[pnpgm] Game Update #93 - File #503 - Locked room explored

J Hooten jhooten at binary.net
Tue Dec 2 08:26:44 CET 2008

<looks like people don't want any blessings. A few days of boost can be 
quite useful? Oh well, its their decision. If anyone changes their mind, 
be sure to post it before we run into more troubles.>

Raban is a bit upset over the door trap. His new friends seem quite 
skilled but they have no means to counter such things? If that means the 
magic is too strong then the Angelica may not be enough protection for 
anyone, though it will always make them more resistant to magic. Going 
through the walls could work at need, but surely these mages thought of 
that too and did something nasty for anyone trying it. So they need to 
out wit mages they have never met and do something not thought of. 
Perhaps muscles can win as few would expect a giant to rip a door off? 
Or would they, as such could be summoned by magic... And why did the 
young mage kill himself like that, did he not know there are ways to 
heal any damage? At least I am sure I was told such is possible though 
rare. His sacrifice may have saved us as he intended, but we will never 
know if it was indeed needed. May his gods welcome him for his noble 
sacrifice for others he barely knew. Raban's body followed the others as 
he carried the body effortlessly, his mind busy trying to understand the 
recent events. Do his friends risk so much for treasure of for 
knowledge? Its seems a mixed lot. Raban has never worried much about 
treasure, it is simple to earn whatever he needs and most his wealth is 
spent entertaining ladies or helping the needy. But does he need 
something protective and of extreme value to survive such missions? Just 
how do you determine how much you should spend on such things when that 
wealth could aid so many people? Armor like he has seen here could feed 
a village for years... His heart does not give him a clear answer, 
sometimes it must be worth the cost.

<Had to write something. Raban's actions have been fine so far. He will 
follow others leads until they place someone at risk where Raban thinks 
he can help. Raban does not know how to detect magic traps but could 
spot mechanical ones in some cases or other hidden things.>

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