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Tue Sep 22 09:18:44 CEST 2009

   HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1.John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ??.Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R4.Tom Corckett..........Caladan...........Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  W2.Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3.Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  --.Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry Fe
  R2.Mark Murtha...........Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human..Ma
  Do.David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  Ma
  R4.J H Hooten............Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  W2.Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  R1 NPC...................Shu.Yeoh..........Wizard..Normal/Human..Fe
  W4.Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R1 John.Stowman..........Will..............Hunter..Normal/Human..Ma
  R4.Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
  R1 NPC...................Zhou Kiwat........Noble...Normal/Human..Ma
     Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Tef'wo (Horse) Ben'dar, 2 Donkeys

  Cover Story Info: [HD- House member, F-Foreigner, N-native non house]
     Arawn      aka Arawn         as Teacher to daughter [F]
     Ben'dar    aka Bu Da         as Horse expert        [F]
     Caladan    aka Ca Lu         as Guard/Archer        [N]
     Chion      aka Capt. Chu Mai as Sailor Trustee      [HD]
     Farseeker  aka Fu Sa         as Guard               [F]
     Fremea     aka Lin Mong      as Noble child         [HD] [Disguised]
     Kell       aka Swan          as Trader              [F]
     Kiet       aka Kiet Sunan    as Zhou's servant      [F]
     Raban      aka Toban Nu      as Entertainer/Guard   [F] 
     Strie'bog  aka Sun Zhu       as Entertainer         [N]
     Shu        aka Shu           as Niece               [HD]
     Unali      aka Tun Au        as Zhou's wife         [HD]
     Will       aka Sun Tzu       as hunt master         [F]
     Z'leyra    aka Kakita Junami as Healer              [F]
     Zhou       aka Zhou Wa       as Noble               [HD]

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        From Kell: [Re: Actions]
          [OOC - I missed this somehow.]

          Kell replies, "Of course I'll share notes. You can examine...

          "Will, if you teleport back to the Citadel I would appreciate...

          Kell likes the treasure split to include all the sailors. Then
          they will be happier, and happier people talk less. This
          includes a share for the dead sailor's family.

          For his share, he'd like the jewelry with the Sapphire in it and
          and the platimum bracelet and armbands, and 3 of the throwing
          daggers. He's always wanted to learn to use throwing daggers.
          The rest in coins. Kell will gladly sell the items to make as
          much profit as possible.
        GM: Ack. 

        From Thomas: [Re: Not knowing the known stuff]
          Bottom line, and all I really have to go on is the books,a s I
          didn't read what happened before I joined the party (I Whitney
          wouldn't know most of it, after all)..... Zhou threatened to kill
          a Wizard fo the Dark Lands if he didn't do what Zhou told him.
          WHAT shouldn't really matter. Wizards outrank everyone else.
          Whitney is a DL wizard, Zhou is only a noble. This is by decree
          of the High Elder.

          Now, again, this is based on the published information. Your
          setting may be different. If it isn't, that test Zhou was worried
          about? There wasn't one, and he managed to fail anyhow. If  your
          DL is different, well, I really wish I'd known.
        GM: Ack. I'm not blaming you here.  This is why I'll reply here to
            just let folks know.  Yes I have a unique view of the pnp
            universe as any GM has.  I never use 100% of the published
            material in the culture or site.  If I did the players could
            easily use it to their advantage and what fun is that for
            a evil gm like myself? :) Basically the history is still there
            they left Katai and settled in DL.  But the HE is more
            a mythical figure.  Few may have an audience and those who
            know of him don't know all the facts.  The world of the DL
            is so dangerous due to the wizard challenges that domains
            do change hands often enough.  This is why you have kids
            ruling some domains.  So folks are too into their own lives
            to worry about the HE.  To some it could be a generational
            thing, to others a hereditary thing (more than 1 HE), to
            others they do know.  The ones that probably know would be
            Zhou, Oby, Sorceress (though would never admit it) and maybe
            Sven.  In my world Sven is third in command though in the
            books he's not as high up.  But the true chain of command
            is the HE then each domain ruler under him.  In each domain
            you have the wizards, masters and apprentices then the
            villagers.  Some domains the peasants are simple slaves to
            others they are equal in standing to some apprentices.  So
            its not all a level playing field.  In the citadel the
            chain is HE, Oby (in manor affairs) and Zhou in domain
            affairs and as middleman to the HE.  Zhou even has more
            power over the masters in the citadel than one might expect
            due to his loyalty and service to the HE.  Think of him
            as the Katai Master General even though some nobles think
            they are higher standing.  So yes Zhou has pull.  Oby has
            pull in the manor house only and is gatekeeper.  He probably
            knows all the secrets and skeletons.  Even he has a bit
            more power than Zhou.  I had thought you read the old updates
            before joining.  Sorry if you missed these things.  This is
            why Zhou doesn't like the HE being called old coot as a slur.
            The loyal factor.  As to the HE's age few know that fact
            and if they did the Sorceress would simply snatch his
            amulet and take over.  This is why the fact of his true age
            is veiled in my world.  A simple peasant will only know that
            the High Elder has existed before, during and after his lifetime.
            Its like the God Emperor he'll be there forever.  So is it the
            same man who knows?  Who is to say the HE can't change his
            appearance time to time or use high power magic to fool
            those who might stay long (say past the age of 40 in his
            area).  Yes there are rumors and I have no problem with you
            using rumors on his age but it could be dangerous ground to
            spread such rumors.  That's all I'm saying.  Hope this helps
            explains where I'm coming from?

