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   After hearing Z'leyra's explanation of recent events and Raban's own encounter in the summoning chamber a thought passed through Arawn's head. It wasn't one that had strong evidence to support it at the moment nor was it one he wanted to be true but, nevertheless, it crossed his mind. Corona's unusual reaction, unaware of his (?) own action/attack in the parlor, along with Raban's own feeling that the woman might have been possessed led him to wonder if something had been released. Perhaps it was what A'kril may have been geased to guard or the start of the plague upon the land mentioned in the prophecy. There was no sign of anything visible and he wondered, if it was possession on the part of both eagle and woman, if a spirit was responsible, perhaps more than one. If so, was it something terrible that A'kril was meant to prevent being released and was now free due to his death and/or destruction of the castle?

   "I'm concerned to hear this from both of you. I wonder if possession is happening here? If so some spirit or spirits might have been released from here with A'kril's death or some other action that has taken place here. The prophecy mentioned the 'guardian' and I wonder what A'kril was geased to guard all this time? Spirits perhaps? 
   I know it's a stretch but I can't help but wonder why the sudden strange behaviour. I hope I'm wrong but if not we might have to deal with them after this mess is resolved. For now I'd keep an eye out for any odd behaviour from anyone in the future and be prepared to deal with it just in case."

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