[pnpgm] Game Updae #38 - File #383 - The Battle Mind

Thomas O. Magann Jr. tmagann at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 22 09:37:10 CEST 2009

I had thought you read the old updates
>            before joining.  Sorry if you missed these things.  

Sorry, I'd thought I told you I wasn't comfortable with too much party history from before my time, so I wasn't going to.

This is
>            why Zhou doesn't like the HE being called old coot as a slur.

not coot. Count. as in  Count of Marob. Which he was, and may still be (it seems to be uninhabited now). The place Whitney thinks he's heading to save the world......

>            The loyal factor.  As to the HE's age few know that fact
>            and if they did the Sorceress would simply snatch his
>            amulet and take over.

I never did understand why he didn't just use cure age to recover his youth. but then, the most powerful wizard int he world is physically old, and the second most powerful is undead. physical youth seems to be a hindrance, no matter what the real age migght be.

In any event, it is what it is. I used the information I had. It, understandably, fell short.  Zhou still has issues. an 80 year old IS old, and Count is a perfectly respectable rank, so.... :-)

Thank you for your time,

Thomas O. Magann Jr.

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