        From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
          Fremea will take the emerald and the stole and 5gc - the rest
          can be divided equal to everyone else. She will give 10Gc for
          the fallen sailors family too (if no one objects).

          As for other actions, she will continue to practice her acting
          skill with being a Katai noble child. The stole will be good to
          use for her disguise.

          She will look at Arawn and just smirk once he is fished out of
          the water. "You may have lots of knowledge and can can ....
        GM: Ack. You give 10 gold from your private stash or the treasure
            off the top?   Seven days of acting.  Right.  +1 EL to Actor.
            Ok.  Your last actions are done.  

        From Raban: [Re: Actions]
          <Raban only claims about a golds worth of smaller coinage,
          since he was pretty much out, and gives the rest of his share
          to the dead sailors family.

          <Normally Raban spends all he has quickly and entertains as
          needed to pay bills, but on this mission that may not be possible.

          "Captain, I do not know where his family lives or what expenses they

          <Raban needs to think up what to say to chide Fremea for such
          risky behavior.. so far drawing a blank ;(
        GM: Ack.   Could spank her like a child? :)   Just disarm her first.

        From John Stowman: [Re: OOC/Making wands]
          [*** Whitney quote deleted for space ***]

          OCC:  I just got back from Denali Park and am just now getting
          caught up on the posts.  I was about to ask if you ever found
          out how to tell the difference between magical and non magical
          items when I read the next post which answers at least some of
          that but I like your thinking on this and think it may be
          interesting to explore further.
        GM: Ack. 

        From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
          "Only one way to develop it, right?," he said, grinning....
          [*** Fremea quote deleted for space ***]

          [*** Farseeker quote deleted for space ***]
          After replying to Fremea Arawn added, smirking,
          "I needed a bath anyways."

          Arawn is all for sharing or giving the treasure to the captain
          and crew, including the dead sailor. Whatever is decided on I'm
          thinking of having Arawn donate 1/2 to 2/3 of what would
          normally be his share of treasure to the group as he took his
          share of things last adventure. The rest he could use to help
          others and to pay his way so he doesn't need to rely on others
          to do so for him. If anyone has another idea/suggestion then
          let me know.
        GM: Ack. So 1/2 to 1/3 is 33-50% so 41.5% unless you decide on
            different figure to be donated to sailor's family.  
        From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
          [**8 Caladan quote deleted for space ***]
          Kiet hears this exchange and opines "I think the ship should...

          Kiet get's agitated at some of this talk of letting the pirates
          live to be turned in.  "There is too much chance of one ...

          As for treasure, Kiet does not feel entitled to any of it, and
          any that he receives  will be considered as nothing less than a
          gift since Kiet didn't do anything to help earn it.
        GM: Ack. Lot of times folks don't get chance to help out but still
            can get treasure.  I have no problem with that.

        From John Stowman: [Re: Fremea's rash actions]
          <Raban needs to think up what to say to chide Fremea for...

          Will nods approvingly
        GM: Ack. 

     [New Stuff]

        [Junaqa 25th, 1634TH]

          Hours after the merman combat the merman items are examined.
        When Arawn and Kell talk to the captain about obtaining one
        for examination, Kell replies to Arawn.

