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Fri Jan 2 06:18:05 CET 2009

  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1 John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R1 Tom Corckett..........Caladan...........Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  -- Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....NormalFaerry  Fe
  Do David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  Ma
  R? J H Hooten............Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  W4 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R4 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
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        From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
          The Seker's words seemed to confirm Arawn's thoughts. The two
          had been here a very, very long time and the Anwora, though his
          nephew, was far older than he. The Anwora's own story seemed
          further evidence of such and as he pondered this thought he
          watched the Seker twist it's right-hand fingers before engaging
          the group, apparently privately, in telepathic conversation.
          Trying not to seem too obvious he carefully looked over the
          equipment as well as any devices or markings that the Seker had
          touched on it's right hand. As the two outsiders engaged the
          group Arawn prepared to share his own words when the Anwora
          seemed prepared to strike before pausing in an apparent
          conversation with the Seker.

          "It is possible that things are not as bleak as they might first
          appear. The gods work in mysterious ways, as I am sure you both
          know, and our presence here was not completely unforetold,"
          Arawn's thoughts going back to the prophecy spoken in the High
          Elder's hall. "We're here to help but to do so we'll need to
          know more about the pact."

          [Telepathic/group and seker]
          "You ask about the Chosen One and I have heard those words
          before. I think we can help you Seker but I think it would be
          good to assist me in counciling my nephew and sharing what you
          know of the pact, A'kril's role as well as the gods, and what
          you already know about the Chosen One."

          Arawn should be translating everything back to you guys so you
          should be able to understand and share your own words with the
        GM: Ack. 


        From Ben'dar: [Re: Actions]
          Ben'Dar is a bit confused, getting only half of the conversation
          (the half projected directly into his brain).  He sees the
          elf-like creature move to kill the helpless giant creature.
          If that creature dies, the floating castle falls.  If the
          castle falls, Tef'wo dies.  Rage fills Ben'Dar and he bellows
          (in Marentian so the party will understand), "Stay your weapon,
          fiend.  Back away!"  He strides forward menacingly toward the
          spear-wielding elf, brandishing his pike in an obviously
          threatening way.

          Ben'Dar does not intend to attack the creature unless it tries
          to hurt the giant or attacks him.  His intent is to prevent the
          elf from killing the giant.
        GM: Ack. 

     [New Stuff]

        Q: Why do Mummies like Christmas so much?
        A: Because of all the wrapping!

        [Time: 12:17 pm]

        [Arawn nods at the Seker's thought.  This confirms his own belief
         in what is going on here.  His nephew if indeed he is such, seems
         quite older than him.  But in the non-human realms time is so
         much different and even future is past and past is future.  Who
         knows in this situation.  Gods could use time like a river and
         simply pick out what they want.  Arawn notices the Seker's fingers
         flex as if a person speaking, but in this case thinking to someone
         and in obvious privacy.  Arawn begins to study the devices that
         are magical around the Seker.  The cuffs and ankle cuffs seem to
         just be magic strength based items it seems.  The collar seems
         more powerful as well as the amulet.  Without careful study it may
         take some time to figure out their purpose fully.  One Arawn
         can assume keeps him in this cave away from the outside and away
         from simply fading.  One Arawn can deduce must amplify the Seker's
         natural power of flight.  if A'kril was the one by himself or
         with the gods to mutate the Seker then the Balance would be upset.
         Having only a cursory glance at the objects the Anwora suddenly
         threatens the Seker with his spear.  Arawn speaks in Sidh and again
         to the party in Marentian.]

        Arawn: "It is possible that things are not as bleak as they might
           first appear. The gods work in mysterious ways, as I am sure you
           both know, and our presence here was not completely unforetold,"
           [Arawn's thoughts going back to the prophecy spoken in the High
           Elder's hall.] "We're here to help but to do so we'll need to
           know more about the pact."

        [Arawn awaits for the Anwora to react and then forms quick thoughts
         to send back to the Seker.  He then translates those thoughts into

        Arawn: "You ask about the Chosen One and I have heard those words
          before. I think we can help you Seker but I think it would be
          good to assist me in counciling my nephew and sharing what you
          know of the pact, A'kril's role as well as the gods, and what you
          already know about the Chosen One."

        [The Anwora raises his spear and then back at Arawn.  His eyes
         flicker as if in deep thought.]

        Anwora: "You are Alfar you should know the pact!"

