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Tue Nov 28 06:54:26 CET 2006

  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R3 Balrog................Balrog............Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R4 Tom Crockett..........Caladan...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  R1 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Sergi Sallent.........Jordi.............Wizard..Normal/Elf    Ma
  R4 Tim Falkenberg........Malradh ben Kasha.Merc....Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Wayne Richardson/Uji..Thig..............Sidh MU.Normal/Faerry Ma
  Do Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Artist..Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Orion (Paul Broman)...Trembyl...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R3 Scott Adams...........Xian..............Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
     Animals: Ventrius/Pogo Thig's dogs, Firesnake of Caladan's,
       Z'Leyra's Eagle, 2 Draft Horses, Wolf - Boyzdar
       6 Captured Zen'da Horses
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        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          Z'leyra sees that both Unali and Chion would like the Sapphire
          Ring and offers "Both of you have something that I could further
          ensorcel to boost attributes. While I cannot boost them as much
          as this ring could boost dexterity, <but I can boost an attribute
          more than the ring boosts agility> I can provide more boost in
          total if split amongst three attributes. Perhaps the one that
          doesn't take the ring could get these boosts."

          "I offer to enhance the sapphire in the ring...I enjoy getting
           enhancing fine things. If both of you choose to take my offer
           I suggest that someone else in the party take and wear the ring.
           I myself would refuse to take the ring as it would conflict
           with an attribute boosting ring I have already made for myself."
           <She holds up a hand with several rings on her fingers.>

           "If I enhance the sapphire in the ring it would leave open the
            possibility that I could add other enchantments to the sapphire
            sometime in the future, if asked."
        GM:  Ack.  Thanks.


        From Chion: [Re: Actions]
          Hearing the words that Unali says says the following, "Perhaps
          we should discuss our desires for the ring amoungst ourselves
          and not within the party. It is clear that the magic it holds
          enhances both our fighting and survivability. There is no reason
          that we should not be able to figure something out. To the party
          I would only state that there should be no question that I have
          first choice and would take the ring over the necklace if not
          for something else of value being offered." And with that he
          will motion for her to walk beside him over to a clear area
          apart from the group where they may talk.

          In the clearing (because hey, everyone will hear of it eventually
          - a group of friends this size... no secrets here) Chion will
          converses with Unali, "It is very powerful. It is a hard thing
          not to get angry when one should. It is a burden not bearable
          by all.

          You and I share respect for this burden. Your ability not to
          hate people different from you is in no question and I appreciate
          that about you greatly.

          Likewise I think that no one's courage is in question in this
          group." Adding, "Interestingly enough the Ruby and the Sapphire
          share qualities which make this all mute. Except for the
          enhancement of physical attributes which it has we would
          probably not even be discussing this. I already have an amulet
          which enhanced my flexibility slightly. I would like to replace
          it with an item like this which would make me keenly agile
          rather than, as some in the party seem to see me, big and
          bulky. I would offer you the amulet I have (+8 AGI and I think
          it is imm lvl 3 to earth powers) as well as the ruby necklace
          if you are so inclined to have it at all. I am not inclined to
          draw lots for this item, but I awate your reply."
        GM: Ack.

        From Ben'dar: [Re: Actions]
          Ben'Dar also thanks Gib'borah for the talismans of friendship.

          He nods to Cetric's invitation and says, "Yes, I have never
          had a vision quest, but I would like to try."
        GM: Ack.

        From Chion: [Re: Actions]
          Chion listens to Unali speak:

          "We agree we are both courageous, brave and mostly fearless.
          I fear Z'Leyra will not be able to enhance the ruby further as
          it has already been worked (sorry, I just had to go re-read
          the spell, eh? She can enhance it but not enchant it per the
          description of the spells). I doubt we will find an item of
          its quality for some time. I desire the ring as rememberance
          of the castle. It will always remind me of the choice I made,
          whomever keeps it. I do desire to keep it for this added reason,

          As to the amulet, I do think that any other person in our group
          could use its protections. Had Caladan had it he may not have
          taken his trip to the other side.

