[pnpgm] talk w Corona

Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Fri Dec 19 06:15:53 CET 2008

Z'leyra tries to ask Corona
"Corona, you okay?"   called in Eagle across to him.
Followed by "What happened?"

If the breezy courtyard is too noisy she circles around and repeats when 
close to Corona.

Corona "Was called to help."
Z'leyra "Need help?"
C "To help. Not need help."
Z "Why set the room ablaze when you left?"
C "I did? Woke up with feeling to come fast. Feeling over now."
Z  "Any idea of where we can find the item that the elementals don't 
like and want destroyed...some magic that controls?"
C  "Elementals? Item? Do not know."
"Was called like you call me."
Z  "Okay...I will go search."
"If not otherwise occupied could you help guard the prisoners?
Make sure they don't hurt any of us?"
C  "Right."

Z'leyra has the impression maybe the glyph had some power to call 
creatures of the air to him...thus C's response...probably took him over 
slightly in the request...

She will give A'kril's items another close look to see if they might be 
a control item for the floating island.

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