[pnpgm] Party Treasure

Schnockel dasandersx at comcast.net
Fri Jan 30 22:53:14 CET 2009

Kiet says "I do not mind Arawn keeping the strange armor.  It seems to make 
some sense that he have it (obviously it is no use to me at 5'-6!).  I 
simply ask that he compensate us all for the potential richness of the item 
because it may have so much more value than all else we have obtained.  I am 
but a poor and humble sevant, yet in this group I would hope that equality 
in shares be observed, especially as I have contributed in no small way and 
nearly sacrificed everything."..."And, yes, I am aware I am not the only 

"I am uncertain, however, what Arawn might offer to offset such a 
potentially massive treasure.  I certainly would entertain any suggestions 
or ideas on such."

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