          As far as compassion and understanding are concerned I would
          ask you not to comment upon what you do not know of me. Having
          more than is due is also a failing."
          .... and the conversation continues ....
          If she asks him directly why he thinks he has "first dibs" Chion
          will state, "I left a note to that effect. They knew it, now you
          know it."
        GM: Ack. 

        From Unali: [Re: Actions]
          Unali answers:
          "So you try to woe me with an item just as powerful and
           practical as the ring, and now you tell me it is not. What
           kind of trickery is this. If your preference for the ring
           lies purely in the memories, you could always admire the
           ring as it shines from my fingers. I expect that we will
           travel a lot more together, so you won't be often out of
           sight of the ring and you will be constantly reminded of
           the memories you are so fond of."

           "I could claim a stake of everything if I believed that the
            world is mine, but I do not expect that any of us would honor
            such a claim. Ah well, probably a megalomaniac man would, but
            even then I doubt we should honor such a claim. We are all
            in this together and there are no special rights. We can
            always ask the group how they feel, and let them decide."

            [We could go on for a few more rounds, and I think it would
            add little. In the end Unali will settle for the Ruby and see
            if Z'leyra can enhance it. Any enchantments to increase
            characteristics probably have to be added to the sheath, if
            Z'leyra is indeed willing to do so.] 
        GM: Ack.  It could go to a party vote.  So take ruby and let
          Chion have Ring.  Gotcha.  

        From Chion: [Re: Actions]
          Chion engages Unali, "You mistake what I said for what you
          heard. And I would have better luck wooing a cow than you, if
          I could not return to my homeland in an instant when the wooing
          mood struck me. Anyway, my preference with the ring lies
          primarily with the choice, not the memory. If I should forget
          the choice I would do us all a dis-service. And, while I have
          little doubt that you would wear a man's ring well (Chion
          raises an eyebrow with the verbal tit-for-tat, finally entering
          into her frayed conversation), if the choice to seize power
          comes upon you I would hope that you would seek to a lesser one.
          Failing that pick, I will graciously allow you the ring, and
          then we can share in a choice chosen opposite each other. Am I
          to presume the treasure is yours or mine?"
        GM: Ack.  So what ?  Your going to share the ring now?  OR
          are you giving it to her?
        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          Since Z'leyra wasn't the one who originally cut the ruby she
          will be able to do little more than enhance it. Same goes for
          the sapphire. She won't be able to cast further magics into
          the ruby or sapphire.The items she did make she will be able
          to further enchant. She also has several belts she made that
          she can enchant further.

           Z'leyra helps those that ask her with suggestions, advice and
           with actions.

           Z'leyra volunteers for the vision quest.

           She also volunteers to go to the great northern forest to
           help and heal if she can.

           "Any further suggestions about the Claw?"
        GM: Ack. 

     [New Stuff]

           GM: Wow. Who'd think a simple ring would be such a hot item.
             This is where the medium of email and such has a problem.
             Dickering over the item takes a long time.  In a table
             game this discussion would be over in 10-15 minutes.  Usually
             as a GM I flip coins, have them arm wrestle, fight to the
             death (well maybe not) for items.  Usually when a hot item
             like the Ring comes up I print out on slips of paper the
             info and give each player a copy to turn over at the same
             time and first come is first dibs.  Z'leyra was kind enough
             to help resolve the issue by her magic.  The above was
             done publicly.  I believe several emails went back and
             forth and I got a couple CCed to me on this matter.
             The issue of First Dibs has come up.  The Ring was Ezams.
             When Chion teleported high above the mountain it fell to
             earth.  Since Chion did kill Ezam and found the ring
             technically first I believe that's where he is coming from
             rather than finding it in a room.  There has been some
             horse trading of ruby over the ring and amulets for the
             ring. It is possible I could've missed an email or two
             between Chion, Z'leyra and Unali.  But I hope not.  I
             hope I got a full picture on the discussion.  Let's remember
             also that magic items can conflict and in some cases override
             other items by their powers.

             In reviewing the email/discussion I came across this in

            "..than the necklace after such enchantments are placed on
             it, so be it. Then I will take the fire of the earth and
             you can wear the freedom of the forest on your hand. And
             keep your amulet to shield from falling rocks, as it would
             do neither of us any good. Maybe there is another man here
             that could use it...."

