[pnpgm] Game Update #93 - File #503 - Locked room explored

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Tue Dec 2 19:20:31 CET 2008

  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1 John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R1 Tom Corckett..........Caladan...........Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  -- Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....NormalFaerry  Fe
  Do David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  Ma
  R? J H Hooten............Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  W4 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R4 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
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        From Raban: [Re: Actions]
          [*** Ben'dar's part deleted ***]

          Raban (to Ben'dar): "If the room has things of much importance,
          the guard would not have keys to it. Guards have keys for rooms
          that have things guards need occasionally but want secure from
          theft. At least thats what I recall from some early lessons, I
          did not pay much attention to them as I was never going into that
          area of work. It makes some sense though, if you captured the
          guard to reach the room why would they make it easy to get into
          it afterward? Of course with magic involved that would not be as
          important. But if you want me to lift and hold him for you to try
          something, I can do that. Though I hope I was wrong in that case
          or something bad is going to happen." <What are the odds the big
          dummy is right? LOL >

          [*** Unali's email deleted ***]

          Raban (to Unali): "I am getting worried about the amount of traps
          this place has. Would they trap the stairs in some manner? If so
          then maybe flying up to the balcony could go around them? Many
          cultures protect where they live in some manner and that upper
          floor would appear to be for that."

          <Am I miss remembering and that is actually a vote for court yard
          anyway? Its still valid that way too>
        GM: Ack. 


        From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
          OOC - I've been a little busy with RL for a little bit. Still
          here, just working on changing companies to make sure bills are
          still getting paid :).

          Fremea considers that the guard was told to keep out any who want
          to get to this point and the locked door. "I would say it is
          important we get into that door, especially since we don't know
          if there is much time to this floating fortress left or not."

          If the correct key is not found on the guard, she will cast
          Sonic Destruction (EL0) on the wall surrounding the lock itself,
          this should bypass the magic resistance on the lock. (If not
          Scott, let me know, she would proabably figure that out). If she
          has to cast it a couple of times to get through the stone wall,
          she will.

          As for which way to go upstairs, she will fly up to the balcony
          when everyone is ready to go that way.
        GM: Ack.  No problem on RL.  Ironically this is my busiest time
            of the year but for the game it tends to be the easiest to
            deal with.  Guess that's due to more night time (stay up
            late) due to vacation time (like this week off 5 days). Yes,
            the spell would work nicely.  Destroy the area around the
            lock and Raban could kick it in or cough and knock it down.
            Raban Smash! Raban Cough! :)

     [New Stuff]

        [Ma 2nd, 1633TH. 5th Day of Adventure #4.
        [Location: Chaos domain, Dark Lands, 9 Miles up, Flying Island]

        [Time: 11:25am]

        [Ben'dar suggests using the guard to open the door.  Raban is
         one of the first to reply to Ben'dar.]

        Raban: "If the room has things of much importance, the guard would
          not have keys to it. Guards have keys for rooms that have things
          guards need occasionally but want secure from theft. At least
          that's what I recall from some early lessons, I did not pay much
          attention to them as I was never going into that area of work. It
          makes some sense though, if you captured the guard to reach the
          room why would they make it easy to get into it afterward? Of
          course with magic involved that would not be as important. But
          if you want me to lift and hold him for you to try something, I
          can do that. Though I hope I was wrong in that case or something
          bad is going to happen."

        [Almost immediately the discussion becomes excited as others
         give their suggestions and perspective.]

        [Raban slips near Unali when she suggests going up to explore
         more and leave the room alone.  He replies to her.]

        Raban: "I am getting worried about the amount of traps this place
          has. Would they trap the stairs in some manner? If so then maybe
          flying up to the balcony could go around them? Many cultures
          protect where they live in some manner and that upper floor would
          appear to be for that."

        [Fremea listens quietly to all the talk and tries to stare at the
         guard as if to gain some knowledge by simply looking.  She figures
         the guard could be fanatical as Ben'dar suggests or one simply to
         stop anyone from entering this level.  Humans can be so misguided
         in their motivations.]