        [All the while Ben'dar listens to the words in confusion at the
         whole situation.  Why is one chained and the other one not
         helping them?  They seem almost kin.  When the spear is raises
         up to threaten the Seker he thinks of those below.  The forest
         creatures, the villages, the party and then Tef'wo.  At the
         thought of losing Tef'wo rage boils through his veins.  Ben'dar
         raises his pike and bellows in Marentian.]

        Ben'dar: "Stay your weapon, fiend.  Back away!"

        [Ben'dar charges forward slowly but confidently.  He doesn't know
         what the Elf just said but he knows a threatening move.  As
         Ben'dar closes the distance the Elf raises his Spear into a
         guard position and glares at Ben'dar.]

        [Raban watches Ben'dar charge forward and shakes his head at the
         young rash warrior.  He tenses his muscle and flexes his fingers
         in case there is a fight to come.]

        [Unali notices as Arawn speaks and a second or two before Ben'dar
         moves that Fremea's head has been moving a bit.  As if she is
         in some private conversation with the Seker.  She notices her
         head shift, nod, shake, tilt as if in a long conversation.  she
         knows that a telepathic conversation might take a second or two
         at most but could be a very long conversation.]

        [Indeed the last few seconds Fremea has been in a deep telepathic
         conversation with the Seker.  She is quite surprised how much
         responsive he is to her words. Then as she continues to think
         back and forth Ben'dar rushes forward.  She quickly figures
         out this threat to the Anwora will cause him to kill the Seker.
         Then they will all perish.  With Chion not in the cave that
         will mean a fast death.  As Ben'dar moves forward Fremea
         pushes a quick thought to the Seker's mind.  The Seker then
         replies in the time it takes Ben'dar to take two steps.  Fremea
         then nods and shouts to the Anwora in the Sidh language.]

        Fremea: "Stop your movements Anwora, I am the Chosen One and take
          the meld as mine."

        [As she says this she takes to the air.  Flying over and past
         Ben'dar she hovers over the Seker and bends down.  With a hand
         she touches the amulet as she finishes the words to the Anwora.]

        [A blue pulse of magical energy shoots out in every direction
         from the amulet.  A wave of energy so fast it is only seen
         with one blink of the eye passes past, through, up, down and
         in every direction of the cave and  people.  In the same instant
         green energy shifts from the Seker's head and Fremea's then
         connects in a brighter green beam connecting both heads.]

        [In that second Fremea jerks almost forgetting to breath and
         flap her wings.  She falls ontop of the Seker and gasps for
         air as thoughts, images and other strange things flood through
         her mind.  Images of endless ocean, dots of land, stars in
         the sky, sunrises and sunsets.  Over and over.]

        [Arawn raises a finger in the flash it takes Fremea to lose her
         senses.  Arawn is confused by this new sudden set of actions.
         Why would she do such a thing without consultation and study?
         Chosen One?  Meld?  What is she talking about?  With confusion,
         amusement and fascination it seems the prophecy may be flowing
         in front of his eyes.  Then Fremea touches the amulet.]

        [As the green energy disappear a second later the island suddenly
         jerks as if hitting the ground.  Only the second time in mere
         minutes this has happened the party is startled.  Some
         begin to stagger while others lose their balance.  Then a half
         second later the island jerks again but this time horizontally.
         Based on the movement the island seems to have suddenly started
         to shift its movement path from straight down to sideways.  Based
         on the jerk its to the left corner of the cave.]


        [A couple minutes earlier Kiet reaches the Armory.  Using a spear
         as a poking device and his ropes as a aide he opens the door to
         find no flames hitting the floor.  Cautiously he peers inside
         again to darkness.  The candles seem to have been flown out.  He
         stands in the doorway a few long seconds and studies the room
         using the light of the hallway.  Crates and chests line the room
         and he wonders where to start.]

        [He notices one candle is on the floor and the other is still in
         its holder unlit.  He uses rope to tie the spear and then uses
         the spear to stab the area near the fallen candle.  He drags it
         to the door and tosses it to the hallway waiting for any magic
         but finds none.  Using a lasso he deftly captures the one
         candle still up after 3 attempts.  He yanks and dislodges it
         and tosses it to the hallway as well. No fire shoots out or
         anything else attacks.]

