[pnpgm] Game Updae #38 - File #383 - The Battle Mind

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Regarding killing the prisoners:

Ben'Dar rolls his eyes at the words of Farseeker and Caladan.  In Marentian:
"We should have let them drown in the first place.  They aren't 'innocent
prisoners' - they're pirates: thieves and murderers!  Farseeker, what does
justice and "the law" dictate for such in Marentia?  You know as well as I
that they would already be swinging from gallows if we were back there."  He
switches to Zen'dali:  "Caladan, brother, your civilized softness continues
to puzzle me.  You are Zen'dan!  You know what we do to thieves and
murderers.  Back home, these prisoners would all be skinned alive and tied
to trees for the wolves and birds to pick apart."

Then he shrugs and switches back to Marentian.  "But they are the captain's
prisoners, not ours.  Let him do what he will with them."
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