[pnpgm] Game Updae #38 - File #383 - The Battle Mind

J Hooten jhooten at binary.net
Tue Sep 22 10:37:23 CEST 2009

    Raban thinks for quite some time before he once more talks to the 
    "Captain, your money lenders sound like a good idea but I think once 
you determine what money they need you should still make sure that only 
small amounts can be taken at one time. It may be best if they do not 
know how much there is. If they work at all give them enough to buy some 
better things and save more for when they need more help otherwise you 
will change their lives too much. It is wrong for them to rejoice in the 
loss of a son or husband. The rest of the money can be used much the 
same way, to support those who cannot work or to assist those who need 
some small help. Do not make people dependent upon your help but help 
them get back to work as much as they can. Many think they want to live 
off others and never work but such actions are bad for the soul and lead 
man to ruin. Make sure it is enough to survive, maybe a little more so 
they have reason to add to it themselves. Plan ahead for other crew 
accidents instead of gathering afterward as you may not have it when it 
is needed. This money gives you a chance to do many things like that. 
Your idea seems a good one, you just need to make it work or even better 
support itself from its share of profits somehow. If not, other 
donations could be gotten to keep it working. I am not that good with 
numbers so I do not know what is required, but properly run this could 
benefit many people who need help. In my travels as a Bard, I do much 
like what you proposed but usually only once for a family or person 
since it could be years before I returned anywhere. But I do give out 
maybe a hundred gold a year that way earned from my entertaining. It 
varies with what I sense I need as I only earn what is required. But if 
you can make this work, I could raise more money for it once we are done 
with this mission. I wonder if something like it can be made to work for 
other groups? But it would be best for groups who see each other as 
close to family."

<yup Raban is a big hearted dummy, but one who does understand people>

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