[pnpgm] Game Update #105 - File #581 - Fremea talks to Glyph

J Hooten jhooten at binary.net
Fri Jan 16 09:37:25 CET 2009

<Few treasure methods work all the time, no matter how fair or unfair 
they are. I like shares but even that needs some leeway, like you 
mentioned some things may be outside the price any one person can 
handle. But I think its fine to deal for the missing amount, owe future 
shares or whatever. If an item is useful its best to use it instead of 
selling it. I dislike claiming things just so you profit from it. But as 
you pointed out the ones who risked to gain it do have a better claim. 
So both ways have merits. If everyone works well together and shows 
similar value to the group, things balance out. Unbalanced groups become 
even more unbalanced if you are not careful.... So personal preference 
is equivalent shares, but you could use weighted shares if the group 
does not think some people 'earn' a full share... If we go with claims, 
then not sure what Raban would claim. Most anything he could take would 
be for resale. I am sure Frema has similar problems, most things are the 
wrong size for her too...  So on claims, I think Raban will forgo 
choices and let the group decide what he gets. Pretty much the same for 
shares too when you think about it. If he can't use it, he has no 
interest in it. Though I suppose jewelry for gifts could be considered?>
<So currently the 'collar' on Seker is of interest but likely it is 
unusable or may not work anyway>
<Sorry, did not want to cause a debate and the method does not matter 
much for Raban in this treasure.>

Raban (mental): "Seker, I do not know what powers my flight, it is just 
something I can do. It is nearly without effort, just a little 
concentration or force of will? But something that could allow me to fly 
better would be of value to me. If you think there is a chance it could 
work then I am willing to try it if you have no further use for it. I am 
sorry we could not have aided you sooner. Such abuse and slavery is 
wrong, those who did this too you should be punished. But how do you 
punish a god? It seems to me, freeing you and destroying this place 
means little to them. Perhaps a minor nuisance is all we were in their 
plans. But since the ones named are on my goddess's enemy list, I would 
be happy to do more to hurt them if you happen to know of a way. I ask 
this because Arawn said you were of Balance and as such you understand 
much about the gods and possible ways to thwart their plans."

Raban (to others): "I will remain here, or I should say with the Seker 
as I would like to see if the collar's magic works for me. If I follow 
what has been said correctly, once the Seker leaves here he may just 
vanish and the island will fall. So if I am to get the collar I will 
have to stay with him til the last and maybe fly away afterward. If you 
need me to help carry things, I would think I can do that as well, 
though a lot would effect my flight some."

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