            That is from Unali.  Do I then take it that Unali has
            officially given up claim to the ring and will take
            the fire (ruby?) and Chion take the sapphire ring?  Please
            clarify if I mis-read this.  If this is the case then the
            conflict is over.  If not we'll have to dicker some more.  :)

           GM: I'm glad you two were able to work this out with
             civilized tones.  I know the powerful item is a hot one.
             As a player I might've said give it to Unali since Chion
             had claimed the ruby and has his powerful staff.  But
             as a GM I can't be that biased or I feel I shouldn't.
             So I don't want to make the decision for you guys.  I
             hope you understand this.  Maybe when the next hot item
             comes about around adventure 4 or 5 Unali will get the
             benefit of the first choice there? :)  I'm a strong
             believer in balance in everything.  If one item is powerful
             there should be a drawback.  If a person gets more and
             more toys or skills or powers he should be balanced with
             not the typical 8 hpv npc but a pc class character to
             deal with him.  In one way giving the ring would give
             balance to Unali by looking at both characters objectively.
             But like I said I won't make that choice.  I'm glad you
             two came to a decision or so it seems if I read the above
             correctly :)  (I hope).

           GM: This would mean the items go to -
             Magic Dagger - Ben'dar
             Magic Ring   - Chion
             Ruby Necklace- Unali [Enhanced by Z'leyra]

             If I'm reading the above wrong please let me know.  I hope
          no one is disappointed by the decision and it makes issues
          later down as it could make conflict between characters.  Not
          everything is "known" in my universe.  Even perception might
          not find that a item is cursed always.  A magic Ring owned
          by a vampire?  Would one really want it?  Would it maybe
          be a beacon to other vampire?  A cursed item?  I even thought
          about doing a King Solomon thing and halving it to see who
          wanted it more :)  Oh well.  I'll hush now :)

          GM: All right with today's posts 11/27 this means Unali
           has officially taken the Ruby in exchange for giving the
           Ring to Chion.  So the above doesn't need to be confirmed.
           Glad it was resolved.  I did the above yesterday before
           today's emails flew in.  Too lazy to edit :)  With Chion's
           post today it seems he'll "allow" the ring.  Unsure if this
           means he gives the ring or shares it?  Chion?


          GM: Last chance to claim treasure is Friday.  After that things
            will be sold in future-spec.  I'll then have a party share
            total to add to each sheet but it will be in Moneylender
            houses in Marentia.  The books and scrolls will likely be
            shipped to Kaylle in Malnon to be studied and translated.
            If he finds them useful he will keep if not he will likely
            buy off with the library's funds or his own funds.


          GM: Character sheet update -
            Heard from Strie'bog on CPs so gotta work on it.  
            About 5% done with Z'leyra's.
            Those are the only 2 that are left.  Hope to be done
            by Friday.


          [Chion's changes are in muscle mass as well.  He seems stronger.
           He also seems more eloquent in speaking than he did when
           he started with the party.  He is fully healed by day 61.]


          [As the last few days come about Cetric has offered the party
           the honor of a Vision Ritual.  Some take him up on his

          [Balrog is hesitant but after he sees others do it and come
           out well he finally wishes to do one.  For him though
           its more a factor of wanting to the know the immediate
           future and his place in it.  unfournately no vision comes
           to him through the smoke.  Three hours later he exits
           in a disappointed walk.]

          Thig: "So?"

          Balrog: "Nothing.  Not even a different color.  That's my
            future.  Nothing...." [He turns to wander off by himself.]

