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What everybody doesn't seem to realize is that's really a disintigrator 
ring....it's how they disposed of their garbage...DAS

<On a serious note...how DID they get rid of such things...and how DID they 
get provisions...and from where and whom?> - Kiet

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> Guess only Fremea wants to go through portal? :) Will be workingon update 
> early.
> I'm working on the treasure file.  In an attempt to speed things up I'll 
> calc the selling prices for party treasure.  Some things like magic items 
> will be left out in case folks still want them.  When I have it done I 
> need folks to figure out anylast minute wants from it.
> Stuff will be sold in the Dark Lands and Marentia.  I'm not goint to worry 
> about teleporting the treasure or such at this point.  The IBT time will 
> be so short this round that I'll have the Elder's forces identify each 
> magic item.  So that'll save on mana and time.  I'll publish those results 
> in the report.  More to follow.  Just giving folks a head's up.
> For selling things some items might be best in dark lands rather than 
> Marentia.  For example furs might ell higher in the cold north than in 
> Marentia.  So for some common sense items will do those kinds of price 
> variations.  Since its boring time consujming stuff I'll ust roll the dice 
> and get it all done. Later that is.
> Of course this all assumes survival :)
> But its best to get ahead of the game.
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