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OOC:  <Ben'Dar claps and whistles as the credits roll.  Then he throws his
half-eaten bucket of popcorn into the air, showering everyone in the theater
with buttery kernels of popcorn!>

Ben'Dar listens to the talk about the vision quest of Strie'bog.  He is
quiet and seems to have a doubtful look on his face as he glances at
Cetric.  However, he nods at Trembyl's suggestion that Z'leyra may be able
to use her healing skills to help Strie'bog's mother.  He looks expectantly
at Z'leyra to hear what she will say about it and smiles when she volunteers
to help.  Ben'Dar stands and looks over the faces of his companions,
stopping last at Strei'bog's.  "My ways are not the ways of healing and
nurturing.  I do not think I can do much to help your mother, but I will do
what I can to help you in this quest.  You have proven yourself many times
on the battlefield.  I would be honored to be called your friend."

Regarding the claw, Ben'Dar stiffens at the suggestion of destroying the
claw.  "Yes, more study is needed.  If we can only understand it, we can
surely use it."

Ben'Dar is saddened but not surprised to hear that Jordi will not continue
with them.  He pats the elf on the shoulder, "You must be missing your wife,
friend Jordi.  Good travels to you.  Please feel free to stay at the ranch
when you return to Marentia and see how your colt, Velox, is doing.  You
will be surprised at how big he is and how far he has come with his training
in such a short time!  If you must return to your homeland, you may take him
with you and complete his training in your own land.  If, on the other hand,
you want to remain in Marentia and bring Neva to your side there, the ranch
is open to you now and forever as your home.  Oh, one more thing, please
give this to my steward at the ranch?"  If Jordi agrees, Ben'Dar says,
"Thank you,"  and he hands Jordi a note with instructions to his steward
regarding operations at the ranch with a request for a full report on the
goings-on at the ranch since he's been gone to be sent back to Ben'Dar via

Ben'Dar clasps hands with Kasha and says, "You are a lethal warrior and a
good man.  Yes, please deliver my share of the treasure to my ranch.  And
while we are speaking of the ranch....  An honest person with skills and
abilities such as yourself would be a great help on the ranch.  I have a
highly skilled contingent of gaurds there that I would like you to be the
captain over, if you're interested?  You will be well-paid and have plenty
of benefits, plus you'll get to ride some of the finest horses in Marentia!
There may be some travel involved to deliver horses to various markets and
to purchase new horses, so the job will never get boring.  What do you
say?"  If Kasha agrees, Ben'Dar will give him a signed note for him to
deliver to the ranch steward regarding the arrangement.

Ben'Dar says to Bal'rog, "You are skilled with horses and with the subtle
art of....negotiating.  I may have an interesting opportunity for you when
you return to Marentia.  I need a skilled agent who doesn't mind a little
travel, someone who knows his way around cities, and is skilled in the art
of buying and selling.  The pay would be very lucrative, plus the
opportunities to see new places and meet new people throughout the land may
also be to your advantage.  Will you help me build the most renowned, and
most profitable, horse-trading business in the land?"  If Balrog agrees,
Ben'Dar will give him a signed note for him to deliver to the ranch steward
regarding the arrangement.

At Caladan's announcement, Ben'Dar nods and smiles.  He claps Caladan on the
back and says loudly enough for Durge to hear,  "You will lead your people
in honor and glory, my brother!  If you ever have need of me, you can always
call on me, for I am your friend."  Then more quietly, for Caladan's ears
only, he adds, "You have taught me much.  You have been an elder brother to
me and I am grateful for your wisdom.  May the spirits guide and protect you
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