[pnpgm] Game update #134b - File #504 - Party back together

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Fri Nov 17 08:29:48 CET 2006

  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R3 Balrog................Balrog............Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R4 Tom Crockett..........Caladan...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  R1 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Sergi Sallent.........Jordi.............Wizard..Normal/Elf    Ma
  R4 Tim Falkenberg........Malradh ben Kasha.Merc....Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Wayne Richardson/Uji..Thig..............Sidh MU.Normal/Faerry Ma
  Do Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Artist..Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Orion (Paul Broman)...Trembyl...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R3 Scott Adams...........Xian..............Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
     Animals: Ventrius/Pogo Thig's dogs, Firesnake of Caladan's,
       Z'Leyra's Eagle, 2 Draft Horses, Wolf - Boyzdar
       6 Captured Zen'da Horses
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        From Chion: [Re: Actions]
          Chion will pipe in, "Well, I certainly would have killed
          Ben'dar first." With a slight wink to nobody in general.
        GM: Ack. :)
        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          Z'leyra apologises "Sorry, we didn't know what means of
          tracking the Claw our enemies had. We figured it was safer
          to lead them to think Ben'dar had it while I held on to it.
          I apologize for not letting you know."

          After Z'leyra has more mana available for casting she will
          do a number of spells including Enhancing the gem; Detection,
          Soul Sight and Perception on the Claw (while holding her staff).
          She will try using Tongues (at cost x5) to learn L'p'nth from
          Jef and (if Chion is agreeable) Katai. She will cast Divination
          before being teleported. Once back at the village she will seek
          a quiet place to cast a number of other spells in the evenings.
          (This list will be sent to Scott.)

          She will ask Caladan about the possibility of using a forge.
          If one is available she will ask to use it, if not she will
          ask her Zen'da acquaintances to teach her Plains Survival.

          As a master armorer she will evaluate the weapons and armor,
          listing their values as she estimates them. If they need
          sharpening she will sharpen and clean them.
        GM: Ack.  Spells are too late.  Since I'm almost done with update
          won't have time tonight.  If got them earlier today might
          have.  But next time.  As to forge none for hundreds of miles.

     [New Stuff]

        [The winter breeze spirals through the village Caladan called
         home for most of his young life.  While the Ga'fel tribe
         is spread out among many hundreds of miles around the plains
         north of the Ser'manda, East of the River, West of the Bova
         and south of the Fe'oros.  As winter begins its hard grasp
         on the plains the entire personality of the village and
         plains itself seems to shift into a winter mode.  Tipis are
         hardened with more leathers and hides.  Stacks of wood from
         far off places (but mainly the river edge) are stored.  Horses
         are protected by the harsh climate by thick blankets and
         hides.  Clothing shifts from late summer and autumn hides to
         thicker hunting hides and furs.  Food is stored as best it
         can for the winter as it has for thousands of years.  Either
         in a dry form above ground, eaten quickly if hunted or
         stored underground in woven baskets, baked jars or food storage

         Even the plains itself seems to have changed since first entered
         a week or two ago.  The season changes quickly this far north
         of the Sea of Tears.  Animals like bears, birds, deer and antelope
         have migrated south in great numbers to the mountains to hibernate
         or seek warmer places in valleys.  The animals left on the plains
         now are hardened horses, buffalo, northern deer and antelope and
         packs of wolves for the most part.  Stories of great blizzards
         that create havoc hundreds of miles wide are known and somewhat
         common on the plains.  Though they tend to hit the Central Tribes
         more than the Western and Eastern tribes.  The western get the
         protection of the forests and western get some minor protection
         from the mountains around it.The routine of winter has been
         around for thousands of years on the plains and continues as
         the party mills about the village as honored guests.

         As honored guests the party is not expected to help out with
         normal routine chores.  But many of the party help out anyways.
         Balrog helps show warriors how to use the whip with the cattle
         and horses.  While Chion does his thing back and forth he also
         helps a couple of the lodge elite warriors how to find traps
         in the grass that other hunters may set if they are foolhardy
         enough to be in their lands.  While Balrog may not be a hunter
         his skill in finding secret traps and rooms as a thief gives
         him an edge on such methods.

