[pnpgm] Game update #134a - File #503 - Final Loot Report

Chris & Karen Wells ckwells at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 15:43:32 CET 2006

OOC:  First, thanks Scott for running such cool adventures.  You're doing a
great job and I'm having alot of fun with it.  I can tell you put alot of
time and effort into the game and it shows.  Keep up the good work!  :-)

OOC:  Second, Ben'Dar would like to claim some items from the loot list:
1) Enough rations & drink to replenish what he's used
2) The fur cloak (if it's not too elegant.  If it's barbarian-like, he'll
take it to help with the cold winter traveling)
3) Two or three blankets (to help with the cold winter travel for both him
and Tef'wo)
4) 100' of good rope and 20' of good tying cord
5) Marentian Culture, Legal, and History texts (don't know if he can read,
but he wants to learn more about Marentia since he's running his business
6) Xen'da histories (both east and west)
7) Ba'ru legal text (since this land connects Marentia to his homeland, he
wants to understand the laws of this country also)
8) Set of riding gloves
9) Marentian Province Map, World Map (good quality), & Northern Continental
10) Two Man Tent (the sturdiest one he can find, to help with the cold
winter traveling)
11) Arrows to replace any he's used or that have been damaged
12) Ceremonial Pike (for display inside the main bldg at his ranch)
13) Two medium sized gems that are golden in color (not sure what type that
would be) that would be suitable for setting in his wolf headdress in the
empty eye sockets.
14) Several extra torches to replenish any he has used
15) An extra spear to replace the one he broke
16) The magic dagger, once it is identified, and if nobody else wants it.
(He'll replace his normal fighting dagger with this.)

OOC:  Third, Ben'Dar is ok with the idea of donations to Caladan's tribe,
with the possible exception of the fur cloak.  Also, Ben'Dar feels that the
party may need to keep one blanket per horse that they're taking back to
Marentia.  If the weather turns bitterly cold, each horse should have a
blanket over it to help them survive the trip.  He'll help with the loading
of the loot on the horses to make sure that none are improperly loaded or
over-loaded.  Ben'Dar is also ok with equal shares to all party members,
including Jordi and Caladan.

OOC:  Fourth, Ben'Dar spends his time in camp per your description, and he
also spends his free time working on his tanning/leatherworking skill by
working on his wolfskin headdress.  He is careful to do this in private and
far away from Cetric.  If possible, he will enlist Z'leyra's aid to learn
this skill faster.
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