          "Of course I'll share notes. You can examine it as well and we
        can learn together. Arawn, your idea of selling them to collectors
        is a good one. Except we'll have to travel far from here to do
        it."  Kell finishes up by examining the metal in the gleam of the
        sunlight.  A simple weapon, a trident, like a pitchfork.  A simple
        rod/staff with three blade ends.  Some tridents have wide three
        blade ends some have very thin blades.  At least one is so small
        it could pass as a farmer's pitchfork.  A weapon mean to kill
        as the three blades are hard to handle to subdue or lightly
        wound.  With these weapons you wound to kill or injure greatly.


        [Julist 1st, 1634TH]
        [Time: 11:09pm]

          Just a week to landfall the ship is a buzz on last minute plans.
        Some look to Chion for teleporting back.  There are rumors others
        could try it but not so skilled maybe as Chion.  But he has
        been quiet lately, even more so for the sailor-mage.  So it is
        not clear if he will or not.  Could Arawn do it?  Will has hinted
        to it as well but its not clear to the party if its just a
        suggestion or planned action.  

          Kell speaks to Will, "Will, if you teleport back to the Citadel I
        would appreciate it if you take Squirt. He is cute and cuddly, but
        I don't think he would taste good. And I know he doesn't want to
        be someone's dinner. I also have one item that can go back, or be
        stored in the hold."

          Caladan reminds folks that out of 7 million folks there might be
        thousands in the magic busting business.  That maybe as with
        street level personal magic detectors there is wider range detectors
        to detect high level spells.  Such as a mage casting a hurricane
        or high level ritual of summoning or a teleport across the great
        expanse of land.  

          Kiet hears this exchange and opines "I think the ship should move
        on with all due haste.  The longer it is in port, the better the
        chance of one of the sailors drinking too much then saying too
        much.  I am not concerned about the Captain so much, but the

          Farseeker nods, "there is that risk as well.  But as they have
        said they make frequent trips to the Dark Lands.  They know how
        to respect magic.  We likely would not have lasted long otherwise.
        I've learned from some of the sailors they can make a far bigger
        profit going to the Lands than selling simple cargo back and
        forth in Katai.  The luxury items imported into the lands can
        give 8-10 months of trading profit that a year would in Katai
        in just one trip.  So while they could talk I suspect they know
        better than to ruin their soft touch.....I believe that's what
        the merchants call it?" Farseeker glances to Kell for some
        sign of verification.  


        [Julis 2nd, 1634TH]

          As Zhou and Farseeker demonstrate tactics of fighting the
        "Vong" the party watches and listens.  Some sailors sit and
        watch as well thinking it a combat demonstration oblivious to
        the true details of the demonstration and mission.  

          Zhou steps away and asks for folks to practice.  Arawn decides
        to step up.  He glances to the party briefly and eyes Kell, Kiet
        and Raban.  He then selects Kell as he seems the weakest of the
        three to his appraisal.  He then turns to Farseeker but hands to
        his side.  He begins to speak a few quiet words to himself that
        some have come to know as the tongue of his parents or mother or
        maybe Sidh.  As he speaks he uses one hand to
        trace sigils in the air.  

          Arawn considered casting an illusion of the Vong itself to fight
        with but Z'leyra's necklace would've just disrupted it.  Also it
        seems fighting a live person might be best for his plans.  

          Arawn then looks up to face Farseeker who is holding his great
        sword and gets into a martial arts fighting stance.  Farseeker
        grins knowing this should be easy fight.  But its too much so
        he decides to sheath the sword and also go into a hand to hand
        fighting stance to let the Elf get in some lucky shots.

          Arawn tries to imagine the image of the Vong seen at the
        Citadel.  He tries to imagine Farseeker wearing the spiked
        boots the crab armor and heavy leathers.  As he does he raises
        both hands up ready to strike.  Both men circle each other in
        the small fighting area the width of about 10 feet.  Both
        men circle for about five seconds.  Then Farseeker lunges
        forward and does a feint punch which Arawn seems to detect
        and duck at the last second just as Farseeker's other fist
        does the actual side strike missing Arawn's body by half
        a inch.

          As the two men circle Kell and Ben'dar feel a slight twinge
        in their minds.  They look around as if they have that feeling
        of being watched.  But no one is looking at them.  As quickly
        as the two look away their heads swivel back to the two men
        fighting in front of them.  They sit up straighter and study
        the action.  There is something naggingly fascinating about the
        fight in front of them that Zhou and Farseeker moments ago didn't

          Arawn sidesteps another punch by Farseeker and steps forward
        and twists.  He throws a punch at what might be a weak point
        in the make-believe-mental Vong armor of Farseeker's side.  The
        punch goes hard and knocks the breath out of Farseeker for a few
        seconds.  As Farseeker backs up to recover his training kicks in
        and he recovers quicker than most would.