         Ben'dar helps Z'leyra and the villagers with the horses checking
         out all 60 or so horses they acquired.  All seem in good shape
         but its clear the distinction between mountain horses and
         the plains ones found in the Bova lands.   The mountain ones
         are smaller and made for the rough climbs of mountains and not
         flat out running in the plains.  The Zen'da clearly feel disdain
         for the mountain L'p'nthian horses.  But they could be made for
         pack animals or something useful.  Zen'da would never dare to
         eat horses even in harsh times but its said the vile L'p'nth
         would if they got hungry enough.  Of all the horses only one
         has a bad shoe set and has to be replaced.  Z'leyra helps to
         prevent infection that the horse could've started but in time
         it should be quite good.

         Some of the horses are quite remarkable looking.  Zen'da tend
         to enjoy black or brown horses as it tends to blend in better
         during the summer foliage of the plains.  Many of the mountain
         horses are tan though.  One of the mountain horses is tan with
         white blotches which the Zen'da feel to be an omen as to find
         such an animal is said to have a good fertility season.  The
         children of most Zen'da are born in the winter months while
         time is more hum drum.  The other remarkable horse is pure
         white with a tan mane.  It is smaller and of a Riding quality
         rather than war horse type.  It was found in the fort and
         was the personal horse of A'gar.  Z'leyra finds this out
         after talking to her.  She is a sleek looking horse and probably
         could earn a bit more money.  To the Zen'da a white horse is
         another omen that peace will be assured.  But the Elders of
         the tribe argue that both a fertility omen and a peace omen
         that could only mean a child born soon this season must be the
         one to bring that peace.  That before that peace it could be
         years of strife.  Some elders argue its a bad omen.  Course
         those civilized members of the party just smile to these
         superstitious beliefs.

         During the six days Caladan seems to be quiet aside from the
         first day the party is back.  To those like Jordi, Z'leyra
         and Xian who may be more empathic to visual cues its clear
         that he is mulling over some big decisions.  Its obvious
         Gib'borah wants him to stay and rule the tribe on his death.
         Its also clear Durge his brother does not like this idea.
         Durge quietly avoids the party unless in some formal setting
         with Gib'borah.  Unlike the first hours and day here in the
         village Cetric is more open and friendly to everyone.  He
         goes out of his way to help those with questions or see to
         their needs.  To the other Zen'da though this is suspicious.
         But to the party its clear sign of remorse and hope to gain

         Chion of course is mostly busy with resting in the camp, eating
         or sleeping.  He spends the days going back and forth to the
         castle.  Chion doesn't see it but one day three days into the
         teleporting back and forth Caladan stops him.]

         Caladan [quietly]: "Some of the Zen'da can't believe you
           go over 400 miles back and forth in seconds.  You must
           understand they only believe in "spirit magic" from
           spirit guides and such.  Basic magic like ours may not
           be easy to grasp.  Even Cetric is amazed.  Its best not
           to talk about this magic to the elders especially.  The
           young folk may understand but the elders wouldn't.  Its
           best if your to be guest here to be as quiet as possible.
           Not that you have been talking.  But I just wanted to
           give you a quick tip."

         [The Zen'da still whisper around Chion but Caladan tries to
          elaborate the items bought back are from the spirits.  They
          are rewarding us with great work far to the south.  But
          whispers continue.  A unsteady balance still seems to
          continue to the final day of teleport.]

         [Farseeker helps demonstrate Marentian hand to hand tactics.
          Some wrestling moves the Zen'da do not know about.  As the
          Zen'da tend to fight from Horseback wrestling is not a high
          priority to them.  They do appreciate him showing his
          Throwing Axe skill.  Though Farseeker can't do it well from
          the horse standing still he is quite good.]

         [Jordi remains quiet as he has for the last few weeks.  He
          remains silent and solemn by himself.  He knows he couldn't
          have helped in the fort attack as Chion could only carry
          so many people.  Jordi studies the Zen'da in their ways so
          he could take back this knowledge to his people.]

         [Kasha helps out with hauling wood and other materials.
          In his spare time he shows the Zen'da use of the Mace and
          Buckler.  He shows them a few tricks he learned in Bhamotin,
          Katai and Cerulean Empire.  Some tricks they are not aware
          of and are appreciative.]

         [Thig is happy to be back with Pogo and Ventrius.  This
          is happy to see they were fed well.  He tries to show
          he is friendly by playing hide and seek with the kids of
          the camp.  The mothers are still leary of him but over the
          few days seem to soften up to him as long as Thig doesn't
          actually touch the kids.  To some mothers Thig still looks
          like a demon with those ears of his.  The fathers are too
          busy drinking or other duties to care.]

