[pnpgm] Game Update #34 - File#349 - Ship docks in Chi'jian

Scott Adams longshot at cybermax.net
Tue Sep 8 09:03:00 CEST 2009

   HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1.John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ??.Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R4.Tom Corckett..........Caladan...........Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  W2.Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3.Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  --.Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry Fe
  R2.Mark Murtha...........Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human..Ma
  Do.David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  Ma
  R4.J H Hooten............Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  W2.Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  R1 NPC...................Shu.Yeoh..........Wizard..Normal/Human..Fe
  W4.Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R1 John.Stowman..........Will..............Hunter..Normal/Human..Ma
  R4.Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
  R1 NPC...................Zhou Kiwat........Noble...Normal/Human..Ma
     Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Tef'wo (Horse) Ben'dar, 2 Donkeys

  Cover Story Info: [HD- House member, F-Foreigner, N-native non house]
     Arawn      aka Arawn         as Teacher to daughter [F]
     Ben'dar    aka Bu Da         as Horse expert        [F]
     Caladan    aka Ca Lu         as Guard/Archer        [N]
     Chion      aka Capt. Chu Mai as Sailor Trustee      [HD]
     Farseeker  aka Fu Sa         as Guard               [F]
     Fremea     aka Lin Mong      as Noble child         [HD] [Disguised]
     Kell       aka Swan          as Trader              [F]
     Kiet       aka Kiet Sunan    as Zhou's servant      [F]
     Raban      aka Toban Nu      as Entertainer/Guard   [F] 
     Strie'bog  aka Sun Zhu       as Entertainer         [N]
     Shu        aka Shu           as Niece               [HD]
     Unali      aka Tun Au        as Zhou's wife         [HD]
     Will       aka Sun Tzu       as hunt master         [F]
     Z'leyra    aka Kakita Junami as Healer              [F]
     Zhou       aka Zhou Wa       as Noble               [HD]

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       From Whitney: [Re: Actions]
         Not that he needs it now, but for future reference, Whitney will
         get his own wounds. (with spells at least. his drug stash was
         long since confiscated)
       GM: Ack. 

       From Raban: [Re: Actions]
         <Oh the Embarrassment! poor Raban... LOL <Water is HARD! No high
         dives for Raban, but fortunately it was head first so nothing
         important was damaged ;)

         <on the return flight Raban overcomes his embarrassment enough...
         "Fremea, Thank you for coming after me, it would have been quite
       GM: Ack. Wasn't the water per se but the height of the water that
           did it using the fall charts.  Course could've been worse
           with a neck broken but I rolled bad.

       From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
         Fremea, having found Raban and seeing him crush the merman
         nicely, just smiles kindly at him. After he thanks her, "It....

         If there is any healing that she can provide, she will give it
         at max EL.

         She will look at the trident (magical one) with mana reading to
         determine how strong it is and if it is an item that she may see
         more use than just selling it off.
       GM: Ack.  

       From Kell: [Re: Actions]
....     Kell is very happy to see both Raban and Fremea back on board.
         "Welcome back you too.  Did you enjoy your swim?" he asks grinning

         Kell examines all of the dead mermen's gear, trying to figure the
         best prices.

         Ha'Kell also offers to examine the leader's trident, adding what
         he can.

         Kell will examine all the merman gear with his best Merchant
         skills, trying to figure out their quality and what they are
         worth.  Merchant Tulwar should be related for all the weapons.

         Kell also examines the likely-magic trident of the leader.  This
         time he uses Mana Sensing and casts Divination to find out all he
         can about it.

         Kell will take healing from whoever needs the most practice.  He
         isn't picky.  Fremea perhaps?

         Kell is very happy to see both Raban and Fremea back on board.
         "Welcome back you too.  Did you enjoy your swim?" he asks....
       GM: Ack.

       From Raban: [Re: Actions]
         Raban sighs and says "It was quite frightening actually. I...

         Having survived his impromptu water adventure, Raban decides it
         is time to finish his prayers of thanks and even heal himself
         before offering to heal others.

         <Since he has plenty of Mana he does not use often, may as well
         use at max El
       GM: Ack.

