[pnpgm] Game update #101 - File #554 - Lights, Pebbles, Shakes oh my!

J Hooten jhooten at binary.net
Fri Jan 2 09:53:35 CET 2009

For Raban, Frema has decided his actions as he must protect her from the 
strange elf. But all he needs to do is stop him from hurting anyone, so 
that should be easy enough. Before the thoughts complete Raban is 
already dropping to grab the elf and yelling 'Stop' in poor Sidh... 
These odd tiny fliers would appear to be something magical but easily 
destroyed so any in reach can be crushed if he has time...

<Yelling is not the best Idea Raban has had, hopefully he can dodge the 
spear. Raban is faster than thought..at least his own..>
<Maybe he will get lucky and the spear will only ketch his pants, he 
should be Happy to have a Nude Rear in this case>
<Eeek! Bad Pun!>

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