[pnpgm] Game Update #105 - File #581 - Fremea talks to Glyph

Tobie Bonahoom bonahoom at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 16 16:38:35 CET 2009

Fremea wonders if the Glyph will recognize kin, as she suspects that the Seker is to it. "Once we are over water, it will be no matter for you to stay an longer. I thank you for your help. I will take you to the control, in which I have a bound for now, only because it is important to find out which Gods have done this. I wish this control no harm at this time and will be freeing it as well when we reach the water. I will be taking this place back a couple of miles, so my friends may leave here safely and then I will take just us to the water as fast as possible."

To the Seker (in her mind), "Take us back to were we just were over the campsite. Keep the distance as we are from the ground, so that our teleporters can know precise locations."

Fremea will then fly towards the portal and wait for the Glyph to follow her to it and then in.

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