          Fremea stares as well at the two fighters but notices a faint
        aura around Arawn the hue of orange red.  Oddly there is another
        hue around Farseeker that is a fainter orange red.  She smirks that
        Arawn must be using some spell to gain benefit in the fight.  A
        tactic not so dignified as a Alfar it seems.

          Arawn lunges forward and does a fake punch but Farseeker doesn't
        fall for it.  He pulls back and to the left.  But that is what
        Arawn hopes.  Arawn twists and does a sidewise kick to Farseeker
        but Farseeker sees this and grabs Arawn's left leg.  Farseeker
        then lowers his arm onto the leg a light blow but if in true
        combat might've broke the leg.  Farseeker smiles but Arawn
        concentrates more.  Inside Arawn's mind something tells him that
        Farseeker underestimates Arawn.  That no two attacks should
        work the same time twice.  Something in the back of Arawn's mind
        also tells him that maybe the armor is solid on the ribs where
        the crab is but he saw pictures of the "Crab creature" having
        a head.  Arawn backs up and then lowers his shoulder as if
        goinf for a punch.  But as he does he reels back and steps
        two foot closer and then with full force kicks Farseeker in the
        center of the chest just between the breast bones.  Arawn pulled
        his kick as much as he can but even a light touch makes
        Farseeker double back and into a locker on the side.  

          In the audience Ben'dar and Kell seem to understand the tactic
        Arawn was doing.  In fact they had also decided the same spot
        to strike.  But why when they didn't have the though seconds
        earlier?  Ben'dar frowns at the thought.  Could he be thinking
        now like a Elf?

          Kell on the other hand senses something strange.  Using his
        half Elf nature he sends out the strands of will to sense for
        magic.  He quickly finds it around the two fighting and
        oddly around him.  He glances to the others and only sees a
        faint aura around Ben'dar of the same color as the two fighters
        in the ring.  Kell furrows his brows and looks back at Arawn
        wondering what magic he forced on him.

          As Farseeker recovers he charges Arawn and throws a double
        fisted punch at Arawn both hitting but pulled attacks.  Arawn
        staggers back in surprise also losing his own breath for a few
        seconds. Farseeker comes forward to finish the Elf but Arawn
        seems to have not lost his concentration on the fighter in
        front of him.  In fact its as if tunnel vision only Farseeker
        is heard.  No sound or sight of other things around him.  Then
        Arawn sees a tinkling of black sparkle oddly around Farseeker's
        left upper arm near his chest.  Arawn recalls what Zhou says
        and then charges forward pushing Farseeker back into a defensive

          As Farseeker throws both arms out to attempt to grapple and
        hold Arawn the Alfar ducks low.  Both large arms miss Arawn
        by inches but now Arawn thrusts a right arm up into Farseeker's
        right armpit with three fingers as if it were a dagger.  The
        blow is barely felt by Farseeker but the tactic likely would have
        worked if a true blade.  The arm would've been useless at
        least or death at best to the military man.

          By now only 20 seconds have lasted but Arawn seems 3 points
        to 1 for Farseeker.  As Arawn pulls back his hand Farseeker
        sweeps his left leg and topples Arawn to the side.  Farseeker
        lunges and places a boot into the side of Arawn lightly knocking
        him to the ground.  Farseeker then uses his other boot to step
        onto Arawn's back and pretend draw his sword and stab the man
        in the back.  One point to Farseeker but for a fighter like
        Raban or Arawn it might not have been a sure kill.

          Arawn struggles under Farseeker's weight but can't get up
        directly.  Farseeker finally releases his foot and leans down
        to check Arawn and for the second attempt at a finishing
        death blow.  But as he does Arawn uses his knees to first
        kneel then stand but going backward with force knocking into
        Arawn.  He wanted to try a acrobatic back kick and stand
        move he thought he saw Kiet try or someone else in the past
        but fails due to tight room and time.  As Farseeker is slammed
        by Arawn the Alfar twirls to face Farseeker.  Both lunge out
        with arms at each other's shoulders in an attempt to grapple.