       From Kiet: [Re: Treasure]
         Kiet hears the Captain and his reasoning for claiming the
         weapons.  The amount he should get should be able to both
         compensate himself as well as allow the sailor's family some

         "Captain, I think that is a fine idea about the funds for the
         sailor's family.  I heartily endorse such an action."
       GM: Ack. 
       From Fremea: [Re: Reply to Raban]
         Fremea gives a quick dip in the air (like she saw at court once).
         Then she goes to check out the trident left by the leader and
         off to her cabin for some sleep.
       GM: Ack. 

       From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
         Z'leyra offers to do a Perception spell on the Trident so the
         captain would know what he was getting/selling. She also wonders
         aloud how he would hide it from the Katai authorities if he hasn't
         sold it before we get to Katai.

         In private Z'leyra will ask Chion if he can teleport the party's
         (mostly Z'leyra's) magic items and Corona back to the abode of the
         High Elder just before we make port in Katai.
       GM: Ack. 

     [New Stuff]

        [Junaqa 24th, 1634TH]
        [Winds: Good, Speed 14]
        [Weather: Clear/Sunny, Fog]

        [Time: 3:58am]

          In the early wee hours of the morning the chaos among the
        party and crew soon becomes organized direction.  When it is
        realized Raban and now Fremea left the ship, the Captain ordered
        the ship turned around.  Two sailors manned the forward section
        with lanterns rigged as brighter focus lamps and torches to
        look for Raban.  The Captain knows the big man could likely
        survive time in the ocean at least treading water but he isn't
        sure he can swim.  The speed of the ship makes pickup hard but
        he knows the giant can fly with some strange supernatural
        ability not normal for humans.

          Out over the coal black sea and starlit sky both Fremea and
        Raban head in the general direction of the lights that has
        to be the ship.  This far from shore there are no breakers or
        high waves to show white surf so the ocean is one black
        expanse like glass.

          As both friends fly toward the ship both are hit by the
        quiet calm of the night.  The sky is full of countless stars.
        While there is no moon Raban notices the form of Fremea seem
        even more sleeker than normal.  He knows her confidence is
        building over time.

          A very wet, wounded, tired Raban is happy to see the ship seem
        to turn for them.  Raban overcomes his embarrassment enough, 
        "Fremea, Thank you for coming after me, it would have been quite
        difficult for me to get back to the ship without your help. It
        appears I will need to learn how to teleport or at least fly

          Fremea only saw the last few seconds of the contest to strangle
        each other but is happy to see Raban win.  As they fly to the
        ship she notices the wet giant seems in good shape.  After he
        thanks her, "It just happens that I don't want to be without my
        bodyguard." She just laughs and giggles at him as they fly back
        towards the ship.

          Soon both land back on the ship, Fremea more skilled than
        Raban.  For Raban its like flying through a 3 foot gate in
        a wall but the gate is moving fast.  Blink and you could miss
        the ship entirely.

          The Captain orders the ship back onto its normal course south.

          As Raban drys his clothes and body as best he can for a quick
        fix, Kell approaches.  He smiles at both of them returning.
        "Welcome back you too.  Did you enjoy your swim?"  He embraces
        them and welcomes them back.

          Raban sighs and says "It was quite frightening actually. I do
        not recommend travel by water spout, nor diving into the sea from
        a large height. Water is surprisingly hard! I got hurt more from
        the water than by the mermen. The swim in the dark was not much
        fun either, it is best to stay on the ship. Fortunately, this
        lovely lady thought to rescue me or I could have been left

          Fremea gives a quick dip in the air, like she saw at court

          Soon all the merman are dumped over the side back into the
        ocean where they came from.  Their gear is piled up on the
        deck.  When the Captain suggests taking the gear to sell for
        the dead man, named Ki'lu, no one seems to object right away.
        The gear itself might only get a few coins.

          After hearing the Captain on selling the items for the fallen
        sailor,  Ha'Kell offers his help, "Captain, I'm sorry about your
        fallen sailor. I'd like to help.  I can try to sell them for you,
        and try to help his family."

          The Captain nods, "the tridents won't sell in Katai.  They
        will back in Lemasa as there is more knowledge of merman there
        than in Katai.  Merman rarely are seen in Katai waters since
        they seem to know how large the empire is.  It won't be much
        coins for the family but it will be a start.  His father just
        retired from the Coast Guard and mother is a cook.  Both can
        use the money as they get older.  even if its just a few coins.
        I won't sell them for my own profit."

