[pnpgm] Update Supplement

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Tue Nov 7 05:34:33 CET 2006

	Just  PS note to the update:

Since theres are hard decisions to be made I figured you guys should know the plans I have.  Once the party is in the village again the adventure will end.  At that point a few days 3-4 will pass before the next "event"  occurs that spars Adventure #3.  yep.  Not much lay time.  The three month thing was a bit much :).  This one centered around Caladan.  The next one will center around another character.  As #5 will center around another PC.  A couple of the npcs like Balrog and maybe one or two others will likely return to Marentia.  Balrog is weary of this life as adventurer.  So he can return all loot and horses back to Marentia for safety and disbursement.  He can store the loot at the Ranch or Z'leyra's place or even Chions.  These folks will be supplied a boat via the nearby river  to get home with the loot.  

No.  The adventure won't be in Marentia.  It will be further to the north :)

I shouldn't tell you guys all this but it might help in choices to be made.  
As you can guess Free Form pbems are at a crawl.  Adventure style tends to speed things up and get things done.  This adventure is only 20 months compared to the 6? years of #1.  Maybe the next will even be shorter.  I intend it to be shorter to fit in with the overall Plot Arc I've established for the next 3 adventures.

The loot and stuff will be taken home and some of the papers translated 
by Kaylle to figure out information needed.  Chion can always stay in touch with a simple Teleport :)

Hope this is acceptable and helps in making

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