[pnpgm] Game update #132 - File #495 - Teleport or Ride?

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Ben'Dar listens to the discussions about Jef, the old man.  He ventures his
opinion, "Coins are worthless to those on the plains.  Let us instead give
him two good horses and enough equipment for him to safely return to his
home.  Horses and equipment are worth more than coins here."

Regarding the prisoners, Ben'Dar shrugs his indifference.  "Let them
wander the hills - their fate is not our concern.  They are enemies of the
People and they deserve nothing better than a painful death."

To Z'leyra, Ben'Dar nods regarding the examination and safekeeping of the
claw.  He says, "I will stay with you and help you remove items through the
library wall if you wish.  It will take Chion several days to move us and
all the treasure out of the castle.  I will stay here and stand gaurd while
you examine those scrolls and books.

To Chion, Ben'Dar suggests, "Your magic is the best way to get all these
spoils out of here.  I agree with you:  we should take everything of value,
including the horses.  The horses will be needed to help carry all these
things back to Marentia for sale.  Take the party back to Caladan's village
in small groups, with some treasure in each trip.  If it takes you several
days, that is ok, I will stay here with Z'leyra while she examines the
library.  When all the loot is back in Caladan's village, you can take
Z'leyra and me back with the horses."
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