[pnpgm] Game update #101 - File #554 - Lights, Pebbles, Shakes oh my!

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   Arawn watched with amusement and curiousity as Fremea took on the role of the mysterious Chosen One. He hoped that this action would prove to be beneficial in the long run but that would be discovered later on for more pressing concerns were coming to pass. The Anwora had decided to rush Fremea just as Imps materialized within the chamber. The druid quickly realized that these minor nuisances could prove deadly if they should successfully possess the warriors of the party and drew his sword to deal with them as Raban moved forward to deal with the Anwara. If anyone could successfully subdue the Anwora it would be the giant bard. Calling out to his kin Arawn shouted,

   "A wall keeps the gods from this realm! Millenia have passed! Hold,my kin!"

   Suddenly Arawn watches as one of the Imps manages to overcome Ben'dar's protections and disappears. Recalling what he had read about them he quickly came to the horrible conclusion that it had possessed Ben'dar. This was not good, having what could possibly be their strongest warrior turned against them! The question was, attempt an exorcism now and risk the others being possessed or kill the Imps and allow a possessed Ben'dar to rampage? Deciding that dropping the number of Imps would prove a better idea in the long run Arawn could only hope that Ben'dar would not wreak too much havoc before he could be helped. Thinking over the magic at his disposal he wondered what, if any, magics were dampened in this area- likely Balance and, the thought, possibly Sidh as well. Magics currently tied to Chaos might prove best and he decided on an area effect spell to hopefully dispose of them quickly.

OOC: Phase 1) Not sure where the Imps are range-wise but if they can be caught in a Thunderswarm spell Arawn will try that at max EL with the wand, using EnL if needed. If they are too far away then he'll try a Fireball if that can reach them, angled up to avoid Ben'dar. If still too far then he'll use his elven bow.
 Phase 2) If any of the spells seemed to work he'll continue to use them if more than half the Imps are still up. Otherwise he'll use his bow or attempt an Exorcism on Ben'dar, using the wand and EnL, if it seems feasible.
   Arawn will try to avoid getting hit by Ben'dar if possible, using his EL's defensively or dodging as long as it doesn't disrupt his own actions trying to do so.

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