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  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1 John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
     Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....NormalFaerry  Fe
  R3 Wayne Richardson/Uji..Thig..............Sidh MU.Normal/Faerry Ma
  W2 Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Bard  ..Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Orion (Paul Broman)...Trembyl...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W4 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R3 Scott Adams...........Xian..............Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  R4 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
     Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Boyzdar [Wolf] (Strie'bog),
     Game Web Site - http://www.funport.com/longshot/pbem
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     Private emails (not public actions) to longshot at darktech.org
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        From Fremea/Chion: [Re: Emailed Actions]
        GM: Lots of CCed emails.  Wasn't sure what was to be public
            or not.  So I'll paraphrase public stuff that could
            be seen or heard.  Remember to post to the list
            if you want it seen. :)  Below is what I assume
            to be public since no instructions in the emails
            were to keep things private. 

     [New Stuff]

        [Over the last three days those who get to know Fremea
         ask about her origins and past.  She simply explains she
         was once a slave in Donara made to things she did not
         want to or care to elaborate on.]

        [Chion visits her during the celebration asks her (smiling)]

        Chion: "So, you were a slave. I have a light into that world,
          having only recently become a free man. Of course I am only
          half as free as I could be, but it is for the best. I will
          make a deal with you now. So long as you travel with me I
          shall do my best to ensure your safety. And if you wish, I
          will not allow you to be enslaved again. Ever." [Chion will
          watch carefully her response to see whether she responds
          naturally or knowingly.] "I must confide, I thought Fea
          creatures would be more different."

        1Fremea keeps her eyes averted from Chion, for one he is a human
         and she was taught to not trust them, and two she was told to
         never look at people as they may take it as a threat to them.]

        Fremea: "I thank you for your kind words and your wish to make
          sure I am safe while I am with you. I will do the same with you
          as long as I can. I have learned many tricks in my time from
          those that held me and I will use them as best I can. I know
          not why you and the others treat me so kindly, though again I
          do thank you and hope that I will not be a hindrance. The Fea
          can be just as cruel to others as it seems many races can be,
          if there is a 'good' reason for it. As you can tell by my
          beauty there was a very 'good' reason that I was being used
          by many, including humans."

        [Happy that Fremea is opening up to him Chion continues.]

        Chion: "My friends and I are perhaps one of the least judgmental
          groups of people you will ever meet. We know that each of us
          have talents that can rival and definitely compliment the
          others at times. Having winged folk has been extremely
          beneficial. So beneficial that I haven't had to learn two or
          three transformation spells. You may not be aware of everything
          you can do. We don't expect you to replace Thig in all these
          things, of course. His help to the group at times was immense.
          As to your beauty, I hadn't noticed, since you rarely look up.
          something you'll learn to do soon enough... You are Fea, and
          they are all handsome so far as I have seen. Like wonderful
          ancient children. Inner beauty must be matched to outer to be
          a well balanced being. I too have done things which in hindsight
          were not as pretty as I would have liked. And I have done
          things that I have been happy about as well."

        [Looking at the ring and Chion smiles broadly.]

        Chion: "A well balanced soul is the best we can hope for
          sometimes when our life starts out contrary to how we wish it
          to end." [Yes, he is still smiling.]

        [Looking up at Chion, Femea gives her largest smile at him.]

        Fremea:  "You are very kind to someone you have meet. And I do
          look forward to our adventures." [Turning her full features to
          him (showing her impressive beauty to him),] "What, may I ask
          is the next step in the adventures?"

        [Chion stares at her face for what seems like minutes.  Those
         eyes and features are striking.  One could almost get lost
         in those features and the infinite depths of the eyes.  He
         may not tell much difference among Fae creatures but this one
         is surely striking even to him.  It almost reminds him of
         that daughter of the noble he had to deal with one time...]


        GM: Administration Info -

            1. Strie'bog -  10 points to Marentian Language
               Unali     -   6 points to Forest Survival (+1 EL)
                             4 points to Horsemanship.

