[pnpgm] Game Update #97

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Fri Dec 19 02:52:15 CET 2008

   First, not sure by the last post but if no one no one has checked the summoning room for magical aura's Arawn will do so, just in case the binding magic is tied to the altar.

   Aside from that, I know that OOC we have a report on what happened to in the Summoning room but i'm unsure, did he tell us about it IC? If not Arawn would ask, while bandaging him,

   "What happened?" (Asking as it could influence things he says or does later on) 
   Also, if it looks like Raban's in really bad need of magical healing (based on observation through his healing skill and/or Raban's own words) Arawn will offer to cast a spell on him to heal him.

   As the diminutive woman slumped to the ground a look of concern crossed Arawn's face. With the prophecy mentioning a curse he wondered if she, too, might be geased. Unfortunately, now was not the time to look into this as more pressing matters were at hand. Still, he decided to mention it to the group.

   "There is a dark aura about this woman. I have seen the likes of it before, on those cursed, especially those geased, or when magic has gone horribly wrong. I wonder if she linked to the curse said to reside over this place?"

   As Arawn turned back toward Chion and the others he checked to make sure the others were together, calling down to Z'leyra and Kiet.

   "Coming up?" (OOC: The post says that both groups are soon informed of each others recent events. Does this include Corona's unusual behavior? Asking as I have a thought but Arawn needs to know to piece an idea together)

   Aside from this, if everyone is ready, then Arawn will move toward the next door.

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