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       < Caladan grins then turns to Will,  "if we knew the ship were 
        to stick with us in one location I could simply make the 
        animals sleep indefinitely.  But if we leave the city and go 
        inland then the ship may have to leave?  Unless we can pay 
        for him to stay a bit longer.  We are still a week to landfall 
        so do need to decide on these things.  Chion has been quiet 
        on the teleport issue so if you went back you might have to 
        face possible dangers on the trip.  Its what, 2,000 miles 
        from here.  That could take a few high level jumps.  Chion 
        could probably do it in two.  But such a high level spell 
        could be detected if within Katai territory if they are 
        looking for such.   So there is that risk."> 

Kiet hears this exchange and opines "I think the ship should move on with all due haste.  The longer it is in port, the better the chance of one of the sailors drinking too much then saying too much.  I am not concerned about the Captain so much, but the crew..." 

       <   Will considers the fate of the pirates.  "What is to keep them 
        from saying they were Innocent sailors attacked by a ship of 
        wizards and they collect the bounty for us."> 

Kiet get's agitated at some of this talk of letting the pirates live to be turned in.  "There is too much chance of one or more of them talking to the Katai authorities and putting some suspicion on us.  All they have to do is convince the wrong person in Katai and then then will have us followed or worse."  Kiet ponders his next words carefully, and it is obviously painful for him to make the following suggestion "I would rather personally compensate the Captain for the 'reward' he would get for the pirates in Katai and eliminate them myself.  In fact, to be clear, I so offer." 

Kiet is mildly surprised that any in this group would take such chances with all our lives, but then remembers that not all of them have the background experience with Katai that he does himself. 

As for treasure, Kiet does not feel entitled to any of it, and any that he receives  will be considered as nothing less than a gift since Kiet didn't do anything to help earn it. 

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