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   Thanks for the reply.

   "As you wish, Raban. Let me know if you need it anytime."

   As for the battle with the Lion-headed men, does Raban tell us what happened? If not, did he reply to Arawn's question, "What happened (in there)?"

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<Raban would turn down magic healing as being not worth the risk right 
now. With the bandage, he should be fine for now. If it was not for all 
the previous damage, the Lion hit would be a light flesh wound. I wonder 
if Raban has less hit points than Keit or Frema does now? I suppose I 
can change this to a post reply.>

Raban (to Arawn): "Thank you but I don't think I should risk another 
magical healing right now, the gods occasionally get upset when such 
things get overly used. I am not that badly hurt, I expect it would 
still need a lucky blow from an enemy to knock me out. I will just have 
to defend myself better in the future, though I am starting to envy 
those with heavy armor."

john haight wrote:
>    First, not sure by the last post but if no one no one has checked 
> the summoning room for magical aura's Arawn will do so, just in case 
> the binding magic is tied to the altar.
>    Aside from that, I know that OOC we have a report on what happened 
> to in the Summoning room but i'm unsure, did he tell us about it IC? 
> If not Arawn would ask, while bandaging him,
>    "What happened?" (Asking as it could influence things he says or 
> does later on)
>    Also, if it looks like Raban's in really bad need of magical 
> healing (based on observation through his healing skill and/or Raban's 
> own words) Arawn will offer to cast a spell on him to heal him.

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