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  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R3 Balrog................Balrog............Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R4 Tom Crockett..........Caladan...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  R1 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Sergi Sallent.........Jordi.............Wizard..Normal/Elf    Ma
  R4 Tim Falkenberg........Malradh ben Kasha.Merc....Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Wayne Richardson/Uji..Thig..............Sidh MU.Normal/Faerry Ma
  Do Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Artist..Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Orion (Paul Broman)...Trembyl...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R3 Scott Adams...........Xian..............Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
     Animals: Ventrius/Pogo Thig's dogs, Firesnake of Caladan's,
       Z'Leyra's Eagle, 2 Draft Horses, Wolf - Boyzdar
       6 Captured Zen'da Horses
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     Admin notes:  Part 2 - Adventure #2 - Epilog. 
     [New Stuff]

            [Days earlier when the Claw was inspected by Strie'bog...]

            Strie'bog: [Strie'bog looks to Xian, and then to the others
              in the tent,] "The knowledge is forbidden.  It was as if
              the gods were discussing what they could tell, then one
              voice spoke that it was forbidden.  Never before have I
              received such a reply.  I do not know if it is forbidden
              for the gods to speak of it, or if it is forbidden for the
              children of the Earth to know of it.  As there is magic
              that can penetrate the deepest mysteries, I fear it is
              that the gods do not speak of it."  He pauses, "I know
              of no story of this claw, but my mother is far wiser than
              I.  Perhaps she or her priests may know why the gods claim
              this is forbidden."

            Thig: "This is not good.  There was once a faerry in the
              Wild Forest.  She was said to have supernatural intelligence.
              She had beliefs that most Faerry in the forest and homeland
              scoffed at.  She believed that there were places even the
              gods don't have reach.  Beyond the three worlds.  She
              thought there were places and beings they could not even
              interfere with.  She was laughed at for years until she
              came across a legend of an item in a far land.  The
              legend reported wizards could not get information on it
              for many many years.  She died before the object was
              discovered and found over a hundred years later.  The
              Faerry did as we did to learn the details of the object.
              But they failed.  Many tried Faerry, Elf and Human
              alike.  No one could learn the details. It was later
              archived for another few decades.  Then someone learned
              the object was found on an island where folks said it
              appeared outside a portal with a dead body.  the portal
              had just shown up and left.  The Faerry of course thought
              this story to be nonsense.  But now I wonder if it
              is true.  We have seen recent evidence.  There." [He
              points to Corona] "The eagle and Lady Varo.  She
              said she could not enter our world.  What world could
              she have come from? Yet the Eagle came here through
              a portal.  We stepped through but she could not.
              Could there be more worlds than the three worlds?
              Much of the Upper and Lower Worlds is not known to even
              us much less the humans.  Now we hear the words from
              Strie'bog that the gods couldn't even tell us.  Does that
              mean the spell failed?  I don't think so.  I think
              even they couldn't tell us the information because they
              didn't know.  This also explains why Z'leyra spoke in
              those guttural tones when she tried.   If this Claw
              is foreign to our world then the gods may not know its
              true potential.  Maybe that's another reason we should
              keep an eye out for it.  Further research is needed."


           [On day 65 near sunset Strie'bog has his vision ritual.  The
            last one in a series of vision quests that had some come
            true and others show nothing.  The visions of Farseeker,
            Ben'dar and Z'leyra are unsettling and confusing.  Strie'bog
            knows this when he starts his ritual.  He expects nothing...]

           [But comes out shocked and surprised.  As if something inside
            him is pulling him to the truth of the vision.  He spends
            time in the lodge before exiting.  When he does he finds
            himself in twilight as the sun is all but down.  The party
            has gathered around the tables again for dinner.  The
            party talk among themselves as Strie'bog walks up with
            Boyzdar in tow.  Even Boyzdar seems to sense something
            wrong in Strie'bog.  

           GM: Below is Strie'bog's post.

