[pnpgm] treasure

Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Tue Nov 7 05:55:45 CET 2006

Z'leyra is impressed at how much weight Chion can manage on each 

She suggests that the old man might be given horses and riding gear 
rather than coins. This would leave less to teleport.

To Farseeker she mentions that she could make and enchant a greatsword 
for him if given use of a forge, fuel and ore for 16 or more days. She 
wonders if any forges will likely be available. She is mildly surprised 
that the castle didn't appear to have a forge. If enough time is 
available she could fix her armor and make and enchant armor for others. 
Somehow I doubt we will have enough time.

To Unali, Z'leyra responds "And I thank you for being true to yourself 
and being such a good example. The dagger is as yet unnamed, you may 
name it as you wish." She bows back.

To Thig, "Any way to keep safe from those mana eating critters?"

To Ben'Dar "When I have more mana I will again attempt to determine the 
magics of the Claw." She feels in her satchel. "In the meantime it is 
still safe."

Z'leyra will look at all the weapons and armor, seeing if any are 
special. She will evaluate them and note their values. She will only be 
interested in unusual weapons or armor as she generally prefers to make 
her own.

Z'leyra will pick up several sets of cards and dice to help visitors to 
her mansion pass the time. Any written materials not claimed by others 
she would like to have for her library. Any gems not claimed by others 
she would volunteer to make jewelry out of and to split the sale price 
amongst the party. She will evaluate the treasures. Whe she has the mana 
and the time she will use perception to check the magical items.

The large, flawless, brilliant ruby will attract her attention. She will 
want to determine if it is magical or can be enhanced. If enhancable, 
she will volunteer to enhance it. She will not lay claim to it...any in 
the party would like it.

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