[pnpgm] welcome to Fremea

Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Tue Nov 6 03:11:38 CET 2007

Z'leyra will warmly welcome Fremea saying <in Tongue of the Faerry Sidh> 
"Welcome! We are glad to have you join our group. If you wish you may 
stay at my mansion while we are at Sivas. Though I should warn you that 
I have been attacked there, apparently I have enemies that might attack 
any near me."

Z'leyra extends an invitation to all party members to guest at her 
mansion at Sivas if they wish. She does mention that apparently she has 
enemies and staying with her is not without risk..

In regards to the Claw Z'leyra will keep it in her satchel until out of 
the forest. Then she will cast OS EL0 and a Divination ELmax to 
determine if the next day she will say "Well it appears that burning the 
Claw didn't cause any problem." If so she will start a fire and burn the 
Claw. Otherwise she will keep the claw wrapped up in her satchel.

Before being teleported Z'leyra will cast OS EL0 and Divination EL0 to 
determine if she will later that day say "The teleport went fine, Thank 
you Chion." If the teleport goes fine she will say "The teleport went 
fine, Thank you Chion."

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