        [Soon Kiet is storming the room opening chests, crates and lockers.
         Knowing that a flame could probably kill him he uses the ropes
         and spear to open the devices at a distance.  Using a shield
         from one of the dead guards as a blocking device.  but yet nothing
         continues to happen.  Soon a quick inventory is figured out as the

        GM: Armory -

           Leather Helmet        (3)      Metal Helmet          (1)
           Full Helmet           (2)      Buckler               (2)
           Leather Armor         (4)      Quilted Armor         (3)
           Ring Armor            (1)      Scail Mail            (3)
           Fighting Dagger       (6)      Short Sword           (2)
           Sword                 (2)      Scimitar              (4)
           Spear                 (4)      Javelin               (9)
           War Staff             (1)      Club                  (1)
           Mace                  (4)      Sling                 (4)
           Handle Sling          (3)      Sling Projectiles    (40)
           Bow                   (3)      Longbow               (2)
           Arrows               (36)      Light Crossbow        (2)
           Quarrels             (20) 

        [Kiet doesn't seem to find any magical items unless the above
         items are magical.  No amulets or items with symbols or runes.
         As he is leaning over and counting the chest of scimitars the
         castle suddenly jerks from under his feet.  He is thrown back
         into the doorway and his acrobatic skills help from any damage.
         But a half second later the island jerks again and this time
         the door swings shut behind him with a forceful bump.  Kiet
         loses his balance and is thrown forward into a open crate of
         arrows.  As the room is thrown into darkness he can't help
         but release a few Lemasan curses.]


        [A couple minutes earlier Z'leyra sits by the Ipanza warriors and
         watches the prisoners.  Waiting for the others to comes back and
          for everyone to get out of this place.  She examines the leather
          cap and based on Kiet's words it has a clear purpose. It would
          make only sense a place where Wizards have mastered Elementals
          and air itself could create a smaller scale floating thing like
          the Flying Slab.  The cap must have some telepathic connection
          to the strange gems.  Those gems must give the slab flight.
          Which in essence isn't so much fancy magic as simple levitation
          or flight wards.  Maybe those gems give benefits to those powers.
          She figures it must be how A'kril got food, resources and items
          up and down.  What good would a wagon do for such a place like
          this?  Maybe the party can use it to send the treasure down and
          then back to the citadel.]

         [She watches the two barbarians talk among themselves.  She does
          not know what they are saying but can guess.  They must be amazed
          at the things they have seen.  Is this some god realm to them?
          Can they cope and simply go back home after seeing all this? But
          she recalls that Ben'dar had the same culture shock these two
          must be having now.  She glances to the guard who is awake on
          the ground, gagged, hooded and tied up.  She is happy that Kiet
          didn't get much time alone with him.  Her need for information
          to help the others is in direct conflict with her Healer's code
          to do no harm.]

         [Z'leyra watches Kiet stand in the doorway of the Armory for a
          few long seconds and seems to toss out some objects.  She stands
          and begins to walk to the door to check on the hourglass Wind
          thing.  To see how much time is left.  As she enters the open
          courtyard the castle suddenly jerks upward as if hitting the
          ground.  She uses her staff to balance herself but then the
          castle jerks what looks to be north eastern.  In that jerk she
          is thrown forward a couple of feet toward the Wind Elemental.
          But the Elemental just remains in place and nothing seems to
          phase it.  She glances up and notices the clouds moving in
          a different direction as if moving north or north east?  Behind
          her in the hallway she can hear the warriors curse from some
          bumps and falls.]


        [In the Navigation room Caladan stands looking outside the
         window from mid-room with the magical spyglass when the island
         jerks twice.  The first time he is thrown backwards and with
         the second shift he is tosses backwards into the oak table and
         into the illusionary map.  The glass goes flying onto the table
         out of his hand and slams into the ground.  Caladan looks up
         and side to see outside.  Knowing that he isn't dead he looks
         up at the map icon that seems to represent the island.  Instead
         of it seeming to go down it is now moving to the right lower
         section of the map.  Below forest images shimmer fast as trees
         move under in a blurry speed.]

        [In the secret chamber near the Navigation room Chion stand guard
         at the Portal.  When the island jerks he remains in place due
         to being near a wall.  But he is as confused as Caladan when it


        [Back in the Portal Room sand and minor pebbles settle to the
         ground as the Castle reorients itself.  Everyone including the
         Anwora find themselves on the ground on their knees or fully
         on their chests.  The only one that has remained in steady footing
         is that of Raban who growls at the sudden lurches.  When he
         sees the party down he tries to figure out what has happened.
         The Anwora on his knees glares up at Fremea.]

        Anwora: "You didn't!  I will not" [He gets to his feet] "allow
          you to hold the Meld!"

