[pnpgm] Game Update #36 - File #359 - Pirates attack...

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Tue Sep 15 19:01:37 CEST 2009

>Kell approaches Whitney later that day, right after dinner when the sun is setting over the ocean.  "Thank you again for helping with the mermen attack.  For a librarian, you are very handy with an axe."  Looking to the side out over the water, enjoying the view and not retching as he did at the beginning of the voyage, Kell continues, "Have you thought more about Zhou's proposal and the mission?  We will be there soon.  After these past weeks on the ocean, I would have you join us."
Whitney smiles wryly, "All Zhou has really proposed to me is that I agree with his opinions, or he kills me. If he actually goes home, he's in for an exile as the best of result, and a bloody and very public execution at the worst. He hasn't really left the High Elder a choice. Still and all, I suppose the tear into the Balance Marches can wait a bit longer.  It's been raging unchecked for several centuries already. I can take a detour and help on the more immediate problem.

"But it's worth remembering I was branded as a Wizard by the locals simply for picking the wrong medicinal herbs.  It would be a very good idea of the sheer volume of magical items this group of exotic foreigners is packing were to...go away before landfall. Every last item, down the the merest wand or enhanced gem."

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