        Fremea: "I would say it is important we get into that door,
          especially since we don't know if there is much time to this
          floating fortress left or not."

        [Arawn listens to the arguments and knows that the room could be
         vital.  For all he knows the control of this island could be there
         or could be dead with A'kril.  How long before the island finds its
         owner dead?  Will the island suddenly drop or just stop?  Is there
         an intelligence behind the island's control.  Arawn gets that
         nagging feeling in the back of his mind again.  Why are the gods
         so cryptic?  Can't they just point one out to the source and tell
         how to fix it?  They are never that straight forward.  Even his
         parents would give him riddles to solve for days before answering
         a simple question.  He wonders if it is some deity rule to fool
         mortals and in his case Alfar. The party has become far more
         complicated with the new prisoners. Can Chion teleport all these
         beings out at once if there is an emergency?  Could there be
         other prisoners elsewhere? Two seem a bit simple minded and the
         one smart enough to know things can't speak.  Arawn scans the area
         and the door again. He could reach out to detect more of the magic
         but knows that will take life force and is limited to how many
         times a day one can use that power.  He knows he may need it
         later.  Arawn watches the others argue and wonders why he hasn't
         been directly asked how he got the books out.  Maybe they trust
         his privacy or just too creeped out to ask.]

        [Ben'dar shifts his feet back and forth as the others argue. More
         talk, less action, more frustration.  It has been well over a year
         since his last nightmares at the hands of the Climan Priestess who
         tortured him for nothing more than her own pleasure. Now at seeing
         the torture room and the bone room those memories have come back.
         Back in Ezam's fortress there was a interrogation style room but
         not as bad.  Ben'dar grits his teeth at the thought of more
         nightmares.  But he channels his frustration into a scheme to use
         the guard and if he dies so be it.]

        [Chion reconsiders his own plan to go through the walls but isn't
         sure how long that would take.  He glances over at the young
         apprentice. Young?  He must be the same age.  Yet he still seems
         green in the ways of magic.  Chion knows that most folks who go
         for magic start at the age of 12 or as young as 10 in the dark
         lands.  They could stay 3-4 years solely with a master teaching
         them.  This one only knows one spell?  Either he must be stupid or
         slow or started too late to learn the basics well.  From what he
         has said A'kril must've come here for some intelligence either to
         invade or to use it for some other reason.  Though the small
         forces seen so far is no invasion force at all.  Knowing how mages
         think though Chion figures A'kril was learning of possible
         threats.  Mages do that all the time to gain knowledge and see
         who might be a threat or a weakness.  Chion glances at the 2
         barbarians who seem confused by the talk.  Why would A'kril take
         them unless he thought they were a threat?  Likely not.  A'kril
         probably took them to learn more of the area.  A'kril must've had
         some way to learn or translate the languages.]

        [Raban considers the layout of this place and what might be above
         him.  He has been in many a castle and noble home for the fun and
         pleasure of many a noble.  Most keep their valuable areas below
         if they are a small home but if a tall fortified home or castle
         keep bedrooms and vaults upstairs.  This place where few thieves
         could ever get to could be upside down.  He considers Ben'dar's
         plan and wonders if the magic of the door could backfire and hit
         him.  But he knows the angelica and other things will help him
         hopefully.  Given a short time he could pound his way into the
         room but could it cause problems like a cave in?]

        [Unali considers the security aspect of this area.  She feels amused
         at the thought of turning from a warrior into a semi professional
         spy.  But the time being and working with Duke Aren has made here
         aware of new skills and aspects.  She hasn't seen any sign of a
         mechanical device that could lead to security alarms or such.  She
          feels A'kril would be too over confident in his power to need
          them.  Raban is right though what lord would give their guard
          keys to their trusted places?  Most guards would steal from them.
          Either that means this guard is highly valued, trusted or stupid.
          That or Raban is correct in the keys are wrong.]

        [Time: 11:27am]

        [Caladan considers the arguments and finally shakes his head.]