            2. Website - As you may have noticed the website is new.

               A. Adventure 2 is now archived and removed.
               B. Adventure 3 is now on the backup site (see link)
               C. Adventure 4 website added.

                  1. All links checked and working.
                  2. Summary of Campaign Events and History of game
                     Link UPDATED history.  Read for more details.
                     Includes comments on adventure 2 and 3.
                  3. Characters of the Campaign
                     MASSIVE updates.  There are 40+ new characters
                     to this file.  All total over 100 characters!
                     Good for reference.  For new players your entries
                     won't be added till next adventure.  But if you want
                     to learn some minor detail about a character get
                     some time and read the file.  Kinda large file. :)
                  4. Link for Wout's site is good reference for new folks.
                  5. Links remain for the pbem mailing list and archives.
                  6. Contact and Link info - If your a new player or
                     old and need to update your email or add it let
                     me know and I'll add it to this file.
                  7. New Links - Sites and Items of the campaign.
                     Reference info on sites and items encounters so far.
                  8. People link - during game I'll update this link
                     with personalities encounters.  This is good if
                     you forget a character name and need to recall it.
                  9. Adventure 4 timeline - will update as the game goes on.
                 10. Last 3 links are short term.  The in between, new
                     player intro and status of character.

            3. As I progress on In between time and character sheet
               Updates the link at the bottom of the game site will
               be updated.  You can keep tabs on this file for updates.


         [Decalis 23rd 114th day since left Marentia, 50th day of
          Adventure #3 of the 1633rd year [TH].]
          [Location: Pavassa Forest - Sacred Forest]

         [Sunrise the next morning after the last of the Solstice
          Celebrations brings a calm to the party and to the forest.
          All but to Z'leyra and Arawn.  Both have been planning
          on investigation into the Claw.  The last 3 days Arawn
          has talked to Bohusara, Miklav and the Druids on the claw
          without giving out details on it directly.  All seem to
          say that if Z'leyra tried to use spells to learn something
          of items like the Claw then it should not be touched at
          all. Bohusara and Miklav are very adamant about it and
          do not wish disruption in the forest like with Z'leyra's
          spell failure.  Miklav's eyes glow showing his words are
          final and strong.  Yet Arawn despite warnings from Thig,
          Xian and others continues his plan.  Since Arawn is
          determined short of evicting Arawn from the entire forest
          Miklav and Bohusara's hands are tied.  If Arawn wasn't
          Alfar and with Druidic status as well he'd be forced
          to do the work elsewhere.  Arawn is aware of this as
          well of his status allowing this.  He also knows if
          things backfire and everything from scaring villages
          from miles away to the forest burning down in a blaze
          of spell glory could happen.  If that happens even
          his Alfar status likely won't save him from a nasty
          fate at the hands of Miklav.]

         [For the last three days Arawn has quietly worked behind
          the scenes to gain the blessing of the Druids and ask
          for their help.  But all refuse, though politely.  Unsure
          why they refuse he suspects the Arch Druid may have talked
          to Miklav and Bohusara, but he hasn't confirmed that.
          Z'leyra suggests to use the power of the solstice celebrations
          as added bonus to the power.  But the Druids are clear
          in that regard.  It would stray away from the god's blessing
          and intent to help the future if they divert any of their
          time to other things.  Plus if it did backfire during those
          times it could be devastating for the Vassa.]

         [Arawn thinks about the group helping as a whole in the
          spells Z'leyra and Arawn plan to cast.  But in order for
          a group to benefit in magic all must be of the same kind.
          Druids as a group.  Balance Wizards as a group.  But
          since the party has Priests, Bard, Wizards of possible
          varying alignments and a Druid that benefit would be
          minimal for magic strength.]

         [For the last 3 days Arawn has thought about communing
          with the Claw as he did with the snake hood and staff.
          Those backfired and Arawn decides at the last hour
          to back off it.  So Z'leyra will need to cast no spells
          to help him.]

         [An hour before the Claw is looked into Bohusara and
          Miklav warn the forest of any possible dangers for
          the Protectors to look at.  Ironically the sacred forest
          made by the gods could be destroyed by a son of a god.
          With the forest animals and people vaguely warned to
          look at Arawn and Z'leyra prepare in a separate area
          away from most eyes.]