         [Strie'bog is happy to return to Boyzdar.  He is surprised to
          learn Cetric fed and took the wolf in his own Tipi.  But
          that would fit in with his Shaman tonah.   During the days
          he uses his skills as carpenter to help the wood box when
          it cracks and is almost destroyed.  The Elders wanted it
          rebuilt up from ground up but his skills help to repair
          the box.  He also shows his skills on making bows a different
          way than the Zen'da are aware of.  During his spare time
          he writes, sings and plays music for the camp to entertain.
          He informs the party he will write up a great story of this
          adventure to keep with the Zen'da and take with him.]

         Farseeker: "When you get to the part when we go into L'p'nth
           you may want to change our names.  It would not be good
           to find spies learning who raids their fort.  Though
           I suspect Chion may be on their list already.  We don't
           want further risks to everyone else."

         [Trembyl spends time helping the various mothers do their
          chores but tends to be shunned away.  By the 3rd day he
          is missing and its learned he went to visit the gal the
          party met the day the graves were robbed where the claw
          was taken.  Rumors spread but he spends 2 days in Zaka's
          village.  Rumors are squashed when its learned he only
          spent time talking to her about some private matters.  One
          warrior reports he spoke in a strange tongue during this.]

         [Unali quietly walks through the village as they prepare
          for winter.  She studies the ways of the Zen'da and their
          customs.  She finds the male dominance over the females
          still disturbing.  But over the days she sees small flares
          of that dominance shift back and forth.  Clearly the
          presence of Unali and Z'leyra may be changing things.
          Some mothers even talk back to their husbands.  Minor
          victories indeed.  Change will take time and may take
          generations.  unali recalls the raped girl the big
          dumb warrior attacked.  She is now far away in a new
          village away from the Bova.  But maybe she will be a
          spark to flare change.  But then again victims tend not to
          lead such revolts.  It could be she turns within herself
          and never does anything.  But something inside Unali gives
          a hunch she won't.]

         [Xian spends time with Cetric exchanging views on herbs and
          forest plants.  Xian also helps out with some of the
          chores as best he can.  But he is often seen on the edge
          of camp looking at the strange pendant found on Ezam by
          Chion.  Xian reacted oddly to the necklace and to his credit
          at this point no one has said anything on it yet.  Maybe
          he won't need to deal with the possible ramifications.]

         [Z'leyra spends time checking out the horses.  Helping anyone
          that may be sick in the camp.  One thing that Z'leyra finds
          clear is the lack of medical herbs the place has.  One big
          flu or disease strain could wipe many out.  But Cetric explains
          far from forests those herbal hunts are done in the spring.
          The only thing the camp seems to have is bandages but not
          much else in medical needs.]

        [Summary timeline - ]

          [Day 60 - Octaqi 30 - 7am-2pm - Gather treasure in Castle.]
          [Day 60 - Octaqi 30 - 2:15pm  - Party teleports back to castle.]
          [Day 61 - Day 65    - Chion teleports horses and final loot.]

          [Day 65 - Novehas 4 - Current Day]

          [Just 65 days have passed, quickly to some and too long for
           others, since the party left the warm tavern in Sivas city.
           Most of that time was involved with traveling here on the
           horses through Cholchara and the plains.

           Caladan had thought his home was in serious trouble.  He
           had gotten word from a merchant friend of the family
           travelling on the plains.  The information was outdated
           slightly.  But the party was surprised to find themselves
           ambushed by a Shaman zealot set out for power or to help
           his people.  Then the gall of tests were thrown on them
           by force or slight persuasion.  Though clearly the party
           did it for Caladan not Cetric.  The party won their tests
           though not the trust of Cetric.

           It was explained that graves across the plains as far as
           100 miles north of the village, 600 miles east of the
           village and as far south as Ba'ru were robbed.  Oddly none
           were taken west of the village.  There were reports of
           attacks on the Bova border.  There were reports of quakes
           and crop failures.  The party didn't know what was going
           on at this point.  It was clear something was up as the
           tension in the village was high.