        Caladan: "I may not be as powerful a wizard as Z'leyra or as knowing
          as Arawn but I know how some people think.  A'kril seemed
          confident in the main room.  He felt he could control the
          situation and take us down.  A man that confident being in a
          place hardly a few could get to would indicate he underestimates
          folks.  I believe there is no mechanical traps to this place just
          magic.  Arawn or Chion could agree with me but I believe Wizards
          believe such mundane traps to be above them.  I suspect he felt
          his magic would be enough for him.  We are below a fountain and
          the pipes to the water collection room.  If something happened
          here the place could simply flood and undermine the soil.  For a
          island that could lead to holes.  Holes would lead to a mighty
          fall.  I don't think he would take that risk.  It looks like we
          agree we should get to the room now then finish exploring.  So
          let's get to it."
         [As the team discuss plans the apprentice has slinked away down
          a few cell doors and started writing amazingly fast.  He seems
          quite determined to complete something.  When approached or
          glanced at he looks up and nods but doesn't seem to indicate that
          it is to be read quiet yet.  It is clear he doesn't understand
          what the party is saying as they speak in Marentian.  For some
          time Unali glances at the apprentice and notices he is determined
          to finish what ever he is writing.  She wonders if he'll be able
          to ever use magic again without his tongue.  Magic is one of those
          things speech is needed.  Yet as she has learned in the last year
          or so that seems wrong.  There are exceptions.  She has seen magic
          cast without speech.  But does the man have the ability or
          strength to do such things?]

         [Since no one else has come up with an alternative plan aside from
          magic from Fremea and Chion's wall solution it seems the  two big
          warriors agree to use the guard as needed.  That brings  a small
          consensus to the group. Raban lifts the guard up to his feet and
          Ben'dar grabs the keys.  The others back away just in case
          there is some area effect spell.  Ben'dar makes sure his right
          hand glove, a riding glove but glove nonetheless, is secure.
          Raban moves the sleeping guard toward the door and the other
          prisoners slink away.  Ben'dar grabs the keys from the floor
          and walks over to Raban.  Chion points out what is likely the
          one key to fit based on what not was used before and his own
          skills.  Raban grunts not out of the guard's weight and plate
          armor but he has found males grunt when doing physical labor.
          It seems to impress the women.  Though Raban knows this is a light
          load for him it has become somewhat of a habit.]

         [As the three men approach the door Ben'dar grabs the guard's limp
          right hand and places the key as best he can.  Both men  know the
          magic involved could be deadly.  But Raban knows his magic
          defenses will protect him.  Ben'dar isn't afraid since his armor
          is tough.  Ben'dar raises the arm up.  Suddenly the apprentice
          rushes past Caladan and trots to the door.  He gets to Ben'dar
          and pushes him back just as Ben'dar and the guard connect key to
          door and insert it.  Ben'dar goes flying back with a left elbow
          to his chest.  Raban growls in surprise as the apprentice pushes
          the guard's arm away and grabs the key and twists the doorknob.]  
         [The first to react to stop the apprentice is Unali who moves
          toward him but even her speed and the distance away is too far.
          The apprentice pulls the door as the key falls to the ground. 
          Raban lifts a arm to try to bat him away.  But as Fremea and
          arawn watch the black aura around the lock seems to explode.
          It begins to crawl up the apprentices arm.  The man stiffens
          immediately and gurgles as he can't scream.  His body begins
          to spasm and Raban hesitates touching him for a second.  Raban
          drops the guard to the ground with a thump.  The apprentice
          a second later slumps to the ground and falls backwards over
          the guard's limp form.  The apprentice rolls a foot toward
          the cell doors.  Raban glances over and sees the door cracking
          open and backs eastward to avoid any assault from the door.
          Ben'dar twists and rolls to the west to avoid any spell that
          might shoot out as well.  All this happened in just 2 seconds.
          The team hold their breath waiting for magic flames, creatures
          or guards.  One, two and three seconds pass with nothing 
          happening.  During those seconds Arawn and Fremea notices a
          aura of mixed colors emit from the door and seep into the hallway
          but are unsure of what it means.]