          Kiet of all Lemasans know the tradition of family life.  Many
        go to sea just to support the family.  Without the sea the
        nation would be a poor one.  "Captain, I think that is a fine
        idea about the funds for the sailor's family.  I heartily endorse
        such an action."

          Arawn is sad to see the sailor die but his choice did save two
        others but sometimes two lives are saved by one death.  He
        gives a few quick prayers to the soul's safe journey.

          Ben'dar's adrenaline finally ebbs and makes him sad the combat
        was over so fast less than a minute.

          Raban silently gives prayers of thanks to his goddess as he
        continues to dry himself off.  He grumbles that his pants
        and underwear was fresh clean too.

          Will's invisibility soon wears off and he helps the sailors
        move the merman's to the side and dump overboard.

          Raban soon explains what happened to confused faces.  Whitney
        standing around holding his axe and still naked listens intently.
        Shu who sits by the sailor she likes, healed moments ago by
        Arawn, puts her back to Whitney so not to stare.

          Raban also heals one sailor who was knocked out but regained
        consciousness during the final seconds of the battle.  He heals
        80% of the sailor's wounds.  Caladan asks Raban for healing and
        it is done on him healing almost half of his wounds.  Seeing
        the healing the Captain and First Mate gets healing from Raban
        as well since he offered to heal others.  Both are healed
        but not fully recovered.  

          Caladan leans on his staff and looks at Whitney, "You know
        we are a open bunch but if I'm going to die along side some
        friends I rather not be known for dying next to a naked
        woodsman.  It might add things to the tale I rather not have
        to explain as a ghost."  He grins and waves a hand.  "Why not
        get some clothes on."

          Farseeker grins at Whitney, "well if you want to go around
        like that I don't care.  Its not the size of things but
        how you use it."  He taps his large greatsword.  

          The Captain shakes his head, "No.  You are already ready to
        do some cleanup without getting your clothes dirty. " He
        looks at Whitney.  "Go below and help some of the sailors
        scrub up the blood and gore on the aft hallway.  Might as
        well earn your keep since you've not paid your fare yet."

          Farseeker grins then slaps the Captain on the back.  "Captain.
        I would like to help out with the sailor's family." He pulls
        the Captain away to walk away from the group.  He pulls out
        some coins from his bag.  "Here are three gold coins.  They
        are from Lemasa but you should be able to exchange them for
        Katai equivalent coins.  It should feed his family for a year
        at least."

          As the warrior and sailor walk away their voices become low.
        "There is just one thing you could do for me..." Then their
        voices become too low to hear.

          Zhou pale even in the starlight looks around at the bodies.
        "I thought it was morning....I'm amazed at the speed of the
        crew and the party.  Only one death?  Amazing."

          To the side, Fremea and Kell examine the merman treasure.
        Fremea ignores the non magical items but eyes the magical
        trident the merman noble used.

          Fremea stretches out with her mana senses to read the trident
        as best she can.  She finds it to be clearly of Chaos origin.
        She will learn later Mermaids are the priestess of their society
        and magic users.  Likely they made it in some fashion.  She
        finds the magic on the trident to be slightly more powerful than
        Kiet's magical ability it seems.  Stronger than hers but about
        as half of what Z'leyra's strength could be.  So it seems the
        trident is of inexperienced level but not quite a true wizard's
        power.  Still quite strong she senses.  The power level of the
        spells seem low to moderate.  She senses three spells tied into
        the trident but realizes the trident itself seems made to hit
        better and cause more damage.  The one aura she can't recognize
        must be the water spout spell.  It actually seems weaker than
        the others in power.  The other two auras she has some
        familiar touch with.  She has seen one before back on the
        plains with one of the Witches at the cabin.  Her stomach
        rolls when she recalls the aura to be very devastating a
        darkling lightning spell.  She recalls someone in the party,
        Ben'dar she believes was hit by such a spell.  If the noble
        had gotten that spell off she likely would be dead by now.
        Could she have lasted long enough for it to be stopped by
        Z'leyra or others?  She glances up to the nest and realizes
        this must be the spell that failed against her magical
        defense.  The other one she has seen on or around Z'leyra
        in some fashion.  She puts it together and realizes the
        3rd spell must be a invulernability spell.  This explains
        how he could withstand 4 arrows in the first volley.  