          [Ben'dar accepts the vision quest.  Cetric personally
           prepares the smoke with another warrior in the lodge. The
           sun is high in the sky about 3pm.  The lodge is dark with
           the blankets covering the open walls.  Only light filtering
           in through the roof hole is seen but it is diffused from
           the smoke.  the fire pit roars high and soon the smoke blocks
           out much of the light.  From the design of the wooden structure
           the size of 3 peasant homes it seems designed to filter the
           smoke in swirls around the pattern.  A skill or technique the
           civilized world don't seem to understand or know.  Cetric
           explains to everyone the ritual could take hours to see anything.
           Its common to be 3 hours or as long as 8 hours.  It all depends
           on the person and his beliefs and how the spirits deal with
           him or her. A little over an hour into the ritual Ben'dar's
           muscle begin to cramp as he sits indian style on the lodge
           floor staring at the pit.  Anger, disappointment, confusion
           and distractions come through his mind.  He thinks about the
           ranch, the claw, Tef'wo, his people, how stupid this ritual
           really seems to be and nothing is happening and even a girl
           he meet in the village.  Cetric did explain it helps to
           have a blank mind in the ritual but Ben'dar tries to concentrate
           as best he can.  Suddenly as he stares into the fire with
           smoke filled tears the smoke seems to turn green and a strange
           hue of brown.  Ben'dar's interest picks up and he tries to
           clear his mind.  Another 10 or 15 minutes later suddenly the
           smoke seems to clear and part.  The light above seems to fade
           and a picture forms.  As if the camera of a movie turns and
           twists the picture shows a wide open area which looks just
           like the plains.  The sun is seen but the image swiftly seems
           to fly over what could be miles of terrain.  then as quickly
           a village is seen.  the image seems to slow down as warriors
           are mounting horses, preparing weapons and those already
           mounted are moving into position.  The Image seems to circle
           the village from all sides.  then it moves to the head of
           the line of warriors and there on a brown horse sits Ben'dar
           with dragon fangs and wolf skin.  With one hand he raises
           a spear and seems to speak loudly but there is no volume
           in the image.  The image then turns as if seeing where Ben'dar
           is seeing.  The image then shifts fast to that direction
           and over more plains.  There in the distance is a small band
           of warriors.  Numbers are hard to tell but it could be 50?
           All the riders seem to be riding fast.  The image closes into
           the other side's leader apparently.  First it shows the horse
           a coal black horse with long mane.  Ben'dar gasps when he
           sees the necklace Tef'wo wears and this horse must be Tef'wo?
           The image shifts to the rider who is wearing chain and carrying
           a heavy sword in his sheath.  But as the image rolls upward
           to the face smoke swirls inward and the image quickly fades.

           Ben'dar gasps for air as he seems to have forgotten to breathe.
           He has never seen a vision quest before.  What does this mean?
           Cetric did say it could be fact or it could be symbolic?
           The smoke fades from brown and green to white and gray.  It
           continues to boil upward as the light comes back into the
           lodge.  Ben'dar looks around and sees no one else here and
           that means only he saw the vision.  He stands and exits with
           some hesitation.  Could there be more visions?  Somehow he
           doubts it....]

          Farseeker: "You ok?  You look green.  Did you see something?"

          [Ben'dar looks at Farseeker and wonders if he should tell
           him or not....]


          [Caladan explains that he has had a couple of rituals
           before and has not seen anything worth talking about.
           Only a white albino eagle in the sky.  He doesn't
           join in the rituals this time.]


          [Jordi, Kasha, Thig and Xian try to join in the rituals.
           At 3, 4, 6 and 3 hours each they exit in disappointed
           manners not seeing anything.]


          [Trembyl does not join in.  He explains to Cetric.]

          Trembyl: "Being an illus-- I mean having the ability to
            show...I mean I have a ..talent for not seeing visions.
            For some reason the gods gave me the power to see
            through visions.  Even such as these.  I doubt I
            would see anything."

          [He didn't want to explain being an Illusionist as that
           was one trick he used during his Dagger Test.  While
           Cetric wouldn't get upset it would be best not to explain
           how Trembyl passed the test...]


          GM: Chion and Unali didn't say if they were going to do the


          [Strie'bog does take in the Ritual and enters the lodge.
           After 2.5 hours he exits with a even greener face.]

          GM: His vision is emailed per his request.