         [Suddenly one of the barbarian prisoners lowers his arms and
          a blank look comes to his face.  Standing across from the
          torture chamber he just suddenly walks south.  He saunters
          into the room as if not scared.  Confused the team watch but
          then they notice the other barbarian has that same look as well
          as Caladan and Fremea.  Fremea stops flexing her wings and
          just stands looking down the hall.  Chion, Unali and Ben'dar
          know those looks.  A'kril must love the abandon spell as the
          room was warded with it as well.  It seems the four are affected
          by the look seen just earlier by the Dark Elf in the battle
          when Kiet cast it on him.  Unali and Ben'dar gesture to secure
          the four.  Raban not wanting to cross the locked room's threshold
          due to magic waits.  Chion secures one of the barbarians as
          Unali heads into the chamber and grabs the other.  Ben'dar helps
          to hold Caladan as Arawn blocks Fremea.  It wouldn't do good
          for her to go off flying around.  Chion motions to a cell
          and puts the one he has inside.  They can't harm themselves
          inside.  Caladan and the others are places in the room.  At
          the least they'll just bump into each other.]

         [Now almost half a minute later still nothing comes out of the
          door and Raban waves the guard's sword in front of the door.
          Nothing so he opens the door a bit and still nothing occurs.
          Raban is sad to see Fremea affected even with his angelica but
          she must have a low defense or the spell got lucky. Ben'dar
          checks the apprentice over and shakes his head almost immediately
          before the others are put away in the cell.  Unali and Chion
          inspect the apprentice and find no obvious wounds but find
          the apprentice dead.]

         [Unali recalls the same type of attack and recalls seeing an
          enemy do it, maybe a Priestess on Clima, do something like
          this spell.  The hand of death is a deadly one.  Chion grits
          his teeth at losing a ally in this place then goes to pick
          up the paper he was writing.]

         [As Chion begins to read Raban suggests taking him up to Z'leyra
          for help but Unali shakes her head.  From what Z'leyra and
          others have told her of the spell there is no cure or help.
          The apprentice must have had a low defense as well.  Ben'dar
          growls at the thought of losing the apprentice and not the
          guard.  But then recalls the apprentice may have saved his life?
          If he had touched the man while the spell went off he could
          be dead right now.  He gives a kick to the guard not to hurt
          but as a painful reflex that he should be the one dead not this
          brave apprentice.]

         [As the four in the cell bump up against the wall Chion reads
          what the man says and starts over as he cites it to the group.]

         Chion: "Chion I have not heard much of you.  But I have of your
           master Correl.  He was a good teacher and friend to my own
           master.  I never told them anything of our land or defenses.
           I lost my tongue as a result.  But in doing so I lost my
           way to use magic. As you know without magic you are little
           in the domains.  My father would not have liked that after
           working so long to get me apprenticed.  My honor is gone and
           my life as a wizard is gone.  I would be of little use to
           my family now.  Maybe I could join your group as it seems
           you are here on some purpose to stop or investigate this
           place.  I may not be of much use but I can haul gear and..."
           [Chion squints and notices the next section seems to have been
           done so fast it is misspelled and hard to read.  It is as
           if he changed his thought and subject.] "Tell my parents and
           sister I loved them.  Tell them I died with some honor in
           helping ..." [hard to read] "..of this threat." [rid this place?]
           "I did it helping the High Elder.  Tell them now how I truly

         [Chion looks up in sadness.  Being from this land he knows all
          too well the loss of hands or tongue for magic users.  That
          means becoming lower class instantly.  It seems from this short
          message his father was like so many in these lands and wanted
          what was best for his son.  The shame at the thought of his
          son being captured and lowered in status might have killed him.
          Chion crumples the scroll in anger at the ways of this society
          and how they think.  The apprentice either knew of the spell
          or risks helping Ben'dar and Raban out not knowing what would
          have happened.  The apprentice must've thought he could be
          of some help now.  Chion nods knowing that maybe he might've
          helped with upper floors and tries to regain his honor but
          in that instant saving three men he regained his honor and
          his status in the eyes of his family and society.]