          Kell also glances at the magical trident.  He can sense the
        presence of three spells.  Some slightly entangled magic
        on the trident as well that could indicate a manufactured
        magic like damage and hit improvements.  That must explain
        the runes on the trident.  The three spells he senses are
        more powerful than his own magical strength.

          Z'leyra offers to cast magic to learn more of the trident.
        But the Captain declines.  Seems he may have his own contacts
        who can do the same for him on the home island.  She also wonders
        about hiding it in Katai.  But he reminds her it won't be sold
        there as Katai doesn't know such weapons commonly.  

          Fremea shakes her head at the thought of the one spell that
        could've been bad for her.  What if it happened and she
        died and Raban might've been lost?  

          Unali steps into the light of a nearby lantern from the
        shadow of the rigging.  "Fremea, do you sense that trident to be
        useful to the group. Anyone who can wield such a weapon
        effectively? If so, we should probably keep it."

          Kell examines the other treasure.  His skill in Tulwars isn't
        exact in the science of figuring out the value for the other
        weapons but it can help some.  He figures the clubs aren't
        anything special might get 2 silver at best.  The tridents
        are too much like spears and with Ben'dar giving some tips
        he figures maybe they might get 3-4 silver per trident for
        about 3-4 gold.  The daggers are worn and used and universal
        in most markets.  Might get 1 gold for the lot.  The nets
        might get 3 silver based on what sailors think.  All in all
        the treasure is only worth about 5 gold for the family of the
        sailor.  The tridents are the most unique items and likely
        hard to sell.  He can't tell from it but the metal looks of
        good quality.  Sailors later say there is some theory that
        their mines are higher quality than even the Dwarves are
        reported to have.  Some scholars believe the underwater mines
        are simple volcano shafts long dead.  Merman can simply mine
        direct from the sea or shafts while humans have to actually
        dig their way through mountains.  

          There is some debate on the value of the magical trident itself.
        Some only claim it might be worth 10 gold while others claim
        it could be as high as 120 gold.  Those who claim high believe
        the Merman manufacture status heightens the price.  But it
        is common sense to figure out who would pay for such a item.
        Maybe the Lemasan government could but even at an average of
        60 gold it could feed the family of the sailor for the rest
        of their life.

          Raban casts a healing spell upon himself and one wound heals
        some.  Z'leyra later confirms his status improves by at least
        one degree from Moderate to Light wounds. 

          Farseeker who only has a light wound lets Fremea heal him.
        He knows she might need the practice.  In the quick spell
        his light wound completely heals up.  

          Raban and Fremea each take one of the wounded sailors who
        haven't already been healed and casts healing magic on them.
        Raban takes the most serious of the two and casts the healing
        magic upon the sailor.  His wounds completely heal and he
        has no sign of damage.  She lays hand and the green magical
        energy heals most of his wound.  Now it is just a very small
        wound that should heal quickly.  The two sailors thank both
        for healing and get back to their duties.

          Fremea heads below to get some more sleep before the sun
        rises.  As she heads to the cabin she realizes the time with
        Corona was good.  But sunrise is soon and that means the
        end of her night.

        [Junaqa 24th, 1634TH]
        [Time: 11:13am]

          Hours after the battle the funeral is prepared.  Both Fremea
        and Arawn are awaken for the funeral.  By now most of the gore
        and blood has been cleaned up as best as it can be.  Some
        stains will never get out.  The Captain and crew are all in
        their best clothes.  Which for most of the sailors is a
        city style tunic not a work shirt.

          The Captain says a few words about the dead sailor and his
        time on the ship.  Tells about a girl he liked back home
        and had hoped to marry some day.  He tells of the sailor's
        family and their love of the sea.  Other sailors join in
        and speak of funny tales and stories.  Soon the party is
        finding themselves laughing with the crew.

          During the last weeks of the trip most of the party had to
        distance themselves from the crew.  After all they were hired
        for a job.  But as Shu has demonstrated it is difficult not
        to get attached to many of them.  