          Farseeker's strength is overpowering and his training seems
        to give him an edge.  As Arawn seems to be forced back and lower
        to a weakened state, Arawn gets another tingle in his mind of
        something he can't perceive.  But his body seems to on a low
        subconscious level.  In the audience Ben'dar and Kell also get
        a odd feeling in the back of their mind and realize at the same
        instant that Farseeker's stance is not pivoted with good
        foot bracing.

          Arawn side swings a foot and forces Farseeker's right leg to
        lose its forced grip on the wooden deck.  Farseeker tries to
        regain balance and as he does his grip on Arawn diminishes.
        Arawn uses this opportunity to move forward into Farseeker.
        He then twists his body to get his right arm around the back
        of Farseeker's neck.  With his left arm he draws back and stabs
        forward using a knuckle as a fake mini dagger.  the blow hits
        into Farseeker's throat and forces Farseeker to release his
        grip and stagger back again.  "The neck could be lightly
        protected..." Zhou had said.

          As Farseeker recovers he charges back again.  At that instant
        some 40 or so seconds after the fight started Arawn, Kell and
        Fremea sense the spell he cast fade away.  In the audience the
        sensation for Kell and Ben'dar is as if laying in a warm pool
        floating on the surface.  then suddenly as if the water is drawn
        away by tidal forces and the sensation of floating, of safety
        is gone.

          Farseeker gets to Arawn and does his own side kick to knock
        a surprised Arawn to the ground.  This time Farseeker draws his
        real sword and in an instant has it at Arawn's neck and the cold
        steel is felt by Arawn.  Farseeker grins as the death blow is
        done.  Then he pulls back and frowns.  He helps Arawn stand up.

          The party and sailors all watch in awe as Arawn dust himself off.
        Kell and Ben'dar stare as well then Kell stands up off the deck
        and begins to say quickly without thinking, "What was that?"

          Ben'dar had the same thought to ask but Kell beat him to it.

          Arawn faces the party.  Some of the sailors clap.

          "A bit of a head rush, isn't it," Arawn said with a grin. "That
        was a spell my mother made into existence and often used on the
        fields of war. My own skill with it is meager at best but it
        should have been enough to illustrate its benefits. The magic
        woven weaves brothers together in spirit and mind allowing them
        to coordinate their efforts as if they were one and the same. Part
        of it is a keen understanding of the terrain and tactics necessary
        to turn a battle to ones advantage. But it goes beyond that,
        allowing one to tap into hidden powers to gain insights that
        mundane training could never achieve. To 'know' where you should
        step to benefit your allies efforts and they to your own, to
        synchronize your strikes for maximum effect, or even to sometimes
        gain the knowledge of an enemies weaknesses or vulnerabilities.
        Though I can only bond a few at a time right now the numbers should
        grow as I practice. And I think we will have plenty of
        opportunities for that in the days and nights to come,"  he said
        in a grave tone.

          "I knew it! You cheated!  If I had known I'd used my sword
        and killed you right away!"  Farseeker growls.  Then he realizes
        few can best him but he did lower his chances in the fight.  He
        finally nods and grins.  "Good work.  Just warn me next time."

          Caladan, "this battle magic you did it on the party?  Who?"

          Arawn looks at Kell and then to Ben'dar.  Ben'dar sits with
        arms folded and growls at being used.  He innately resisted the
        spell but it still got through.  Kell also frowns at the thought
        of being used but then soon realizes it had to be demonstrated.
        Though maybe permission next time might've been good.

          Arawn explains it was a spur of the moment thing and he wanted
        to see it in action and would've warned but the resistance to
        the spell might've been greater.  He warns that maybe next time
        he could ask for folks to cast it on.  He knows to affect the
        whole party it would take a great amount of practice.  But in
        small squads it might work.

          Arawn then goes onto to explain this Battle Mind spell was
        at times cast on Elf forces to win army battles.  He tells of
        one battle against Kotothi forces in the Wild Forest where his
        mother helped out the main Elf fighters.  Being a god her power
        could affect at least 30 at once.  This unit was able to fight
        as one cohesive force seeing weakness in the battle lines,
        drawing on vulnerable armor locations and how best to use their
        resources.  The unit of 30 Elves had within half an hour slaughtered
        some 72 Kotothi trolls, orcs and other creatures.  Outnumbered
        two to one it was with ease and none of the Elves died or took
        serious damage. But Arawn also warns if the gods do not know or
        don't wish to know about the Vong they might not know about
        their weak points.  That it may be from the minds of the party
        to divine their own tactics from past events.


