[pnpgm] Game Update #34 - File#349 - Ship docks in Chi'jian - Kell's actions/responses

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Tue Sep 8 17:50:05 CEST 2009

>           Kell also glances at the magical trident.  He can sense the
>         presence of three spells.  Some slightly entangled magic
>         on the trident as well that could indicate a manufactured
>         magic like damage and hit improvements.  That must explain
>         the runes on the trident.  The three spells he senses are
>         more powerful than his own magical strength.
Ha'Kell chimes in with the others about the magical trident, "It would be better to save this for later Captain, and not try to sell it here.  Whatever is done with it, just remember how powerful it was with that merman.  I wouldn't want any of my enemies having that trident."

>           Kell examines the other treasure.  His skill in Tulwars isn't
>         exact in the science of figuring out the value for the other
>         weapons but it can help some.  He figures the clubs aren't
>         anything special might get 2 silver at best.  The tridents
>         are too much like spears and with Ben'dar giving some tips
>         he figures maybe they might get 3-4 silver per trident for
>         about 3-4 gold.  The daggers are worn and used and universal
>         in most markets.  Might get 1 gold for the lot.  The nets
>         might get 3 silver based on what sailors think.  All in all
>         the treasure is only worth about 5 gold for the family of the
>         sailor.  The tridents are the most unique items and likely
>         hard to sell.  He can't tell from it but the metal looks of
>         good quality.  Sailors later say there is some theory that
>         their mines are higher quality than even the Dwarves are
>         reported to have.  Some scholars believe the underwater mines
>         are simple volcano shafts long dead.  Merman can simply mine
>         direct from the sea or shafts while humans have to actually
>         dig their way through mountains.
Kell asks the Captain, "Captain, may I keep one of the tridents for my own use?  The metal intrigues me greatly."

If the Captain agrees, Kell asks Chion to take it back to the High Elder's keep with the other magic items he is teleporting there.

>           Zhou decides to stay on the ship but sends Kell and Kiet
>         ashore to get some personal items and help the sailors sell
>         the merman treasure they can.  As usual Ben'dar and a few
>         others let the horses out to stretch, fed and be cleaned.
>             Note: Raban   +1 EL Fighting Dagger
>                   Fremea  +1 CEL, OCV/DCV!
>             Congratulations!
[OOC - Congrats to Tobie/Fremea!]

>         GM: Last 5 days of the trip.  First Katai city landfall is made.
>             Next city will be the actual start of the adventure area.
>             Here is schedule of events.  Friday will see if any particular
>             actions for the city.  Then move on to the next encounter.
>             Will let it out and then let actions come in.

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