[pnpgm] shuttle / loot Q

Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Sat Jan 17 05:57:45 CET 2009

Z'leyra will try her best to assist in getting people and valuables 
shuttled off the floating island down to the camp via the flying 
platform. Perhaps on the last trip, if there is time enough, she could 
get a couple strong fellows to help load the critter she killed so that 
later she can make armor out of its hide. If asked by any Elemental etc. 
she will acknowledge killing A'kril. She suggests that the island be set 
down over uninhabited territory...note that ocean may or may not be 

As far as loot goes Z'leyra feels that fairness is important, but also 
important is effectiveness. Those without magical weapons should get 
magical weapons, preferably of a type that they are skilled in. The 
elven plate is most effective with the Alfar, but its value means that 
his share of the rest of the treasure will be smaller for some time to 
come since the rest of us will have to forgo the monetary income its 
sale would have brought. In earlier adventures Z'leyra has selected some 
very valuable items and her share of the coinage dropped to pay for it. 
Fortunately for her she can make enormous amounts of wealth as an 
enchantress. Days or weeks between adventures are spent making, 
enchanting and selling magical items to pay for her living in the style 
she does.

As stated previously Z'leyra has only limited time available for 
creating and enchanting items for the rest of the party, but she is 
quite willing to do so. Highest priority will be to make sure that 
everyone has some protective magic./armor and at least one magical weapon.

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