        [Julis 4th, 1634TH]
        [Winds: Average, Speed 6]
        [Weather: Clear/Sunny, No Event]

          After Arawn cleans up and redresses from his exercise in the
        ocean near the pirate ship, Fremea speaks to him.  She smirks
        that grin that seemed to evolve from Chion, Ben'dar and Kell
        when seeing the right moment and then meshed into her own wicked
        grin of dark humor. "You may have lots of knowledge and can 
        talk to the Gods, however let me be the quick in and out. I seemed
        to have a lot more practice than you." At this she just laughs,
        something no one has heard her do since she joined the group.

          Arawn nods and considers the pirate captain attack on the fragile
        Faerry.  No that's not right.  Arawn now knows like Raban that
        this fragile bird like person some humans think they are, is
        more powerful than the average human in other ways.  "Only one way
        to develop it, right?," he said, grinning. "Besides, I could've
        ported out but I like the danger. It keeps me on my toes."

          Farseeker then teases Arawn about swimming.  Arawn turns to him
        and grins, "I needed a bath anyways."

          Caladan nods, "we all can actually.  One thing I look forward to
        landfall is a bathhouse.  I hear Katai has some great ones."

          Later the treasure from the pirate ship is examined and inspected.
        No single item is magical at all but it seems valuable for the
        most part.  There are no crests or such on some items noting they
        are easy to sell on the market.

          Kell makes mention that sharing with the crew is a good plan.
        He knows hirelings are best loyal when they are well paid.  Since
        days ago the crew would barely break even now they will have some
        extra coin in their pocket.  That makes them more loyal than
        ever before.

          hearing this Farseeker asks Kiet, "still want the ship to leave
        us or stay in case we need a fast getaway?"

          Raban looks at the pile of coins that tosses and tumbles on
        the rolling deck.  He knows his bardic tradition is one of
        make do with what you have.  But he personally only spends what
        he needs at any one time.  He knows some like Ben'dar have
        ranches, manors like Z'leyra, homes like Chion or merchant ships
        like the Damon fellow he never met yet.  But would the goddess
        approve of such things?  He knows old bards do retire and settle
        down just too old to entertain.  Maybe in 30-40 years he can
        do that if he survives this month.  Raban decides then on the
        matter in his heart.  He turns to the Captain.  "Captain, I do not
        know where his family lives or what expenses they have, but with
        what everyone has donated they should be able to buy a good farm
        or possibly an Inn. That would be best for them in the years to
        come. Maybe they could simply invest in your ship for a share of 
        the profits? But please do not give it too them in a single large
        amount of coins. Such things draw thieves and others interested
        in taking it from them. Grieving family members are likely to
        mention something while drunk and then they will all suffer for
        it. There are too many in this world who would kill them for a
        small fraction of the money you have gathered. So some means for
        them to get paid often in smaller amounts would be safest.  If
        you cannot think of a safe means to aid them, you may be able to
        make arrangements through some temple so that they are helped

          Captain Sung looks to the wooden treasure chest.  He hears
        the donations from Fremea, Arawn, Raban and others.  His jaw
        sets firm showing stubble that for him is not as professional
        as most days.  But he did wake up early after the merman boarded
        quiet suddenly.  With a hint of a tear in his right eye he looks
        up to the party and eyes each person. "By Manannan...", he
        pauses to consider what to say. "Like Katai we have a Emperor and
        to some he is our god.  But not to me or my crew.  We know our
        fate is in our hands not divine will by some man in a palace.
        In all of my two decades of sailing I've never met passengers
        quiet like yourselves.  You honor me, my crew, my ship and
        the true Lemasan by your charity.  This is beyond ...much much
        beyond what I imagined they could use.  I was going to send
        a simple set of coins a small bag.  But with your gracious
        donations the family could survive for the rest of their natural
        lives likely.  I hand pick my sailors and those who do not serve
        long under me go to their own ships eventually.  Those I do
        select are recruited after exhausting reseacrh.  I've seen and
        heard of too many disloyal and mutinous crews that would kill
        the entire passengers for a chest like this.  Then fight each
        other for the pickings.  Most sailors that go back and forth
        from ship to ship do it for a job.  But the sailors I pick
        do it for family.  None of them are perfect and even some have
        criminal records.  But all are loyal to each other and myself.
        By simple act of helping a fallen sailor's family you have given
        them hope and they have expressed that to me.  Do not suspect
        them of slipping in a tavern or selling the ship out.  That won't
        happen.  This isn't a matter of buying loyalty is about earning
        friendship and loyalty.  You all have earned that from the crew."

