kell won't go explore the warehouse, but that may change very quickly.  We shall see...]

Kell watches all the commotion with concern in his thoughts.  He watches those still in the room, and once it appears safe he goes upstairs as well.  Knowing he isn't a healer and can't bring anyone back from the dead, he watches everyone and all the possible ways in and out.  "Poor Shu, such a flower cut down too early in life" he thinks to himself, as he keeps an extra close eye on both Raban and Fremea..

Kell walks over to the map where Shu was found and looks at it, and he sees???

[After this I do have more actions.  But I want to see what is on the map first.]

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