        [As the others get to their feet to react and Arawn to say
         something suddenly a new burst of light shines from the
         amulet.  For the Sidh it is intense yellow but for the others
         it is only a quick white spark.  then suddenly things appear.
         Tiny things and numerous things.  In a chaotic random fashion
         the things seem to pop out of the energy and scramble all
         over the Seker and then into the air.  As eyes adjust to the
         dim light and new magical light some images are seen.  There
         seems to be 8 of the things.  They rang in height from 1 to
         3 feet tall only.  All have tiny wings.  All are black, red
         or brown.  Some have horns.  Some have glowing red or glowing
         yellow eyes.  All have white-red fangs.  All have claws.  All
         have feet on tiny legs.  They look leathery from their texture.
         A couple have slim, spit or blood drooling from their mouth.
         In an instant they fly in every direction.  Amazingly they
         seem to ignore the Seker, Anwora and oddly Fremea.  At least
         one tries to hiss at the Faerry but moves on.]

        [Six fly around and toward Ben'dar who is just now getting to
         his feet as he is the closest.  Ben'dar bats at one of the
         tiny flying creatures and hits one slicing it in half with
         his magical pike.  But the other five dive, weave and try
         to not attack oddly but hit Ben'dar?  Three bounce off him
         and hiss.  But the fourth penetrates his magical defense
         and disappears.  The last one bounces off at the same time.
         Fremea and Arawn from their positions stare at Ben'dar and
         notice flickers of magical energy as his magical belt seems
         to protect him but fails in one seemingly attack.]

        [At the same time one flies straight for Raban and hits in the
         large chest of Raban and bounces off.]

        [The last creature at the same time curves around and flies
         past Arawn toward Unali. It dives for her but hits her right
         arm and bounces off.]

        [As Arawn watches in horror the oddball attacks he begins to
         realize what they are.  These creatures are Imps things he
         has only read about.  They must be some trap set by A'kril to
         attack those who touched it?  He wonders if the Seker knew but
         gets his answer a half second later.  The Seker sends out
         a cave wide telepathic message.]

        Seker: "I didn't know!  Kill them whatever they are."

        [As Fremea gets to her elbows sitting on the large Seker's chest
         she notices the Anwora creeping toward her with what looks to
         be a mad sense of purpose.]

        [Time: 12:19 pm]

        Actions? Comments?

        Next Update...Monday...

        GM: A small update but a fun part to end huh? :)

        GM: Chion since I've not heard anything I've put you outside
            the portal back at the castle inside the secret chamber.
            Course that might be a good thing now.

  [Second Floor]

  Legend -           North /|\
           1 Row    = 2 feet
           1 Column = 2 feet
            % , ° = Solid wall or earthen rock

  [Portal Second Room]

              1         2         3         4         5

     %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% A
     %%          %%%%    %%          B  %        %%   %% B
     %% O         %%%   U                             %% C
     %%    %%%     %%  8        A     SSSS E          %% D
     %%%%%%%%%     %%                 SSSS            %% E
     %%%%%%%%%            R 7                   %     %% F
     %%%%%%%%%%           %%                  %%%     %% G

     % is cave wall.  O is portal. Portal area elevation is
     about 5 feet taller than the other section.  So going
     down to other section is rock/stone natural steps.

  Party Locations -

     A - Arawn    - D28 [Above Map - Facing East]
     B - Ben'dar  - B33 [Above Map - Facing East]
     C - Caladan  - Second floor, Navigation room
     H - Chion    - Second floor, Secret chamber by Navigation room
     F - Fremea   - E36 [Above Map - Facing East] Not on map, ontop of
                    the seker's chest, right side. 
     K - Kiet     - First floor, Armory
     R - Raban    - F22 [Above Map - Facing East]
     U - Unali    - C20 [Above Map - Facing East]
     Z - Z'leyra  - First floor Courtyard
       - Corona   - Roof outside
     E - Anwora   - D39 [Above Map - Facing West]
     S - Seker    - C/D 34-37 [Laying down, head raised, facing west]
     Prisoners    - First floor South Hallway
     Barbarians   - First floor South Hallway
     Wind         - Courtyard hourglass
     Imp#1        - Hovering, Rows B/C Columns 31-35
     Imp#2        - Disappeared???
     Imp#3        - Hovering, Rows B/C Columns 31-35
     Imp#4        - Hovering, Rows B/C Columns 31-35
     Imp#5        - Hovering, Rows B/C Columns 31-35
     Imp#6        - Dead, feet of Ben'dar
     Imp#7  [7]   - F24, hovering
     Imp#8  [8]   - D19, Hovering

     Note: Imps 1-5 aren't on map.  Would clutter it a bit.  They
     are in general area around Ben'dar.  All hover about chest
     height or just above head height.  Their speed is fast so
     their position changes fast on the map.  

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