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   Understanding that the Anwora would likely fade away and return home Arawn quickly took out quill and and ink and began to paint words in Sidh on the anwora's skin. He tried to keep it brief but explained what little Arawn knew of the Anwora already along with a warning that the anwora may be suffering from mental instability due to the long nature of his imprisonment. He finished off by signing his own name and the words- 'Dark Elves are here' before stepping back and attempting to set the anwora free by Teleporting it to the navigation room where Caladan is in case it doesn't fade immediately, saying a prayer as he did so.
   (OOC:Not sure by reading Teleport if it's possible to teleport a person by himself, without the caster coming along, but I don't think it is. If it's not possible to send the anwora by itself Arawn will use Translocation to do so instead.)
   With that done Arawn watched as Fremea left the room to search for and speak with the Glyph. He would have joined her, in case she needed help, but knew that she could travel much faster in her search without him. As he awaited her return he turned his attention once again to the Seker.

   "Thank you for the information. I'll remember it see what I can learn from it in the future. I am curious though, you mentioned picking up bits and pieces in thought about the device that was once here. Can you share what you learned about, such as its purpose? And who was master here before A'kril?
   Also, if you were still in contact with A'kril at the time, he was awaiting a messenger for a trade. Do you know what the nature of the trade was?"

   As he awaited the Seker's reply he listened to Raban's request and added,

   "I will stay here with you and Fremea, Raban. Perhaps I can assist with freeing the Seker and I do think it would be good to see if the collar enhances your abilities. If it does not then I might still be able to get people to safety."
   In regards to treasure splits, I'm in favor of method 1- People call out what they want, decide amongst each other if more than one has interest in an item, and sell the remainder. I'm also in support of 'he who kills the big baddie gets first crack at it's stuff'. It seems only fair, especially if you took it down alone, like Z'leyra with the big serpent-dragon thing outside of the flying castle. (BTW, Z'leyra, if we can't bring the carcass with us Arawn can try and Regenerate the hide on the creature if you still want to craft armor out of it. Just let me know and we'll see what we can do). As for multi-item interest, Arawn is more than willing to discuss or give away stuff to others.
   Right now it might seem to be in my favor to say so but the group seems to have worked this way over the last several years without incident. I know that at times some hauls will favor some and not the others but it's always changing and I think people who didn't get as much stuff can always get a bigger share of party treasure/coinage. Next adventure I might not get so lucky and I'm willing to hand over the majority of my share of coins for now as he's pretty capable of surviving on his own.
   This is a method I've played with over the years and it generally works. If someone starts to get left behind groups i've been with usually start working on catching them up item/treasure-wise. Also, it keeps useful items in the party, where they belong and my view is that the more items we keep in the party the more it benefits us as a whole, improving our chances of success and survival. The last adventure I arrived late but the party still allowed me to equip myself of the list (thanks guys:) which improves my effectiveness in the party.
   If anyone feels shorted on stuff I'd suggest maybe taking a few items you can't use and selling them for GP so you can get what you want. Also, depending on downtime, Arawn is more than willing to create items for the party. Although in certain areas others, like Z'leyra, will be far more adept. Just let me know what, if anything, you guys are looking for. I can craft armor, weapons, work with gems and herbs, and some enchantments (right now the only thing he's created are bags that decrease object weight but i'm trying to work on an improved version in the future)

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