          Arawn was there during days the sailors were depressed and
        just needed someone to listen.  Ben'dar and Farseker got drunk
        and told wild stories with the sailors.  Even the quiet Chion
        felt home with the sailors.  Kiet also got close to half
        the crew only because of stories of his homeland.  That common
        nation was a ice breaker for Kiet.  Kiet and many sailors
        exchanged stories of their home island.  

          The first mate is the last to speak as he was training the
        sailor to be a navigator.  A skill he could go places and
        maybe even some day be captain of his own ship.

          A half hour later the body is presented.  Arawn, Raban and
        Strie'bog all give verbal prayers to the dead.

          While some in the party know magic could preserve the body for
        a land burial the custom of sailors is a stubborn one.  Four
        sailors lift the body up onto the gang plank and then let the
        body slide off into the water.  As the talisman is still active
        the ship is still going very fast.

          Within only seconds the body is seen going below the water and
        out of sight.  The party soon disperses and goes to perform
        their routine of chores.  The Sidh go back below to sleep for
        the rest of the day.


        [Junaqa 25th, 1634TH]
        [Winds: Poor, Speed 5]
        [Distance this day: 29]
        [Weather: Clear/Sunny]
        [Temperatures: 63-91]
        GM: IBT ends this day

        [Time: 10:01pm]

          Fearing merman revenge the crew assigns more sentries on the
        ship top deck at night.  This night one sailor notices a light
        in the distance.  Fremea comes over and uses her spyglass to
        try to see what it is.  She discovers a small boat the size
        of a large rowboat moving slowly about 2 miles away to the
        east toward the shore.  On it she sees a small lantern and
        a tall lanky figure.  After some time she discovers from the
        description the figure to be a Trold folk person.  Based on
        Arawn's description of them.  The long figure seems to
        eventually notice the ship and suddenly snuffs out the lantern.
        he then jumps over and into the water out of sight.

          The ship quickly passes the small boat and it is lost from
        sight within seconds.


        [Junaqa 26th, 1634TH]
        [Winds: Good, Speed 15]
        [Distance this day: 29]
        [Weather: Cloudy, Drizzles]
        [Temperatures: 76-96]

          Raban heals about 1/3rd of his wounds naturally back.

          Kell heals some naturally today and heals some of his wounds.

          Ben'dar wakes up to find his wounds healed fully naturally.

          Caladan fails to heal naturally today.  


        [Junaqa 27th, 1634TH]
        [Winds: Superior, Speed 29]
        [Distance this day: 53]
        [Weather: Clear/Sunny]
        [Temperatures: 66-99]

          Kell fails to heal the last bit of his wound.

          Caladan heals a bit of his wounds today.  

          Raban fails to heal from his wounds today.

          Most sailors who are wounded heal up within two days but some
        take the three days and all are healed by this morning.

          The First mate also takes 3 days and is healed by today.  


        [Junaqa 28th, 1634TH]
        [Winds: Good, Speed 10]
        [Distance this day: 34]
        [Weather: Partly Cloudy, small storms]
        [Temperatures: 76-97]

          Kell finally heals completely.  

          Caladan heals some of his wounds naturally.

          Raban heals some more of his wounds naturally. 


        [Junaqa 29th, 1634TH]
        [Winds: Good, Speed 10]
        [Distance this day: 34]
        [Weather: Overcast, small storms]
        [Temperatures: 59-77]

          Raban fails to heal naturally today.  

          Caladan heals some of his wounds naturally.

        [Time: 10:36am]

          A Choshai flag bearing merchant ship is seen along the shoreline
        to the west of the ship.  Since supplies are good the ship doesn't
        plan to meet up with the ship and the Captain simply avoids the
        other merchant ship entirely.


        [Junaqa 30th, 1634TH]
        [Winds: Average, Speed 6]
        [Distance this day: 30]
        [Weather: Clear/Sunny]
        [Temperatures: 50-83]

          Raban heals half of his current wounds naturally today. 

          Caladan finally recovers from all his wounds.

          The Captain had trouble healing and one day a mild infection
        but after days of some rest his minor wound, a scratch really,
        finally heals completely.  