         [The party wakes up to a much lighter morning feast.
          But Bohusara and Miklav make a point to give the party
          a farewell breakfast.  Bohusara pours each person
          a special rare punch from a fruit that only grows
          for a week this time of year.  Everyone but Arawn seems
          to enjoy the tangy punch.  Bohusara explains most Elves
          do not for some reason like the taste, its common.]

         [Arawn watches the party pack up and prepare their horses
          for transmutation.  He feels guilty for not going with
          them but knows he could learn a great deal here in the
          forest as well.  Plus he can be here with his kind for
          some time before Chion returns.]

         [Ben'dar comes almost 45 minutes into the breakfast a bit
          dizzy and tipsy from all the night's drinking and partying
          with Pasha.  Pasha is not seen and apparently went back
          to her village.  But the smile on Ben'dar's face clearly
          shows he had a good time the last couple days with Pasha.
          He sighs inwardly that he can't take her to his ranch and
          make her a proper woman but she has family here and maybe
          after he establishes himself in the ranch he can return
          for her.  If she doesn't find someone else before then.]

         [Chion studies Miklav with his tall staff and flowing gray
          eyes.  He wonders if he might in 30-40 years look like
          that, no eyes aside, with gray hair and a staff at his
          reach.  All his worldly possessions at reach.  Miklav
          is clearly powerful and Chion wonders if at his age
          if he lives that long if he'll be just as powerful or
          stronger.  He wonders if he is not seeing his future.]

         [Farseeker also looks a bit blood shot from drinking all
          night but less drunk than Ben'dar seems to be.  He says
          his good byes to Mertz and regrets not getting to that
          duel he wanted to see if Mertz was a worthy fighter
          but time ran out.]

         [Fremea studies the party as they pack up the treasure and
          clear the horses of saddles and gear for transmutation.
          She knows just by watching them she can study and learn
          how they act and what they value the most.  For example,
          Ben'dar clearly cares more for Tef'wo than the other
          horses.  Chion prides for his staff.  Farseeker for his
          dear weapons which he shows he feels naked without them.
          Arawn is hard to read but he seems to value being self
          confident in everything.  A trait common to Alfar.
          Unali seems laid back and more loose though she seems
          to adore her daggers.  She stands with a constant state
          of awareness but also confidence in herself. The Xian
          fellow seems hard to read as he seems to have something
          on his mind.  Z'leyra is easy to read to Fremea clearly
          she likes her pieces of gear from her medical supplies to
          other magical items.  That dependency Fremea figures can
          be her downfall in a civilized town full of thieves.]

         [Thig watches the party pack up as well clearly showing
          signs of regret.  He keeps reminding Xian of things
          his dogs Pogo and Ventrius will need or like to do.
          He goes around to each person and says one final goodbye
          and gives them a firm handshake.  He gives Trembyl,
          Farseeker and Xian scrolls to send to folks in Marentia.]

         [Trembyl above all seems to be the most eager to leave
          and return home.  Last few days he has felt a bit home
          sick for family and country.]

         [Unali packs up and feels a loss and something unfinished.
          Sure she got revenge on Pan'to but in the end the forest
          and Miklav killed him not her.  But in the end its justice.
          In the pit of her stomach she recalls how Katai is so huge
          and scary to even her growing up. She wonders if the party
          in the near future can deal with the culture shock.]

         [Xian packs up early and spends about 25 minutes talking
          privately to Miklav and Bohusara on some private matter.]

         [Z'leyra packs up her gear which takes some time.  She
          ensures the Claw is packed away with her other gear.
          For the last few months she has felt out of place.  Being
          on the plains with male dominated shamans and now here
          where it seems Druids not shamans are dominate.  Even
          back home in Marentia she is out of place where a city
          tends not to have need for shamans but do healers.  There
          she feels at home.  Maybe she can return to her own
          homeland where she would be dominate as a shaman.]