          [Farseeker removes his weapons and heavy armor.  He feels
           naked doing so as he enters the Lodge.  Three warriors
           are there stacking new firewood.  He becomes sad when
           he thinks the firewood wasted in this ritual could be used
           this winter.  But he assumes they have a good supply likely
           from the north woods.  He rather not refuse their hospitality
           so he sits down indian style and waits for them to leave.
           Two hours into the ritual he begins to tire and gets sleepy
           from the hypnotic fire.  But another 5 minutes later the
           smoke seems to turn into a static blue as if charged with
           lightning.  Farseeker wakes up fully and clears his mind.
           The smoke seems to build and build up faster than it can
           seem natural.  It clouds everything the lodge and soon only
           gray and white is seen in a dense fog.  Farseeker begins
           to cough but then finds the fog clear.  Farseeker finds
           himself walking on a rough terrain that could be hills or
           mountains?  Maybe plains?  It looks near sunset.  He is
           carrying a bloody great sword and sees his armor damaged
           and blood stained.  He turns and around him are numerous
           bodies.  Maybe 30-40.  Also among the bodies seem to be
           black rods or staffs or pieces of wood.  its hard to tell.
           Among the bodies are also dead black snakes?  He looks around
           and for yards and yards in the twilight sees no one else
           alive but him.  He looks for friends but sees just bodies
           in various shapes.  No one seems familiar.  He begins to
           turn as if in a panic and checks the bodies each one.  After
           the 9th body he comes up across a shaven man with no face
           or head hair.  He seems red faced with tattoos all over his
           body and arms.  He backs away and checks bodies.  This
           seems to go on and on..until the smoke boils back over and
           the fog creeps back in.  Farseeker sits and stares.  He begins
           to breathe and try to understand the vision.  The fog clears
           just to the fire pit.  Another 45 minutes when no other
           vision comes he exits the lodge dazed and confused.]

           Xian: "See anything?"

           Farseeker: "Just a battle site.  With bodies."

           Xian: "Not much of a vision.  Do you recognize the site?"

           Farseeker: "No.  So it could be in the future?  I don't know.
             It could be just symbolic in nature.  Who knows.  too bad
             we can't ask the gods about these visions but that might
             be asking for double jeopardy."


           [Z'leyra wishes to enter into a vision quest.  Unlike the
            others it seems the spirits come to the lodge quickly
            with the great incense burning.  It only takes 35 minutes
            before the smoke clears to a crystal clear view.  From
            white smoke to coal black the image looks as if its night.
            It takes about 2 minutes before it seems like the image
            is moving and shifting.  When Z'leyra's eyes adjust she
            sees what could look like walls of buildings moving
            back at a walking or running pace.  Then the image
            rounds a corner and a street at night is seen.  A
            veiled figure in black comes into the scene around
            the corner as if walking through the vision.  Only
            the dim lights of closed windows of a house nearby
            shines on the street.  What could be a shop is seen
            to the right but dark.  The veiled man who is very
            tall turns and for the first time the image shows his
            face but it is covered in a cowl.  Only blue eyes
            or rather the flicker of a set of blue eyes is seen.
            Nothing else is seen by the image.  The veiled man
            turns and a man appears walking toward him.  the
            man is short and seems to be dressed in fine silks and
            carrying a short sword in a sheath.  The man stops
            uncertain of the figure and looks around then approaches.
            The man speaks Donaran which Z'leyra seems to know.
            "Is it done?".  The man speaks in a tongue Z'leyra does
            not but it looks like he nods.  The shorter man then
            with a slight hand gives the veiled figure a coin bag.
            The veiled figure simply pockets it in his dark robe
            without counting it.  The Veiled man speaks more words.
            The short man replies "Ticasi?  Why?".  More words are
            spoken.  "No.  We will get back to you on her.".  Then
            down the street shuffling feet is heard as a drunk is
            heard singing some slurred song in Donaran.  The image
            turns back to the other side of the street to find the
            veiled man gone and the short man walking away as the
            darkness overcomes the vision again.  Z'leyra wakes
            up fast from her trance and tries to understand the
            vision before her...]


          GM: Sorry for this hodgepodge update.  I did the bulk
            last night and some tonight.  So with the slew of
            posts today I had to add and change things.  But
            was too lazy to edit some sections.  :)

            This is enough for part 1 which tackles alot of the
            past.  Part 2 will deal with the future...

           GM: I posted teh visions above since no one requested them
             in private.  Course I forgot to ask.  But let's assume
             I did :).  If you share them with the party you can
             otherwise they can remain in character to you only.

           Actions? Comments?

        Stay tuned for Part 2 coming up...

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