[pnpgm] Game Update #97

J Hooten jhooten at binary.net
Fri Dec 19 06:39:46 CET 2008

<oops missed that one, I suppose I should describe it>

Raban (to Arawn): "I was worried about the time we were taking, she 
could have been in serious trouble in there. So I decided I better take 
a faster way in and avoid a fight with the Lion man. He was very fast 
and nearly caught me anyway as I flew through the wall. Once inside I 
looked around and spotted the woman but unfortunately I missed seeing 
the other Lion man and ended up fighting anyway. He did not seem too 
skilled so I was going to just knock him out when he surprised me with a 
nasty slash. Sadly that meant I had to kill him, as I could not afford 
to take any more time with him. The fight seems to frighten the woman, 
especially the blood on my hands, so I had to restrain her. Oddly she 
acted much like the Lion man, trying to claw at first then used a 
dagger. But she was unskilled and easily restrained without me causing 
her much pain. I do wonder if she might be possessed or under some 
spell, some of her reactions did not make much sense even in fright. 
Unfortunately the slash I took was one deep enough to need immediate 
treatment, so I rushed back out here. It is not that bad, just one that 
would make a huge mess if not treated. I should be fully recovered in a 
few days, once we have a chance to rest. But I am going to need to make 
a few new shirts and pants after we are done here, I don't think these 
will be salvageable."

< not the best post, but it works>

john haight wrote:
>    Thanks for the reply.
>    "As you wish, Raban. Let me know if you need it anytime."
>    As for the battle with the Lion-headed men, does Raban tell us what 
> happened? If not, did he reply to Arawn's question, "What happened (in 
> there)?"
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> <Raban would turn down magic healing as being not worth the risk right
> now. With the bandage, he should be fine for now. If it was not for all
> the previous damage, the Lion hit would be a light flesh wound. I wonder
> if Raban has less hit points than Keit or Frema does now? I suppose I
> can change this to a post reply.>
> Raban (to Arawn): "Thank you but I don't think I should risk another
> magical healing right now, the gods occasionally get upset when such
> things get overly used. I am not that badly hurt, I expect it would
> still need a lucky blow from an enemy to knock me out. I will just have
> to defend myself better in the future, though I am starting to envy
> those with heavy armor."
> john haight wrote:
> >    First, not sure by the last post but if no one no one has checked
> > the summoning room for magical aura's Arawn will do so, just in case
> > the binding magic is tied to the altar.
> > 
> >    Aside from that, I know that OOC we have a report on what happened
> > to in the Summoning room but i'm unsure, did he tell us about it IC?
> > If not Arawn would ask, while bandaging him,
> > 
> >    "What happened?" (Asking as it could influence things he says or
> > does later on)
> > 
> >    Also, if it looks like Raban's in really bad need of magical
> > healing (based on observation through his healing skill and/or Raban's
> > own words) Arawn will offer to cast a spell on him to heal him.

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