          "As to large funds our island has learned never to use large
        funds in one place.  Ships do sink in storms or get raided.  So
        we do have moneylenders.  I will simply get a voucher and then
        pay it out at a local moneylender in the town the family lives
        at.  But if you do not mind these donations are so large the
        family may refuse it all.  They still have some pride.  If they
        do with your permission I would like to donate some of it to
        the Sailor's Way.  It is a organization that supports sailors who
        get wounded in fishing accidents and may be laid up.  As they
        heal their families may go hungry.  These donations will be
        good to feed some families more than one."

          Later that same evening Kiet ponders the true fate of the pirate
        prisoners.  While they may not have seen or heard of magic during
        the battle what is to say they won't claim it anyway?  But who
        would believe a bona fide marked pirate to a crew of assorted
        nobles?  Kiet listens to the others talk about turning over the
        pirates for a bounty.  Isn't that the same thing the magic users
        in Katai are avoiding?  Kiet shakes his head.  

          Kiet gets agitated at some of this talk of letting the pirates
        live to be turned in. "There is too much chance of one or more of
        them talking to the Katai authorities and putting some suspicion
        on us.  All they have to do is convince the wrong person in Katai
        and then will have us followed or worse."

          Kiet ponders his next words carefully, and it is obviously
        painful for him to make the following suggestion. "I would rather
        personally compensate the Captain for the 'reward' he would get
        for the pirates in Katai and eliminate them myself.  In fact, to
        be clear, I so offering."

          Kiet is mildly surprised that any in this group would take such
        chances with all our lives, but then remembers that not all of
        them have the background experience with Katai that he does

          Only the core party is around Kiet when he views his warnings
        about the pirates.  The Captain and sailors are off doing their
        duties in the late afternoon breeze.  Shu simply shakes her head
        and walks away.  Caladan looks to Z'leyra for some comment if
        anyone the Healer with the creed "harm no one" would have
        something to say here.  

          Farseeker steps up to the acrobat.  "I can understand your
        unease. But there is protocol in these things.  As a military
        man I can't see killing innocent prisoners without even the
        trial by Katai folks.  It is one thing to kill on the battlefield
        or in self defense.  But another entirely to kill prisoners."
        He glares at Kiet. "Don't look a me that way.  I have no doubt
        they aren't innocent.  But law is law and I have obliged myself
        to uphold it as best I can for my King within or without the
        nation I live in.  If I go against it we are no better than
        a Kotothi or Chaos oriented group." He glances around at the
        others. "I doubt any here are oriented in that way or they
        likely would've been dead by now."  He taps his sword on his
        hip.  "Do as you wish but I will have no part in it."  He then
        turns and marches away.

          Caladan then steps up and picks up one of the throwing
        daggers from the treasure pile.  He then walks toward
        Kiet and stares.  "I for one am with Farseeker.  I do not
        understand the sailor way as Chion here might or others.
        I'm from a land locked nation.  But I know in the past two
        months of talking to the sailors how they seem to think.  It
        is one thing to fight pirates and defend your ship.  It is
        another to kill prisoners once obtained.  Otherwise it makes
        them no better than the pirates they kill.  Their obligation
        to save them in the water was done.  Captain Sung explained
        that already.  What is done now is up to us.  This treasure
        would suffice in reward I'm sure for them.  They might be worth
        a few silver at best."  He raises the dagger up to show Kiet. "Go
        ahead take it.  Do as you wish.  But do it with the blindfold
        off so you can look at them when you take them out.  They are
        mere boys with mothers, fathers and siblings.  Look to who
        you kill.  Then sleep knowing that our hides are safe and justice
        is done." He reaches down and gets Kiet's hand and palms him the
        dagger. Caladan then turns around and walks a few feet away.

          "Just clean up when your done.  I will not help in that." He
        looks over his shoulder. "Of course there are always alternatives.
        If you know magic to wipe their brains that might work but is
        that better than a simple and fast death?"  He then continues
        on and climbs down the stairs.

          The treasure is added up and values are placed on items as if
        the best price could be had.  There is arguments on some values
        like the jewelry depending on the demand and shop.  A final
        value is estimated to be 250-280 gold.  A nice prize for a day's
        work.  But there are at least 28 shares to be divided up so would
        only be about 10 gold per person at most.  Still for some like
        the sailors it is a huge profit.

          Kell claims the sapphire jewelry and the platinum bracelet and
        armbands.  He also claims 3 of the daggers.  

