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   Arawn studied the portal, walking around it if possible, and studying both the portal and the room it was located in for any markings or clues. He watched as Fremea and Ben'dar prepared to step through and decided to speak up before they travelled to the other side.

   "I am interested in seeing what lies on the other side but a few things concern me. First, if the elemental prison is on the other side we still have the potential dilemma of locating a safe landing zone for the cloud-island not to mention possibly having to steer it there. Second, we do not know what lies on the other side of the portal. It could lead to open space or some other potentially dangerous area.
   Might I suggest that the party allow one person to step through the portal, someone possessing the power of flight, to serve as reconnaissence and report if it is safe to cross through. The other suggestion is that whomever stays behind try to study the map and figure out how to steer this thing in case it becomes an issue."

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