[pnpgm] Game update #134a - File #503 - Final Loot Report

Robert A. Maxwell rmax at mindspring.com
Tue Nov 21 01:52:54 CET 2006

In regards to the claw, Strie'bog will approach Z'leyra.  "When we are back at the village, I will ask the Gods for wisdom regarding the claw and its history.  As I do this, I will be in a trance.  Will you watch over me until it is complete?"  He hesitates for a moment, "It may be possible for the Gods to grant me knowlege of the enchanted items we have recovered.  It will mean that I will be in communion longer, but it may be helpful to us."

Back at the village, after recovering mana, Strei'bog will cast WISDOM to learn about the claw and the recovered magical items.  The claw is the priority, and if it requires a second casting of WISDOM, he will do it to learn about the other items.

I am fine with the GM suggested distribution of treasure.

As for treasure, he will take a new pair of boots.  

For the other items, he will use his artists eye to try to apprise some of the workmanship, and inform the others.
He will take 60 arrows to replace his and as extras.

To the party, "I would appreciate an opportunity to look over some of the magical texts and scrolls.  As I have said before, I am looking for information that may help cure a wound my mother carries.  Something in these texts may hold a key to this cure."

Strie'bog approaches Unali and Z'leyra.  "I wish to ask your advice regarding the gems and jewelry recovered from the keep.  I want to gift my share to my mother, but I am not sure which would be an appropriate gift."  He considers for a moment.  "My people do not normally go out of their way to find such gems as this, and the jewelry produce I doubt would be considered sophisticated by the standards of the Merantians.  I wanted your opionion of which you think would make an appropriate gift."  Looking to Z'leyra, "you know of the essence of stones.  Beyond its beauty, is there one which would bring pleasure to one who has lost a loved one?"

As for the books, with out a lot of time, he would not be able to review them.  So, he will forgo these.


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