          Fremea claims the shiny emerald and the silky fur stole.  She
        also takes 5 gold coins.  She then takes another 10 gold coins and
        offers them to the captain who is overwhelmed by the offer.  Fremea
        waits to see if there are objects first.

          Raban only takes a few coins counting only 1 gold in total.
        he then offers the rest of his "share" to the Captain.

          Arawn will donate almost half (41.5%) of his share to the
        family of the sailor.

          When the shares are planned, as the items won't be sold for
        another few days, Kiet is humble and will accept it as a gift
        rather than a reward.  Zhou and the crew have no problem with
        sharing the loot even for folks who did nothing.  It is only
        fair though most do believe Fremea and Arawn took the biggest
        risk so could technically deserve more.  

          After the Captain sees the donations come in he is clearly
       grateful.  He almost refuses to take some of it at one point
       but Fremea seems persistent.  Some in the party know that
       this treasure was stolen by legal merchants on the high seas.
       Though as the days go on one pirate admits with laughter
       that they did steal some loot from another merchant who was
       on the payroll of another pirate gang.  So they even stole from
       other pirates.  While some don't like taking blood money it is
       near impossible to tell which is which on moral grounds.  There
       are millions in Katai and a treasure like this couldn't feed
       a decent city for a few days much less go to all.  So some
       take the treasure with some reluctance but knowing it is better
       here than in the hands of a pirate fence.

          Once initial claims are done the new total seems to be
        around 75-80 gold less.  Now the new total is 193 gold to be
        divided equally in rough estimates.  
        Actions? Comments?

        Next Update...Friday...

        GM: Reminder - Deadline for treasure claims and last minute
            actions 9/25.  After that retro actions will be limited
            to those things that do not affect the future.

        GM: Last minute voyage pre landfall actions.

               Player  Status    Player   Status   Player     Status
            Arawn       Some   Ben'dar    Need    Caladan     Done
            Chion       Need   Farseeker  Done    Fremea      Done  
            Kell        Some   Kiet       Done    Raban       Done
            Strie'bog   Need   Unali      Need    Whitney     Need
            Will        Need   Z'leyra    Done

            If no actions by deadline will do sheets up from Julis 1-7
            and be ready to send out. 

        GM: updated character sheets sent out

               Player  Status    Player   Status   Player     Status
            Arawn      To do   Ben'dar    Sent    Caladan     Sent
            Chion      To do   Farseeker  Sent    Fremea      To do
            Kell       To do   Kiet       Sent    Raban       To do 
            Strie'bog  To do   Unali      To do   Whitney     Sent  
            Will       To do   Z'leyra    To do               

        GM: Treasure - You see above what was claimed.  Emerald, Sapphire
            and some platinum things, coins and daggers.  Friday will
            be last chance to claim any more personal things to be
            taken off the top before divided shares.  I was going to
            place the treasure file I worked up on the website but can't.
            So I will post it Friday as a final version.

        GM: Website is down again.  Can't update since can't get on Ftp
            server.  I used to be able to call the ISP but the number
            is disconnected.  I'm waiting for them to reply to snail
            mail or email or such for a new contact number.  I'm lucky
            to even be online.  I know the 2 guys doing the ISP one was
            sick in the hospital so it could be one of those situations
            again.  So I'm patient for now.  Sorry for the trouble.
            I'll give it a week or two before they can wade through
            the snail mail and maybe send a reply back in some fashion
            before I hound them more in email.

        GM: Sigh.  I had wanted to send more sheets out this weekend.
            But got distracted.  Some got some but most still don't.
            At this point its a waste to do so since almost at land
            fall.  If you need a sheet to decide final actions let
            me know and can crash you a copy.  But I'll wait till
            this weekend and once final actions are done and then update
            the final sheets and send them out (or back out if already
            sent them).  That way next week all will have updated sheets
            for the landfall on Monday.  

        GM: OF 14 sheets I have final actions in some fashion from 
            Arawn, Kell and have to work on those details. I have
            completed actions for 6.  Not heard back on 6.

            Work in progress: 2
                   Completed: 6
             Need/None given: 6

           Sheet wise: Sent - 5 To do: 9
           Technically I'm done with all sheets but with recent actions
           had minor notes to finish.  All should have sheets by
           next week either way.  If no final actions by deadline
           will send them out faster.

        GM: I work 9/25 so will likely start some of Friday's update
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            But with TV I hope all actions are in by 8pm at least
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