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   [From the previous post in reply to Raban and Blessings]
   “Thank you, Raban. It seems Miryan favors you for there is much power in your spell.” Smiling his thanks Arawn seemed to ponder something for a second before speaking. “You have offered Blessings to us in the past and I think, considering the danger we seem to be facing, that it might be wise to accept it now. If you are still willing that is. Strengthening the power of will and life force could serve to empower my casting ability in case such might still be needed.”
   If Raban is willing Arawn will accept a Blessing to boost Willpower and Constitution. He doesn’t want to tax Raban too much so will avoid asking for further Blessings for the time being.
   Arawn smiled thankfully when Ben’dar offered a less than aggressive approach to dealing with the guard. Unfortunately it was to no avail other than to lead to the discovery and rescue of the prisoners. As they were led out of their cells and attempts to communicate their stories made Arawn tended to their wounds. As he did so he could not help but remain wary of them, though he did not show this through any obvious action. It would seem that A’kril wrongly held them, if their stories were to be believed, but Arawn knew that if these men were of the evil or guilty sort they would likely lie as they told their tale. Normally he would have reached out to them with his powers to determine the truth but taxed as he was he chose to refrain for the time being. When there was time for the truth to be determined he could then work on the possibility of healing the men and regrowing the wizard’s lost tongue.
   As the investigation continued Arawn couldn’t help but feel a deep sadness for the violation that likely occurred within the dungeon. He did not know what the morality compass was in relation to those who currently dwelt here but it did not seem good. Evidence was piling up but Arawn still wondered if A’kril were geased to dwell here in a a particular function. With A’kril’s death he might never know.
   As the others debated the next step Arawn began to study the walls for any kind of secret panel. While he did so something seemed to gnaw at him, that same feeling that he was missing or forgetting something. It had been growing since arriving here and he decided to take a moment and meditate in hopes of recalling whatever it was. After several minutes he noticed the silent magician step to the side and begin to write vigorously. Breaking his concentration the druid was about to head his way when he saw the man rush towards the vault door. Before Arawn could raise himself from the floor the man lay dead at the groups feet. Arawn caught sight of the multiple auras that escaped the chamber and did his best to separate, identify, and then track them. (If possible- How many? What? And Where did they go?)
   Arawn prayed for Zwang’s soul. Sorry for what had happened but he couldn’t help but remain slightly suspicious. Somethings just didn’t seem to fit. If the man only knew one spell, a non-combative one at that, then how did A’kril know that he was a magician and why cut his tongue out for such a spell? Also, how did this man know about the magics on the vault door? When Chion finally read the man’s final message it did much to relieve the druid’s concerns but he could not help but wonder as to those unanswered questions.
   “It is sad to see this man depart this world in such a fashion. Perhaps when this is over we might be able to offer him another chance at life for this sacrifice. We should finish up here quickly and search the rest of the castle before disabling it. If such still needs to be done. Elementals power this place. We’ll need to identify where they are housed and find a way to release them if we are to bring this castle down from the sky.” He looked around and then back toward the stairs.
   “We should head back to Z’leyra and drop off the prisoners and items for the time being. If someone will help me I would like to bring Zwang back as well.”
   Arawn will take a moment to look over the two scrolls and attempt to read their text.
   As for items, Arawn would like to look over the statues found in hopes of discovering any writings, markings, or hidden compartments. 
   He’ll also look over the flag’s design and then study the coins. Can he identify the metals? Are there markings on them to indicate origin?
   If no one else wants them Arawn is interested in any Elvish tools. He has a sword so will pass that on to others in the party.
   Are any of the gems of enhanceable quality?
    Just trying to catch up on things right now but will be interested in looking through the books/scrolls in greater depth so will likely send another post soon.

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