         [Arawn and Chion get to the process of transmuting the
          horses.  Each take 13 and 13 horses.  Removal of
          saddles and other gear takes time.  Z'leyra explains
          what is about to happen to the horses to calm them down.]

         [Arawn casts 7 transmutation spells.  Three work changing
          the horses into stones but four fail.]

         [Knowing he has to work on the Claw Arawn lets Chion
          take the next series of spells on the horses.  He
          will need a lot of magical energy for it.]

         [Chion casts 13 transmutation spells.  Ten convert horses
          and only 3 fail.  

         [After a few minutes of rest Chion casts four more spells
          and convert four more horses.  The last horse is Tef'wo.
          Ben'dar unclasps the collar and the horse snorts and
          stares at Ben'dar.  Ben'dar recalls the comment the
          horse made of no looking at it.  Ben'dar puts it in his
          bag and pats Tef'wo.  Chion then casts his final spell
          to convert Tef'wo to a stone.  In the last 20 minutes
          Chion has gained 5 levels in the spell.  But in
          the process he is tapped out.  He knows he has some
          magical energy in his warm to the touch staff in the
          battery to drain.  That will be what is needed to
          get the party home.  If failure the whole process will
          have to be taken up in a few weeks when energy is
          regenerated.  He smiles though and doesn't know what
          chances are now.]

         [All 26 horses are put into a bag gently mixed with
          cloth so no damage is done.]


         [After helping transmute the horses Arawn directs his
          magical spells to the Claw.]

         [Arawn seeks a Divination of his imeediate future.
          Bohusara casts the Divination as asking the Druids
          might make them aware of what's about to happen.
          She casts the spell and reports.]

         Bohusara: "Your future is unclear.  As if in a distant
           fog or mist.  I will retry."

         [Bohusara casts the spell two more times to ensure the
          results but comes up the same.]

         Bohusara: "Unclear.  I suspect the gods themselves have
           no knowledge of what is about to happen.  This is
           something I've never heard or seen before.  But
           you have been warned."

         [Arawn looks to Z'leyra as Bohusara flies away to
          safety.  Confused by the results Arawn is determined
          to investigate further.  Z'leyra pulls the claw
          from her sack and places it on the ground.]

         GM: Email said to 'seek divination'.  Not to cast
             it yourself or ask Z'leyra so took liberty.  Since
             it was unclear.  There is a reason for the
             results above and it won't be known for quite
             awhile.  Since you or Z'leyra aren't in ICQ
             at this instant I can't ask for clarification
             on the next step.  So we'll continue.

         [Arawn asks Strie'bog for ritual magic help to help
          prepare the spells.]

         Strie'bog: "The best I can do is give you a blessing.
           Since we have no idea what orientation the claw
           is I nor anyone else can properly prepare rites
           to prepare.  Sorry."

         [With that he raises his hands and waves them toward
          Arawn and with Arawn not resisting casts the words
          and blessing upon Arawn.]
         [Arawn then casts a Luck and a Purification spell onto
          the ground.]
         [For the next 10 minutes Arawn then casts a Ceremony
          spell.  Since this is all new on what type of
          Ceremony and he has no items to use in the ritual
          for the Claw he has go to on pure guesswork as what
          the ceremony might entail.  No altar as well so
          just normal grass decreases the holiness factor.
          But Bohusara refuses to let Arawn use the Faerry
          Hill's altar ground for the ceremony as it could
          wipe the Hill out if backfire.  He hopes the
          rites, words and magic cast works as he has no
          clue if it does or not in this case.]
        [Arawn then taps into more magical energy and casts
         a spell from the Eye powers group.  The words no
         one seems to understand or recognize.  He stares
         at the claw with hands on his legs in hopes the
         spell works.  Nothing.  Not even a tickle returns
         to him.  Unsure if the spell worked or not he
         feels and learns nothing from the spell.  That
         could mean spell failure or something more rare
         that this item has no supernatural influence at all.
         But how could that be?]

