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--- <Raban needs to think up what to say to chide Fremea for such
risky behavior.. so far drawing a blank ;(
GM: Ack. Could spank her like a child? :) Just disarm her first.

   - LMAO:D
- Treasure Split clarification-
   I guess I should have worded things better. What I meant to say was that Arawn-
   A) Votes to give the treasure to the captain and crew (along with the fallen sailor's family) or if the group plans on splitting things, giving Arawn's share of the treasure over to the sailors
   B) Due to his share of things last adventure Arawn is thinking of taking a lowered share of treasure from here on out (after the the pirate treasure is dealt with) for an indefinite period of time or until the group decides he's paid his due. The 1/3 to 1/2 comment is in regards to future treasure, where Arawn would 'return' the stated amount to the group treasure to be split up by the others. This would effectively give Arawn 1/2 to 2/3 of what his share would normally be, trying to return funds to the group while allowing him to support himself while abroad and to assist or payback others.
   If anyone has another suggestion then let me know. Scott, to simplify things for now I'll take 2/3 of a normal share unless the group feels it should be higher.


   If the captain takes his entire share Arawn will suggest that maybe a portion could be donated to temples of Manannan and Zu or, lacking that, to purchase materials for the figurehead. Arawn will work on it after the adventure and add his own resources/money to it as well, regardless of whether the captain wishes to a small portion on donations or the figurehead and Arawn will not begrudge whatever the decision.
    As the group discusses the option of teleporting certain items and beings back to the Dark Lands Arawn speaks up,


   "If everyone decides that a final drop-off to the Dark Lands is needed I am willing to aid as well. I can shield myself from lower level magical detections, take to the sky, and transport out to sea, away from the coast and likely scanning. Even if I am detected it is unlikely any would be able to determine anything other than the fact that something occured out at sea before I move on.

   High level translocation might draw attention but a low level jump could easily send me dozens of miles away from shore without, hopefully, triggering any sensors. Once far enough out I could attempt higher level jumps, mainly over the ocean until I am within sight of non-Katai lands and can then move across continent toward the Citadel. I should be able to do this in one day, though I will have to see if I can perform a return trip the same day. If not then I will be able to return by the next.

   If everyone desires me to do this then I'll need to plot out my path so as to properly navigate. Also, if the ship continues to move, which isn't a bad idea, I'll have to work on how to meet you in Jiuquo without drawing attention. If you've yet to arrive I can attempt to port nearby and then fly out to meet you as a raven or else swim to you and then board. If you're too far out then horseback could work, though I'll have to keep a low profile and then have a rendezvous point to meet you at."



   After the demonstration and apologies on Arawn's part he says to the group,


   "We might not be able to affect the Vong directly but magics such as this improve our abilities and aid us tremendously against them. To minimize unknowing resistance on our part and to maximize successful use I'm wondering if we should use some kind of phrase or code to alert people in the party when I am about to cast this on them. Any ideas?"



   During the discussion on how best to distribute the funds to the family and the captain's mention of the 'Sailors Way' Arawn adds in,


   "Captain, as the treasure has been given to you and your crew, it is up to all of you to decide on how best to dispense the treasure. However, I will say that the idea of donating to the 'Sailors Way' is a very admirable one and I support it.

   As for Ki' Lu's family, I think your decision to have an account set up for them a wise one. It hinders any attempts to steal from them by limiting the amount vulnerable at any one time. I do understand Raban's view, to protect the family from being overwhelmed too quickly by the amount but I do not think they would lack appreciation for it or find some level of joy in Ki' Lu's death," pausing to look at Raban in a friendly and understanding way, "But there should be a silver lining to their recent tragedy."


   He seemed to ponder something for a moment before continuing,


   "Perhaps you could suggest to the family to invest in a better education or training so as to lead to a better way of life that they can perpetuate and build off of instead of relying on the gold until the last coin is gone.

   Another one, if you, the crew, and the family are open to it, is to combine the funds and build an inn or tavern. This allows for another source of perpetuating income and as investors you could all get a share of the yearly profits. It might be smaller than your initial investments at first but in time you all should recoup your loss and start making a profit that can add to your shipping income. Also, it offers a place to rest when away from home for some. Perhaps with some help you could get it to grow, maybe link it up with the 'Sailors Way' or guilds to allow discounts to sailors or guild-members and hopefully draw attention its way. Volume could make up for discounts and also some might frequent it knowing that a portion might be donated to the 'Sailors Way' to assist others in your profession."



Fremea to Arawn-

   "If you really want to learn how to get in places and out, maybe I could teach you better ways than falling into the water from a burning ship." Smiling at him the whole time.


   -"I discovered several barrels of tar or pitch while looking for prisoners. The fire was closing in and I pondered whether to teleport out or turn insubstantial but didn't know where the pirates were so went for the more mundane route of running and swimming," he said, returning a warm smile.

    "I've had some training in slipping in and out of places but if you have something in mind to teach me then I'll happily and appreciatively accept," he said, his smile turning to a grin.



   As talk of how to deal with the pirates grows Arawn voices his own view.


   "I do not agree with killing the pirates. I do not think we should act as judge, jury, and executioner out of fear of a possibility. It would be the first step on a downward path to rationalize killing when off the battle-field. 

   These men know the laws of their land and have chosen their action with this in mind. The repercussions of such choices should be left to the magistrates of this land. I will not be the one to condemn them for actions that, though likely, we have not been witness to without having a chance before a judge. Though I think that their fates will be determined by the markings they bare.

   And I would vote against tampering with their memories for the time being. Such magics can be detected and their memories will likely come back over several weeks, though I hope we will be done in Katai by then. And as long as Fremea kept out of sight, they likely have not seen anything, covered by the fog.

   The explosion can be attributed to a weapon meant to deter pirates. After all we are not just a merchant ship but one bearing a noble and his entourage so it makes sense that we would be well-equipped to deal with something as 'trivial' as pirates. It would be their word versus a noble's and I think the latter will carry more weight. As to the weapon, we could say it was a weapon from some barbarous land, a kind of ceramic bomb perhaps? It could detonate after being lit, either on impact or in the air if the fuse burns down enough. We could claim to be out by now and have the bombs launched by large slings that we should be able to craft before arriving in port. We only need one that our 'servant', Raban, uses on Zhou's behalf.

   Beyond that, if any have questions of the pirates I could be present for interrogation to determine if the truth to anything they might have to say without ever alerting them to the use of magic. As to any other threat to us, I think Fremea is on to something about using them to our advantage and I am curious to hear what she has to say on the subject."

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