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Fri Oct 29 07:20:24 CEST 2004

  Ht Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  Rh NPC Noble             Aren Solest       Duke    Normal/Human  Ma
  Rh Balrog                Balrog            Warrior Normal/Human  Ma
  Wh Tom Crockett          Caladan           Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  ?? Marcel Liberty        Chion             Sailor  Normal/Human  Ma
  ?? Burton Choinski       Cholan            Sailor  Normal/Human  Ma
  Rh Bob Eldred/Nomad      Damon             Sailor  Normal/Human  Ma
  Wh Ryan Torres           Farseeker         Warrior Normal/Human  Ma
  Wh Tim Falkenberg        Malradh ben Kasha Merc    Normal/Human  Ma
  Wh NPC Spy               Suresh Nambler    Spy     Normal/Human  Ma
  Rh Orion (Paul Broman)   Trembyl           Fighter Normal/Human  Ma
  Rh NPC Fighter           Triest            Warrior Normal/Human  Ma
  Wh Franseco B./Bondo     Valgor            Noble   Dead  /Human  Ma
  Rh Scott Adams           Xian              Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  Wh Wout Broere           Unali             Ninja   Normal/Human  Fe
  Wh Alex Koponen          Z'leyra           Healer  Normal/Human  Fe
  -- Chris Wells           Ben'dar           Warrior Normal/Human  Ma 
  -- Lyman R. Hampton      Kaylle            Scholar Normal/Faerry Ma
  -- Wayne Richardson/Uji  Thig              Sidh MU Normal/Faerry Ma
  Rh ------???-----------  Neva              Archer  Normal/Elf    Fe
  Rh Sergi Sallent         Jordi             Unsure  Normal/Elf    Ma
  Rh Npc Noble             Marta Valnon      Noble   Normal/Human  Fe
     Ally Section - Diplomats/Ex prisoners - 26 Allies
      G1  Akat, Zenon    (Goidan),     Chandris, Eri      (Kolari)
      G1  Vaeth, Tuon    (Donaran),    Vaidia, Anil       (Donaran)
      G2 *Zablin, Ris    (Zen'dan)     Ayddar Nylykerka   (Thaliban)
      G2  Nil Spaar      (Ursmaian),   Norda Proi         (Lemasan)
      G3  Walling, Dex   (Helvan)      Zing, Troyis       (Kll'Maun)
      G3  Amin, Rajwani  (Lemasan),    Qasir, Shah        (Ro'babzan)
      G1  Jevan, Corz    (Bhamotin),   Jezek, Gord        (Bhamotin)
      G1  Qualres, Diana (Shuikalese), Oolas, Kirz        (Katalan)
      G1  Abzyon, Wi     (Choisuan),   Xavier, Rua        (Fomorian),
      G1  Makki, Pov     (Katalan),    Matta, Kartz       (R'hiselkan)
      G4  Zenakhis, Trom (Fomorian),   Ackbar, Feli       (Chunrey)
      G4  Jozak, Mer     (Robari),     Zabel, Eti         (Artadan)
      G4  Goins, Sharmon (Teosian(,    Havirmar Havigashu (Vahearian)

         Player               Email Address            Email Status 
     Scott Adams            pnpgm at softhome.net          Working
     Marcel Liberty/Chion   kzinti_maouse at yahoo.com     Working 
     Tim Falkenberg         Malradh at yahoo.co.uk         Unknown
     Wout Broere            broere at powersandperils.org  Working
     Burton Choinski        bchoinski at attbi.com         Working
     Sergi Sallent          igresigres at yahoo.com        Working
     Alex Koponen           akoponen at mosquitonet.com    Working
     Chris Wells            ckwells at comcast.net

     Animals: Ventrius/Pogo Thig's dogs, Firesnake of Caladan's
              Tikil (Cholan's Ferret) (in bag)
              2 Wagon Horses, Hippogriff

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     http://abroere.xs4all.nl/broere/pnp/) or
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     Game Update #311  in sequence (file #513)
     Admin notes: Ok.  Those nasty Dwarves heard about one of their
     kind making an appearance in a update soon so they wanted their
     share.  They demand to tell jokes and be heard or else they'll
     get drunk and start singing.  So to comply the update is full
     of jokes.  Laugh at your choosing...
     [Recap]     - None
     [New Stuff  - Current Situation]

        Who did Frankenstein take to the prom?
        His ghoul friend

        How should you fix a jack-o-lantern?
        With a pumpkin patch.

        From Z'leyra: [Re: ACtions]
          "Thank you, kind sir" Z'leyra replies to Xian "You have saved
           my life, I owe you." [If she can make a second enhanceable
           chalcedony from the treasure after enhancing hers, she will
           give the second to Xian with the offer to let him have it as
           is or to have her try to enhance it.]