         [Unali unlocks the door to the cell when Caladan yells out
          in confusion.  It seems the spell effects end after almost
          two minutes.  Caladan and the other 3 exit and look a the
          dead apprentice.  It is explained as they are looked over
          for any minor wounds, but find none.]

         Caladan: "He died just like that?  That is a shame."

         [But those who know this society, Katai society and honor
          know it might not have been a shame to them.]

         [Arawn and Raban move the door body over as Arawn and Raban
          both give silent prayers.  Fremea examines the door and notices
          the black aura is gone from the door lock.  Ben'dar notices
          the key is on the ground and recalls the key never actually
          went in fully or at least it seemed that way.  Caladan asks for
          the key and inserts it into the lock but it doesn't go far as
          it seems to be the wrong one.  In fact as Raban suggested
          none of the keys fit.  That means the door was likely unlocked.
          A cruel joke by A'kril it seems.  What thief would get far
          in a room with a lock like that?  That explains also why the
          guard avoided the door itself not wanting to touch it.
          A unlocked private room who would have thought of it?]

         [Caladan uses his staff to open the door more and still no
          magic comes out.  Fremea glances around the corner and notices
          still one aura in the room but nothing shoots her head off.
          Caladan tosses the keys into the room and waits for any
          reaction but nothing happens.  In fact oddly nothing is heard.
          Confused he tosses the guard's sword into the room and no
          clank is heard.]

         Caladan: "No sound? That must be the magic.  Kill the thief at
           the door.  If its a wizard stop his magic from inside by
           not letting him speak.  The abandon magic could've confused
           him for guards to get here.  Not a huge trapped room but
           quite effective it seems.  Shall we see what is inside?"

         [Fremea and Arawn scan again but only find the one aura and
          figure it to be s silence or sound reduction spell.  Caladan
          creeps into the room and when his footfalls aren't heard he
          stops and scans the room to find no person or beast.]

         [It becomes quickly obvious the room is another storage room.
          Based on the metal walls and chests it appears to be a small
          vault.  It is 18' by 10'.  It is lit by a lantern hanging
          just inside the door and room has stone floors.  There are
          numerous chests, lockers, cabinets, barrels and containers.]

         [Arawn and Fremea scan the room for magic but only the silence
          magic seems still in place.  The containers have none so they
          are cautiously opened and inventory is taken.]

         [One locker has about 60 yards of fine wool, 80 yards of fine
          silk, fur cape, 2 fur stoles, 2 fur cloaks (one looks to be
          exceptional quality) and a fur robe.  Those who know and can
          guess value for the items it looks to be maybe 23 silver.  But
          the material is in good fine shape.]

         [One locker has 5 glass empty bottles.  It also has 2 scrolls
          that look old with text.  A box of tools it seems to be
          inside the locker and Arawn notices some look to be of Elf
          design or use.  They aren't quite metal it seems.  There is a 4'
          by 6' rug as well.  Raban notices inside the locker is a nice
          fine of 6 mugs that are jeweled and ornate design.  When
          Arawn notices them he comments they almost look to be what
          Elves might use or make.  The jewels don't seem large for
          magic or of great value but they look interesting.]

         [In one corner of the room are two small statues one of stone and
          the other of wood weighing almost 50 pounds for both.]

         [One small metal chest contains coins couple hundred brass like
          bits it seems, 150-160 gold colored coins, and probably 300
          odd silver coins.  The chest weighs about 50 pounds.]

         [A small wooden chest is empty. aside from a small wooden statue
          weighing about 15 or so pounds.  A small metal chest inside
          the wooden one contains more coins but only of the brass, silver
          and copper looking variety looking about 800 coins in total.]

         [One small wooden chest contains gems and jewelry. Five small gems
          Agate, Lapis, Amethyst, Opal, and Topaz gems.  Four medium gems
          as well - Serpentine (2), Carnelian and toadstone. A small diamond
          jewel, small jacinth jewel and toadstone medium jewel are found.
          Five pieces of small jewelry, four medium and one large tourmaline
          jewelry piece is found.]

         [One small wooden chest has 2 strange looking uniforms it seems
          but of unknown origin or design.]

