[pnpgm] Treasure...portal

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Sun Dec 21 03:41:25 CET 2008

Guess only Fremea wants to go through portal? :) Will be workingon update early.

I'm working on the treasure file.  In an attempt to speed things up I'll calc the selling prices for party treasure.  Some things like magic items will be left out in case folks still want them.  When I have it done I need folks to figure out anylast minute wants from it.  

Stuff will be sold in the Dark Lands and Marentia.  I'm not goint to worry about teleporting the treasure or such at this point.  The IBT time will be so short this round that I'll have the Elder's forces identify each magic item.  So that'll save on mana and time.  I'll publish those results in the report.  More to follow.  Just giving folks a head's up.

For selling things some items might be best in dark lands rather than Marentia.  For example furs might ell higher in the cold north than in Marentia.  So for some common sense items will do those kinds of price variations.  Since its boring time consujming stuff I'll ust roll the dice and get it all done. Later that is.

Of course this all assumes survival :)
But its best to get ahead of the game.

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