        [Arawn then casts Inner Revelation from his Priestly
         knowledge to gain knowledge.  He patiently waits
         for a response from the gods.  He continues to
         wait.  Nothing in reply.  Arawn's brows furrow
         in frustration.  Have the gods or even worse
         his own parents abandoned him?]

        [Arawn then takes his greatest risk.  A direct query
         to the gods through a priestly Divine spell.  He
         knows if he makes the god mad he could be dead
         in the next few seconds.  With concentration he
         casts the spell and asks the gods about the claw.
         In 3 seconds a vision forms to his mode of a black,
         white and gray fog bank like a wall.  Then it seems
         to twirl like in a storm and the fog breaks to show
         a tall brown mountain looming high above.  As quickly
         as the vision comes it leaves his mind.  Arawn
         wonders what the gods mean by his vision.  He dares
         not risk again or really make the gods upset.  Maybe
         in time the clues will show truth.  Arawn sighs and
         plans his next step.]

        Arawn now tries to talk to the claw.  For several seconds
         he casts a full Tongues spell toward the claw waving
         his arms and hands in the normal motions.  As he
         does a sizzle of energy strikes back and dances up
         his arms.  Suddenly Arawn is thrown backward onto
         the grass.  Z'leyra helps him to sit up but Arawn
         suddenly realizes he can't move both hands.  He tries
         for several seconds but nothing happens.  Z'leyra
         examines his hands but finds no wounds and sighs.
         Both know it was a likely spell failure in a bad way.
         There is little the Healer can do for him in this

        [Arawn stares at the Claw confused and exhausted.
         None of the spells work.  Just like the staff and
         other cases like Perception the spells seem to be
         deflected badly against these items.  But it could
         be worse.  He could be dead.]


        [At last its time to return home.  Thig and now the crippled
         Arawn watch as the party gather together.  Arawn has
         no feeling or control of his hands.  He can't even flex
         or move them.  He can raise his arms but with no hands
         it almost feels like spell casting might be over for the  day.]

        [Clearly something on his mind Strie'bog announces.]

        Strie'bog: "I'm staying here with mother for awhile.  I
          can return when Arawn is picked up."

        [Shocked the party says their good byes to the Bard who
         sent them to this place.]

        Farseeker: "Spending time with your mother will be good
          for her and you.  We shall see you soon."

        [The party hasn't quite got to know Strie'bog so the
         good-byes are less intense as they are for Thig.]

        GM: Sadly.  As npc for now he'll stay.  Until I get
            email from Robert.  He can return when Arawn does.

        [Bohusara, Miklav, Vel'heim, several druids, Strie'bog,
         Vassilly, Mertz, Thig and Arawn watch the party gather.]

        Miklav: "Farewell friends.  May your journey home be
          one of peace."

        Bohusara: "Thank you all for helping me, my son and the

        [No longer needing to hold hands Chion gathers the party
         and treasure around him.  Knowing that he can lift just
         over a ton with him he casts the long spell.  It takes
         almost 30 seconds to cast the words.  In a blue haze
         the party disappears and travels 500 miles and appears
         in Caladan's village.  The circle Chion designated as
         a teleport site link.  With a gasp the party catches
         their breath.]

        [Decalis 23rd]
        [Time: 10:08am]

        GM: Well that's enough update for now.  The party is
            now on the Zen'da plains.  The party can say
            hi to Caladan and spend some time here before
            going onto Marentia.  Monday I will give mana
            status.  But at this point Chion and Arawn are
            almost tapped out.  Arawn will not have full use
            of his hands for 5 full hours to come.
            More information and details to come on Monday.
            The claw stuff and spell management took a ton
            of time to do the update.

        Actions? Comments?

        Next update Monday...

       GM: Fremea, Arawn, Thig, Strie'bog are in the Vassa Forest.
           Everyone else is on the Zen'da plains.
       GM: Remember the 23rd/24th no spells or skills should be
           planned as this is sorta catch up days.  Teh 25th
           is the start of the in between time so stuff cna
           happen then.  Ran out of time for this one.  I wanted
           to do more detail on the claw, goodbyes and such.
           But this is good for now.  Stay tuned...


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