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      <    Kell makes mention that sharing with the crew is a good plan. 
        He knows hirelings are best loyal when they are well paid.  Since 
        days ago the crew would barely break even now they will have some 
        extra coin in their pocket.  That makes them more loyal than 
        ever before. 

          hearing this Farseeker asks Kiet, "still want the ship to leave 
        us or stay in case we need a fast getaway?"> 

Kiet says, "Yes.  Now more than ever.  The more money they have, the greater drink they will consume.  Also, they are loyal to thei Captain, not us.  It doesn't change the conclusion." 

 <    They might be worth 
        a few silver at best."  He raises the dagger up to show Kiet. "Go 
        ahead take it.  Do as you wish.  But do it with the blindfold 
        off so you can look at them when you take them out.  They are 
        mere boys with mothers, fathers and siblings.  Look to who 
        you kill.  Then sleep knowing that our hides are safe and justice 
        is done." He reaches down and gets Kiet's hand and palms him the 
        dagger. Caladan then turns around and walks a few feet away. 

"Just clean up when your done.  I will not help in that." He 
        looks over his shoulder. "Of course there are always alternatives. 
        If you know magic to wipe their brains that might work but is 
        that better than a simple and fast death?"  He then continues 
        on and climbs down the stairs.> 

Kiet looks at Caladan and says back "I would no more shed a tear for these pirates than I would for wolves taking my livestock.  Nor would I turn my head like a little schoolgirl while I administer their final fate.  I don't enjoy it, but I don't shirk it either.  Besides..." Kiet holds the weapon close as if inspecting it, "...I think my own blades are a lot sharper than this!" 

"So, what do you think will be their fate in the hands of the Katai authority?  Hmmm?  I somehow don't see them being thrown into a soft cushy prison...I see them being executed almost as soon as their pirate status becomes known.  What difference does it make if they die here, or on land?  If they die here, then there is ZERO chance of them causing us trouble in the future.  Let them live and what chances do you take with all of our lives?" 

"I won't do anything outside the will of the majority in this group, but I will not stand silently by while bad decisions are made." 

"AND, finally, what exactly are authorities in Katai supposed to think of a MERCHANT ship surviving a pirate attack without any casualties whatsoever?" 

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