           Then reports of recent robberies came in.  Finally the
           party tracked down one site with the recent robbers still
           there.  In order to elude chase the robbers sent warriors
           to attack Zaka's village so the party helped them.
           The robbers were chased for some time but only to have
           the shaman shape change into a eagle and escape.  At that
           time Ben'dar found silver bars on the dead robber with the
           shaman.  Course money means nothing to the Zen'da.  This
           was another mystery but now may be understood that Ezam
           may have paid off the Bova with the bars to use in the
           L'p'nth territories.  All these must have been put together
           only days after the fort was taken.

           Eventually it was learned the Bova were raiding villages
           for people and horses.  Something not too rare but not
           too common as well.  Eventually the party crossed the
           Bova border risking war between the People.  There they
           attacked and took down the enemy threat.  For the first
           time the power of the Claw was seen as the shaman controlled
           by the blue bugs the villager prisoners.

           The blue bugs another key of the puzzle fell into place when
           it was learned the bugs seemed to be a parasite that would
           influence the person's mind.  Though alone they were little
           threat unless the person with a bug was influenced by another
           person.  But with the Claw the bugs could force that control
           and influence.  the party would see the potential of the
           Claw to control a army of slaves.  This must be why the Bova
           raided villages for what could only be a army.  This is why
           they killed the old, weak and kids.  It is later learned the
           blue bugs live naturally deep underground.  The quakes seem
           to have bought them up to the surface.  The mystery of the
           quakes though seem to still be a mystery.  Clearly the quakes
           are natural.  But maybe its just timing and Ezam's people
           got lucky on finding the bugs and learn their use early?

           Crop failures would later be learned to be a natural failure
           due to the weather and nothing overtly by magic.  But to
           the Zen'da they put everything together into one pile of

           As the Claw seemed to entice the young Ben'dar the party
           decides to go to the fort and investigate.  Discussion
           is made that Woundenal warned the party about it.  Clearly
           the wisdom was true.  Oddly enough no one placed the blue
           bug he was studying at the time with the same bugs the
           party had encountered.  From the Giant Grog to the Ser'manda
           controlled or influenced by the bugs.  Maybe Woundenal had
           figured out their meaning early as well?

           Then the party entered the fort.  Without knowing their
           true intent the party slaughtered many guards, over 70.
           But they had a rough time as it was.  This part of the
           journey might be a black mark in the spirits of the party.
           But it would be later justified.  To the top of the
           mountain they found Ezam and in typical fashion the
           leader would taunt and tempt.  The party would laugh later
           of the scene.  Why must the bad guy always be so over
           confident?  Clearly Ezam had a plan and would've worked
           if the party was just minutes earlier on the scene.  If
           the sun wasn't rising it could've been a far worse situation.
           The party lucked up on the timing there.  Ezam seemed to
           have known about the Claw.  Paers later translated will
           show he had reports on the blue bugs as well.  Pappers will
           also show later he was behind the Bova plot.  But its unclear
           with the papers found if he was the end result of that
           plot chain or someone higher up in the L'p'nth government
           was in charge.  The party may never find out.

           So in the end the trouble ended up to be a plot to rule the
           plains by the Bova.  First was to obtain the claw to control
           the newly discovered bugs.  then to kidnap and control
           thousands of Zen'da as shields or warriors for the Bova.  This
           cycle could've grown bigger and bigger if it had worked.  If
           it had worked the plains would've been overrun by their own
           people for the Bova and through them the L'p'nth.

           But the problem that still felt sour in the minds of the party
           was the odd tidbits left out.  The strange being/humanoid in
           the grave with the staff and claw.  The visions Strie'bog
           saw by the gods. Ezam apparently from the papers found and
           his own words implied a greater threat.  A greater plan in
           the works.  But those tidbits may not be figured out for
           months or years if then.  Sometimes evil is just evil.


           GM: Part 1 I showed the final loot report.  This is also
             on the bottom link of the game website for reference.
             If you want to claim something do so.  Otherwise it
             will be sold and put into party shares.  That list
             contains everything found from the Bova to the fort.
             So the previous loot reports are null and void.


           [As the horses add up and add up Xian makes a count and
            also views the resources of the tribe.  He knows
            Caladan's clan is the lead clan for the Ga'fel sub
            tribe.  But for them they have so little.  They are
            always giving out food and horses to other clans to
            help them.  With the recent crop failures their local
            resources are low as it is.  Xian is shamed to see
            the party get a large feast on return (day 60).  But
            to refuse it would be dishonor.  Xian gathers the party
            up days later.]

