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>         [Julis 2nd, 1634TH]
>           Zhou steps away and asks for folks to practice.  Arawn decides
>         to step up.  He glances to the party briefly and eyes Kell, Kiet
>         and Raban.  He then selects Kell as he seems the weakest of the
>         three to his appraisal.
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>                                 ---------------------
>         [Julis 4th, 1634TH]
>         [Winds: Average, Speed 6]
>         [Weather: Clear/Sunny, No Event]
>           Kiet ponders his next words carefully, and it is obviously
>         painful for him to make the following suggestion. "I would rather
>         personally compensate the Captain for the 'reward' he would get
>         for the pirates in Katai and eliminate them myself.  In fact, to
>         be clear, I so offering."
>           Kiet is mildly surprised that any in this group would take such
>         chances with all our lives, but then remembers that not all of
>         them have the background experience with Katai that he does
>         himself.
>           Only the core party is around Kiet when he views his warnings
>         about the pirates.  The Captain and sailors are off doing their
>         duties in the late afternoon breeze.  Shu simply shakes her head
>         and walks away.  Caladan looks to Z'leyra for some comment if
>         anyone the Healer with the creed "harm no one" would have
>         something to say here.
>           Farseeker steps up to the acrobat.  "I can understand your
>         unease. But there is protocol in these things.  As a military
>         man I can't see killing innocent prisoners without even the
>         trial by Katai folks.  It is one thing to kill on the battlefield
>         or in self defense.  But another entirely to kill prisoners."
>         He glares at Kiet. "Don't look a me that way.  I have no doubt
>         they aren't innocent.  But law is law and I have obliged myself
>         to uphold it as best I can for my King within or without the
>         nation I live in.  If I go against it we are no better than
>         a Kotothi or Chaos oriented group." He glances around at the
>         others. "I doubt any here are oriented in that way or they
>         likely would've been dead by now."  He taps his sword on his
>         hip.  "Do as you wish but I will have no part in it."  He then
>         turns and marches away.
>           Caladan then steps up and picks up one of the throwing
>         daggers from the treasure pile.  He then walks toward
>         Kiet and stares.  "I for one am with Farseeker.  I do not
>         understand the sailor way as Chion here might or others.
>         I'm from a land locked nation.  But I know in the past two
>         months of talking to the sailors how they seem to think.  It
>         is one thing to fight pirates and defend your ship.  It is
>         another to kill prisoners once obtained.  Otherwise it makes
>         them no better than the pirates they kill.  Their obligation
>         to save them in the water was done.  Captain Sung explained
>         that already.  What is done now is up to us.  This treasure
>         would suffice in reward I'm sure for them.  They might be worth
>         a few silver at best."  He raises the dagger up to show Kiet. "Go
>         ahead take it.  Do as you wish.  But do it with the blindfold
>         off so you can look at them when you take them out.  They are
>         mere boys with mothers, fathers and siblings.  Look to who
>         you kill.  Then sleep knowing that our hides are safe and justice
>         is done." He reaches down and gets Kiet's hand and palms him the
>         dagger. Caladan then turns around and walks a few feet away.
>           "Just clean up when your done.  I will not help in that." He
>         looks over his shoulder. "Of course there are always alternatives.
>         If you know magic to wipe their brains that might work but is
>         that better than a simple and fast death?"  He then continues
>         on and climbs down the stairs.

>From Frema:
To Kiet - "I believe that there are other ways to make sure they keep their mouths from telling tall tales, even if they might have truth to them. We could even use them as an advantage for us getting past some check points or what ever we might encounter. We have to think plan, rather than always killing, even if they deserve it. Let them kill themselves, possibly even for us in some way." This surprises her some what to even hear her say, as it has some sameness to her masters. Then she thinks about it and these men are not worthy of caring about.
Then from Ben'Dar:
Regarding killing the prisoners:
Ben'Dar rolls his eyes at the words of Farseeker and Caladan.  In Marentian: "We should have let them drown in the first place.  They aren't 'innocent prisoners' - they're pirates: thieves and murderers!  Farseeker, what does justice and "the law" dictate for such in Marentia?  You know as well as I that they would already be swinging from gallows if we were back there."  He switches to Zen'dali:  "Caladan, brother, your civilized softness continues to puzzle me.  You are Zen'dan!  You know what we do to thieves and murderers.  Back home, these prisoners would all be skinned alive and tied to trees for the wolves and birds to pick apart."
Then he shrugs and switches back to Marentian.  "But they are the captain's prisoners, not ours.  Let him do what he will with them."

Grinning Kell looks at Ben'Dar and replies in Zen'dali, "Well said Ben'Dar!  To the point and true."  Back to Katai now, "Ben'Dar is correct, these are the captain's prisoners and not ours.  We must honor his decision and let him decide what to do with them.  If the captain decides to hang them, so be it.  I want to keep him and the crew as friends."  Pausing and adjusting his hat, the half elf continues, "But perhaps there is a way to use them as Fremea says."  

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