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Fremea bows slightly to Z'leyra, keeping her face turned just enough to show her respect.

In Faerry Sidh -
"Thank you for your invite, it would be an honor to accept as you have been so kind to extend it. As for enemies, I have my own share right now, so it maybe refreshing to have something different to deal with." She shows her face enough to see the smile cross her face.

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> Z'leyra will warmly welcome Fremea saying <in Tongue of the Faerry Sidh> 
> "Welcome! We are glad to have you join our group. If you wish you may 
> stay at my mansion while we are at Sivas. Though I should warn you that 
> I have been attacked there, apparently I have enemies that might attack 
> any near me."
> Z'leyra extends an invitation to all party members to guest at her 
> mansion at Sivas if they wish. She does mention that apparently she has 
> enemies and staying with her is not without risk..
> In regards to the Claw Z'leyra will keep it in her satchel until out of 
> the forest. Then she will cast OS EL0 and a Divination ELmax to 
> determine if the next day she will say "Well it appears that burning the 
> Claw didn't cause any problem." If so she will start a fire and burn the 
> Claw. Otherwise she will keep the claw wrapped up in her satchel.
> Before being teleported Z'leyra will cast OS EL0 and Divination EL0 to 
> determine if she will later that day say "The teleport went fine, Thank 
> you Chion." If the teleport goes fine she will say "The teleport went 
> fine, Thank you Chion."
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