           Xian: "Listen.  Kasha estimated we could get as much as
             200-250 gold per person from this loot.  While the
             Zen'da gain nothing.  I know coin and some of the
             material is worthless.  But I would like to donate
             food and some of the horses to them.  They have
             treated us well and we come in with all these horses
             only to take them.  We are not obligated but I wish
             to ask what you think.  If not I will donate my
             full share to the tribe.  they are preparing for a
              winter while we return to the city.  Food may be
              a issue for them."

            GM: Xian's proposal:
              Give the tribe

              Cow, Draft horse, Goat, Mules,

              Give them at least all 4 Riding Horse IIs.  Some of
              the Riding Horse Is say 6 more?

              Give all the beverages or drink while in camp.

              Give 20 uniforms, 10 tunics, 10 boots, the fur cloak,
              10 gloves for winter clothing. (or material for clothing)

              Give all if not eat all of the food except
              200 travel rations for the party.

              Give 30 blankets.  

              Give 30 arrows.  Give 5 Maces (to replace lost
              material during battles).

            GM: What do you say?  Do you agree or disagree?
              If disagree with the idea entirely or the items?
              If item in what numbers?  The horses might be
              the only big issue.  Please let me know.  Course
              if folks wanted to donate more let me know.


            GM: At this point the adventure is 99% over.  Just
              some cleanup.  Including character sheets.  I will
              work on that over the weekend and next week.
              Will email everyone so we can spread C.P.s and
              such.  At this point there are 6 days the party
              can do various things.  

          [Day 60 - Octaqi 30 - 7am-2pm - Gather treasure in Castle.]
          [Day 60 - Octaqi 30 - 2:15pm  - Party teleports back to castle.]
          [Day 61 - Day 65    - Chion teleports horses and final loot.]

          GM: Technically only a few hours of daylight on day 60.
            The start of adventure #3 will be Day 66.  I figure
            this day to be the 'leave day'.  So if you want to
            do a few skills then let me know.  Otherwise you might
            be good to rest for Adventure #3.  If you DO NOT wish
            to be in Adventure #3 let me know.  I have emailed jordi
            to see if he will.  I will be lowering the number of
            folks for the next adventure (maybe by 3).  To make
            the party smaller.  Treasure won't be as great till
            likely Adventure #6 or higher.  So this will be the
            last big haul for awhile.  I hope to have Adv#3 a lot
            shorter.  This one lasted 20 months.  Maybe less for
            the next adventure.  It will center around another
            character like this one did Caladan more or less.
            It may interfere with some plans already desired but
            they can be redone.  If you've not figured out Adventure
            rather than Free Form is quicker for PBEMs.  if we did
            it all free form it would go on and on and on.  It looks
            like between Adv #3 and #4 I may wait till spring (a
            few months) before that adventure lasts.  So there might
            be time to do bigger plans then.  I suspect in terms of
            game time the next adventure might only be a couple weeks
            aside from travel time.

            I will announce the party separation and how the loot will
            return home on monday's update.  This should be enough
            update for now.


            GM: There is some issues with treasure.

              Is there an issue with Jordi getting an equal share?
                He did leave us when life got hectic.  I've emailed
                him and gotten no replies.  But maybe he just got
                busy.  I don't know if I'll have him in Adv#3. He
                was going to be a vital part in Adv#9 or 10.
                So ok to give him a share or should it be a reduced
                share?  He did not fully play in the Bova Raid or
                the Fort Raid.

              Is there a problem with Caladan's share?
                He stayed behind since Chion couldn't take Jordi
                and Caladan with him.  Plus he was weak and had
                to rebuild strength.  He did help in the Bova
                raid but not Fort Raid.

             Figured I'd ask to be fair all around.  If there
             IS an issue let me know please.

             Actions?  Comments?

             Next update Monday....

             In theory I would like to start Adventure #3 by 12/1.
             This will give folks a Thanksgiving break and me
             a couple weeks to finish character sheets.  If
             I need to delay things let me know.  Hope you
             guys liked Adventure #2.  Adventure #1's website
             will be removed on 12/1 or start of #3.

        BTW along with horses the party still has their own personal
        horses.  (See Roster at top) ie R3= Riding III.  Etc.

        In doing actions for the 6 days keep in mind you never know
        what will occur next.  :)  Mana can be figured out from
        update #131a in the mana report.  Many are weak like Chion
        at the end and need to build up.  But if you want ot do
        just skills let me know and your done with for this adventure.

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