           [He looks around at the people who he has traveled with for
            so many month.  Showing the proper respect, he leaves the
            tipi and steps outside into the cool night air.  He goes
            and strokes Bodyzar, speaking softly to the wolf as he waits
            for the others to finish their visions.]

           Strie'bog: "Friends," he starts as everyone recovers, "a
             disturbing vision came to me, and I feel deep inside of me
             that the spirits were speaking."  Unable to resist a dramatic
             pause, Strie'bog continues, first looking toward Z'leyra
             "Like an eagle, I soared over the land to the great forests
             of the north.  There I saw a brown eagle diving and flying
             among the trees until it spied a clearing with a crystal
             clear pool.  As the eagle descended in gentle circles toward
             the pool, a transformation took place.  The clear water
             became as the slime which the priestess in the fortress
             created, and the trees, once verdent, became withered,
             twisted and lifeless.  Deep within is a dread that the
             spirits are telling me that my mother's condition has
             become worse, and that the Great Northern Forest dies from
             this unhealed wound.  Strong is the urge to return to the
             sacred woods, and I feel that the spirits want this of me."

           [Balrog leans to Trembyl and whispers.]

           Balrog: "What's verdent?"

           [Trembyl shushes Balrog as Strie'bog continues.]

           Strie'bog: Looking around, "you have all proved yourselves to
             be skilled healers, warriors and wizards.  I am new to your
             company, but your are the ones whom I trust as friends
             outside of the great forest. Would you come with me to see
             if your knowledge and skill can heal my mother and save the
             great forest?"

           [Trembyl asks of Strie'bog's mother's illness.]

           Strie'bog: "It seems a wasting disease, but one which we have
             found no cure. It started after my father was slain.  The
             forest mourned his passing,  even as the people honored the
             sacrifice he had made to save my  mother's life."  Strie'bog
             stops for a moment, "I was not at the  battle where my
             father gave his life, but it is said that he stood  as a
             beacon of the Lords of Balance, absorbing the very essence
             of  the evil that sought to invade the Great Forest."  He
             says a prayer,  then looks back at Trembyl.   "Those who
             serve the forest have said  that the death of my father
             has wounded her heart, and that she  withers from this
             loss.  Even with the love he holds for my mother,  his
             sacrifice makes it impossible for him to be returned to
             this  existence.  In a vision, it was seen that I might
             find a cure if I  were to travel into the world."  With a
             wry smile, "it is difficult,  no, dangerous, for me to
             travel the world, but it is something I  must do for my

             Looking at Trembyl again, "if there is anything you know
             or could do that could help my mother, I would be grateful."

           [The party listens to the words of Strie'bog.  Silence falls
            the tables as he speaks.  Many are unsure of the meaning
            behind some of Strie'bog's words as they leave more questions
            than answers each person considers his words.  The party
            has only known Strie'bog for little over a few months.
            Minutes seem to pass as each person considers his words.
            Then the silence is broken.]

           Balrog: "This vision sounds awful but how can we be sure
             it will really happen or is happening?"

           Cetric: "The visions by the spirits don't always guarantee
             the visions will come to pass.  The future is fluid like
             a river as I was told by my shaman teacher.  Clearly
             my vision of invaders to the plains could be true but
             not true.  You invaded but weren't invaders to
             conquer.  The Bova invaded to attack but were stopped.
             Does that mean the vision was helpful or came true?
             Its all up for interpretation."

           Caladan: "The vision sounds like a metaphor.  If you are
             worried about your mother then maybe the spirits only
             helped to drive that emotion for some purpose."

           Farseeker: "I don't think so.  I think the spirits are
             trying to warn Strie'bog."

           Kasha: "Your religious?  I never saw that in you."