          For the last week the ship has been sailing from the city of
        Dzhamou on the eastern side of the north peninsula.  As Zhou
        has used this as the party's House origin the ship did not
        dock here to ensure no problems resulted.
        By midnight the ship has sailed 2,481 or so miles from the
        Dark lands.  


        [Julis 1st, 1634TH]
        [Winds: Average, Speed 6]
        [Distance this day: 30]
        [Weather: Clear/Sunny]
        [Temperatures: 50-83]

          Raban finally recovers fully from his wounds.  

          As the final leg of the trip begins, now in Katai waters
        the party plans final tasks.  The Captain reports the ship
        only has about five more days till the final destination.
        He will just cross the water rather than hug the coast.
        It is quicker to go south-west from Ci'jian.  
          Ever since Dzhamou the ship traffic picks up.  It is common
        now to see more ships around.  Many ships are avoided like
        Katai fishing and merchant ships.

        [Time: 8:31am]

          The Captain didn't activate the talisman yet today so the
        ship is using only the sails and wind.  He planned it this
        way since a city is nearby.  He sets sail to the Katai city
        of Ci'jian on the western side of the Dzhamou peninsula.
        The city northeast of the captain is typical of most Katai
        cities.  He reports it has around 20,000 or so people in the
        city and a thriving trade market.

          The ship docks and the Captain pays the portmaster docking
        fees for a few hours.  He assigns crew to go ashore and
        get final supplies for the last leg of the trip.  He tells
        the party they can leave the ship but since the city of Dzhamou
        is only 100 odd miles east of the city he warns it could
        cause problems as Zhou warns.

          Zhou decides to stay on the ship but sends Kell and Kiet
        ashore to get some personal items and help the sailors sell
        the merman treasure they can.  As usual Ben'dar and a few
        others let the horses out to stretch, fed and be cleaned.

        Actions? Comments?

        Next Update...Friday..

        GM: Experience

              Player    MEP  CEP   Expertise    Skill/Notes
            Arawn        2    -       2       Concealing Mist
            Arawn       24    -       -       Sonic Trumpet
            Arawn        8    -      14       Healing Hand
            Arawn       20    -      20       Translocation
            Ben'dar      -   40      16       Spear - Fight
            Caladan      -   10       4       War Staff
            Chion        -   52      16       Fighting Dagger
            Farseeker    -   30      16       Great Sword
            Fremea      10    -       4       Multi-Arrow
            Fremea       -  167      42       Bow
            Kell         -    6       4       Spear - Fight
            Raban        -    8       4       Fighting Dagger
            Raban        -  136      24       Hand to Hand
            Raban        -    -       2       Swimming
            Strie'bog    -   32       8       Axe
            Unali        -   21       6       Fighting Dagger
            Whitney      -   28      16       Axe
            Will         -    4       4       Bow
            Z'leyra      -   18       4       War Staff

            Note: Raban   +1 EL Fighting Dagger
                  Fremea  +1 CEL, OCV/DCV!


        GM: Item Damage/Notes

                Fremea    -    -4 Arrows lost

        GM: Just a reminder for skills that are maxed out.  I am using
            the overflow rule.  So if a combat skill and its at max
            then you get the expertise in CEP.  

        GM: Trold encounter was a simple avoid as only 1 was rolled to
            be found and would be a waste to hold a update for actions
            for simply one creature.  So did the above.  

        GM: Kell/Ben'dar didn't say who they wanted to be healed by so
            figure that meant natural healing.  Didn't want to delay
            asking who heals on what day and it wasn't outlined in
            posted actions so just did natural healing the following
            days.  By end of update all players/crew healed 100%.

        GM: Last 5 days of the trip.  First Katai city landfall is made.
            Next city will be the actual start of the adventure area.
            Here is schedule of events.  Friday will see if any particular
            actions for the city.  Then move on to the next encounter.
            Will let it out and then let actions come in.

        GM: Some of you may have noticed the website updated few days
            ago.  It also has the new map section for the game.  Basically
            a new Katai cropped map.  Ship is currently in Ci'jian the
            top right (NE) section of the map.  Look across the water
            to the bottom left (SE) and you'll see Jiuquo only about 10
            hexes or so away.  That's where the landfall will take place.
            The updated map is on the game site. 

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