[pnpgm] Game Update #109 - File #606 - Party heads down

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I want to clarify Ben'Dar's vote on treasure.  He really isn't that
concerned with wealth, just as long as he has sufficient cash to pay for
operations on his ranch.  As far as being "fair", he's thinking that if
Arawn gets magical Alfar plate armor, that's fine, but perhaps it would be
fair for him not to take an equal share of the other treasure at this time.
The next adventure, in Ben'Dar's mind, is a clean slate, so no future
reductions in treasure would be necessary for Arawn.  But even if Arawn
decides to take the plate and a fair share of the treasure, Ben'Dar really
isn't going to get bent out of shape over it.  He comes from a barter
society and quite frankly, material wealth isn't a concern to him.
(Building a reputation, on the other hand, is a huge concern for him, and
wealth can certainly help as he works on building his fame as a horse

As for the remainder of this adventure, Ben'Dar is suspicious (as always) of
the attack on Sven and more importantly on Tef'wo.  (Sorry, Sven)  He is not
convinced it is the chaos mage of the local domain, especially if the High
Elder's familiar has been there.  "How do we know that the High Elder didn't
stage this ambush?  Perhaps all he wanted from this whole thing was the
magic ring the woman wore?  Why didn't his familiar stick around to help
Sven in the fight?"  Ben'Dar is clearly upset and seems to renew his
determination to punch out the High Elder as soon as he sees the man again.
"Maybe we shouldn't return to the High Elder?  We have done his dirty work.
We've fought many battles and we have seized our prize.  Let's leave this
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