         [In assorted containers there are elf made utensils, a elf non
          magical sword, horse harness, 2 broadswords, 3 bastard swords,
          9 quarrels, a flag of an unknown nation, 10 camp style lanterns,
          5 quart empty keg, 4 bucklers, 1 metal helmet, one man tent, a
          dozen or so tent poles and 3 light lances,]

         [In one chest is found some magical items.  Not detected before
          it was opened they seem to be magical items than wards.
          A flask once opened seems to smell like a potion.  There is
          a magical banded shield, a set of 9 magical darts, another
          flask of some potion. There is also a bottle of magical
          elixir in the same chest.]

        [Time: 11:30am]

        [It doesn't take long to figure out the room is a vault though
         from some ways looks to be a light vault.  Aside from the
         coins and magical items its almost too ordinary.]

        Caladan: "He died for all that?" [He shakes his head in sorrow.]

        [Once it becomes clear the basement is fully explored the party
         prepare to leave.  Caladan reminds the team to leave the vault
         door open as it might reactivate the death spell once shut.]

        [The group heads back up the stairs with the two barbarians who
         look even more confused than ever in line.  Raban carries the
         guard over his shoulder as Ben'dar and Chion help carry the dead
         apprentice upstairs.  The team heads to the main room and reports
         into Kiet and Z'leyra.]


        [In the last five minutes Kiet has been spending examining the
         items A'kril had with him.  He also inspects the material that
         the bodyguard seemed to have in hopes to gleam an idea on his
         plan for a possible magical key or blocker.  Z'leyra continues
         to scan the books and scrolls for any key to the language she
         can use to decipher it.  Corona continues to sleep after a quick
         few bites of warm bread on the sofa.]

        [The team enters the room and drops off the sleeping guard and
         the dead apprentice.  They quickly explain what they found
         with the prisoners and the basement floor.  Even though they
         mention the apprentice was checked over, Z'leyra checks him
         as well and can find no obvious wound to heal or help.  A
         magical death seems so finite.  She inspects the sleeping
         guard and only finds wounds and minor cuts from the two strikes.
         The barbarians she later checks out and only finds bruises,
         lack of eating, fleas and minor skin infections.  Something
         with time should go away.]

        [As the party exited the basement Fremea flew up to examine the
         balcony areas lead to hallways and doors.  But she sees no one.
         The guard's armor meanwhile is removed and he is tied up with the
         other sleeping guard for later talking to by friendly methods, or
         not so friendly methods.]

        [Time: 11:34am]

        Caladan: "We should head up to the second floor now."

        Actions? Comments?

        Next Update...Friday...

        GM: Based on the posts I figured the majority wanted to enter
            the room so it was done.  Original plan was to have some
            more fun with the room but that changed when it just
            didn't make sense.  :)  When thinking of the apprentice
            one must think of the mindset of the day and land.
            As to majority for stairs at this point it looks like
            main entrance is it at 3:1.  Arawn probably still has
            computer issues so can't vote.  Raban and Chion had
            plenty of time to vote. So the front stairs will be it.
            I will do the first bit of exploring in next update
            and move the game alone.

        Upper Level Exploration -

                             No Vote 
                        Main Entrance Stairs     Courtyard Stairs
            Ben'dar             X                       -
            Caladan             X                       -
            Arawn               -                       -
            Chion               -                       -
            Fremea              -                       X
            Raban               -                       -
            Unali               X                       -

        GM: Now the party has prisoners and friendly barbarians among
            the treasure to transport back.  I will publish a full treasure
            report soon.  At this point will assume all is taken unless
            stated otherwise.  Claims for personal treasure can still be
            taken.  Will update player map online with the full basement
            map (vault included).  Next update second floor is explored
            unless you guys make other plans or suggestions.  The
            death of the apprentice wasn't as noble as it sounds here
            as it was in my head.  But oh well. :)  Text can only relay
            the message so much. 

        GM: Final comments: Will assume main entrance stairs for the
            next update.  Based on this assumption will start the
            update tomorrow again.  I'm getting more DVDs this week
            so will be hit and miss work time for update.  But will
            work on it in the next few days off and on.

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