           Farseeker: "No.  Not really.  But this is a gut feeling.
             I do believe fate is strong in the world.  Fate plays
             a vital role in our lives.  I don't think we came here
             just to help Caladan.  I suspect fate played a big role.
             Fate is working again with the vision he has.  If I
             know my geography Strie'bog's lands...the forest...he
             comes from is just north of here.  That is a convenient
             thing.  I'm ready to go with Strie'bog.  Even if this
             is folly and the forest is safe it can't be more than
             a couple weeks out of our way."

           Xian: "but winter is coming and we could be trapped here
             on the plains or the forest if a blizzard comes." [He
             thinks it over.] "But I'm willing to take that risk.
             I'll go as well."

           Trembyl: "This illness sounds something from the heart.
             That may not be easy to cure.  There are times when
             a heart can break physically if a loved one dies.
             Its clear when a husband loses a wife in old age.
             The husband will die soon afterwards of sorrow.  If
             your mother is that sick there may not be much to do.
             But i'm willing to give it a chance and see.  Maybe
             Z'leyra can help out if she joins us."

           Thig: "This vision sounds like a dream a wizard had in
             Donara I've heard.  He dreamed the kingdom became
             gray and withered.  The kingdom would die.  Soon
             afterwards because of magic he wrongly used the small
             kingdom was ruined.  Famine and disease spread.
             Soon the population was cut by 2/3rds.  By his own hands
             he caused the vision to occur.  In this vision though
             I believe we won't cause this forest disaster.  But
             you must be careful not to cause it."

            [As the party continues to discuss the vision Strie'bog
             feels warm even though the cold night air is swift.
             As he eats with his Balalika to his side it seems as
             if his internal strength is building or maybe his
             own connection to the forest is calling him?]


            [Soon at dinner talk of the claw comes back up again.]

            Z'leyra asked: "Any further suggestions about the Claw?"

            Strie'bog: "My mother is very wise, and her memory is long.
              She may know more about the Claw than we can discover with
               the resources at hand.  It may be dangerous, especially if
               the forest is weakening, but many in this land now know
               of the claw and at least some of its powers. Stories will
               spread, and others may come here seeking it.  Let the
               stories say that it was taken away from these lands.  I
               am sure our friends here can convince any that come that
               the band took the claw to a wise man in the...," he looks
               around, "to the east.  That will at least throw the casual
               hunter off the track."  Strie'bog considers what he just
               said, "but if we take it, we must find a way to keeping it
               so that it is not a temptation.  There are as many stories
               of people becoming corrupt as there are grains of wheat in
                a field.  I do not know if this item is evil in and of
                itself, but temptation of power can lead to a grave
                fall."  He brightens, "still, I think we should find a
                way to take it with us in the hopes that it can either
                be destroyed or hidden."

            [Ben'dar's mind races back to his vision as he hears
             these words...]

            Trembyl: "I agree.  I was for destroying it.  But if
              it is an alien thing we don't know what that could
              do if we destroy it without knowledge.  If one is
              to use or study it then another person should be
              there to watch the other."


            [As the final loot is gathered Ben'dar put back the
             Fur Cloak but Strie'bog spots it and takes it for
             himself.  It might be fancy but oddly enough it
             fits him well and will keep the cold at bay.]


            [As dinner starts to end the children and women head
             to their tipis for night chores or early bed.  This
             time of the year sleep is almost the only thing to
             do at times.  The warriors stay up and continue to
             arm wrestle or talk about battles or such.  The party
             ends dinner with a few warm mugs of ale around the
             warm campfire.  Soon a uneasy tension seems to stir
             among the party as silence comes.  The only noise heard
             is the distant warriors some 100 feet away at their
             various spots around the camp. The flicker of the logs
             as they burn is finally broken by Balrog who stands.]

            Balrog: "Listen.  Strie'bog.  I like you and I wish I
              could help you out.  But to go north into even colder
              lands I'm unsure of based on a vision.  I almost died
              a few days ago.  Well ok.  I did die really.  Course
              so has Farseeker and a couple others.  But they are
              used to it.  I've been on this adventuring kick for
              half a year now.  But I've seemed to have lost my
              nerve for the wilderness and vampire aspects of it.
              I'm a simple thief...well...ex-thief...who is used
              to city life.  I need to return to Marentia on the
              boats." [He looks down in shame] "I hope this doesn't
              offend or disappoint you.  But if you are going north
              the treasure should be secured and go back to Marentia."

            Xian: "Will you join us in the future?"

            Balrog: "Maybe.  I just need to get back home and get
              things straight in my life."

            [Everyone eyes the young 19 year old small fighter.  It
             is no big surprise the last few days since the big
             battle in the Castle he has seemed to change.  Maybe
             he need to just center himself.]

            [Jordi stands and says he needs to return to Marentia
             as well.]

            [Kasha stands as well.]

            Kasha: "I do wish to join the trip up north.  This
              wilderness stuff is nothing to me.  But I have
              a feeling we'll need to sell the treasure.  I have
              contacts that can do us a good deal.  Moneylender
              friends can even do the currency exchange at a lesser
              cost than most moneylender.  My friend will do this
              for me and sell the stuff including the weapons with
              no questions.  He is used to it.  Besides Balrog will
              need help protecting the treasure."

            Xian: "We will miss the three of you."

            Kasha: "Ben'dar, Z'leyra do you want your shares sent
             to your homes?  Unali I can send your share to the Aren
             estate for safe keeping.  For others I may have my
             friend store in his vaults."

            [Minutes pass and Caladan stands with his Firesnake in
             his arms.]

            Caladan: "Like Balrog I had my problems in the castle."
              [He says no death as other warriors are hearing and
              the mystique of his "accident" are still hidden from
              the tribe] "But I am still weak.  Cetric suspects it
              could take another month before I will be able to
              run at my past speed.  I'm doing better daily but
              there are setbacks at times.  Besides father wishes
              me to remain.  I have been gone for so long I should
              stay and help the tribe with the grave cleanup and
              the blue bug cleanup.  I feel I would be a burden
              if I joined in this trip.  Maybe in the spring I
              will return to Marentia."

            [Gib'borah looks at Caladan in surprise.  Durge
             scowls and Gidwani smiles.  Cetric nods.  Its clear
             Gib'borah was not expecting this result.]

           Actions? Comments?

           Next update Friday...

           Well that's Adventure #2.  Roll the Credits and Ending
           music score.  Friday we will start Adventure #3.
           In an attempt to reduce party size I've reduced the
           party by Balrog, Jordi, Caladan and Kasha.  I had thought
           about removing Thig as well.  But this should be smaller
           group to manage.  Friday's update will be #1.  I will
           then have figures on movement and such like that.  I
           have a general outline of the Adventure to work on and
           so gotta work on the details.  It should be shorter
           than this one I hope.  In fact let's look at some stats:

            Adventure   Number of Updates    Start    End   length
                #1            327            6/99     2/05 68 months
                @2            137            3/05    11/06 20 months

            So we'll see if #3 is shorter :) Oddly enough #1 had
            533 files this one 521 files.  Go figure?

            If there is anything I need to improve.  Change.  Fix.
            Let me know.  I assume everyone will be in the next
            adventure.  I emailed Jordi several times but no reply.
            Sadly he was going to be the center of Adventure #8 or
            so.  But guess he lost interest.

            Loot will be sold by friday and sums reported.  I will
            then add sums to char sheet.  As stated books and scrolls
            of importance will go to Kaylle for study.  

            If you want orders to be given to anyone in Marentia
            (ranch, manor, etc.) you can post them for Kasha and
            the others to return.

            Hope you enjoyed this adventure....for it continues...

     Adventure #1 on Game Website will be removed by Friday.  Will
     keep #2's site up and have a new fresh/clean #3 site with
     some summary links and such.

    Final loot report on website what will be sold (minus the
    claimed ruby and magic items).

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