           After dressing she comes out and welcomes the winged sidh.
           Expecting Varange, she will courtsy and smilingly say in
           their Tongue "You and your courageous band are most timely.
           It is a pleasure to see you again and I am glad to see you
           healthy and hearty. I daresay that you and your band are
           welcome to any objects you collected or can recover from
           the airship that just crashed."

           "Do you have official word as to the requested disposition
            of the magics that make the airships float? Or in regards
            to the Staff of the Elements?" {She does not mention the
            bump on her head.}
        GM: Ack.  As to Xian he'll not need it.  Hes not one for much
          magical items.  He doesn't even use a staff but just a normal
          war staff :)

        How does a werewolf like his eggs for breakfast?

        What's it like to be kissed by a vampire?
        It's a pain in the neck.

        From Z'leyra: [Re: In memory of...]
          Invocation for spirit of Hippogriff:
            A thanks for your help
            A hope for your heart
            A blessing for thee
            May your spirit fly free
          Burial of FisherKing:
            My friend, my companion
            my guardian from youth
            Teacher, protector
            playmate in sooth
            You taught me to fly
            You guarded my back
            And killed many foes
            when enemies attacked
            My sole living link
            to the days of my youth
            We flew o'er our families
            we flew far in our need
            Now you've flown even further
            much further indeed
            You've parted the veil
            between living and dead
            you fly free as a spirit
            when all has been said
            Your memories sustain me
            memories I hold dear
            I rejoice that your spirit
            flies far and flies near
            whether staying as spirit
            or reborn again
            My hopes and my prayers
            fly with you, my friend.
        GM:  That was very nice.  I'd give a Role Playing Point just
          for that if I could :)  But never mourn for long...for you
          never know what's around the corner...

        Whom did the ghost invite to his party?
        Anyone he could dig up!

        What is a baby ghost's favorite game?

        From Jordi: [Re: Actions]
          Jordi is quite surprised by the timely arrival of the band
          of faerries.
          He speaks with them in their tongue, and translates to
          Marentian their words, so anyone can speak with them, if so
          "Hello.  My name is Jordi.  Thank you very much for your
           help with the Clyman ship."
          Jordi will help preparing everything for leaving as soon
          as posible the cave and Clyma.
        GM: Ack.  In fact the leader - Varange - knows Marentian
          quite well.  :)

        What do you get from an angry cow?
        Sour cream.

        Did you hear about the cheap vampire hunter?
        He tried to kill a vampire by driving a pork chop through its
        heart because steaks were too expensive.

     Time: 11:34-11:49am                           

      Why did Dracula break up with his sweetie?
      She wasn't his blood type.

      What do little ghosts drink?
      Evaporated milk.

      What did the little ghost have in his rock collection?

      GM: First sorry those Dwarfs demand equal time and their
        jokes are bad but they are almost over.  Second, I meant
        to include far more detail and more stuff in the last
        update but I ran out of time before bed time.  I wanted
        to detail more the combat on ship and the falling effect.
        But that's done now.  Sorry.  We'll move on to part 2
        which I wanted to include in last update...


      GM: First experience to take care of...

        Player       Spell         MEP    EP     Note
       Caladan     Shape Change    18     12   To Eagle - Twice
       Jordi       Speed            3      2   For Z'leyra
       Z'leyra     Invisiblity      4      4   
       Z'leyra     Tonah Change     -      -   No charge/Automatic
       Z'leyra     Hand-to-Hand     4[CEP} 4   Untrained buying points
       Thig        Insubstantial   21      8   1 Success/ 1 Failure
       Thig        Teleport        16      8   Fly through ship
       Kaylle      Invisibility    16      -   
       Caladan     Fire Ball        6      2   To Mast
       Caladan     Fire Showers     2      2   To Stairs
       Xian        Teleport x2     16     16   Up/Back
       Xian        Levitate         8      8   Above sea

      GM: This is the last of the experience given out unless there
        are random pirate attacks.   CPs recorded on character sheet
        and can be distributed later when we return to Marentia.
      [As the ship falls.  It burns from the mast and disintegrates
       into millions of pieces of driftwood as it impacts against
       the hard water.  Those below decks surely drown.  But
       surprisingly there are 3 survivors.  One is attacked by
       a group of faerry and he drowns.  But two are chased off
       by Kaylle and Caladan in eagle form and protected.  The
       Faerry back off and regroup.  Then they suddenly turn in
       the sky and head for the mountain.

       As Xian and Z'leyra emerge in the cave, Trembyl is beaming
       happy to see the ship fall then grins again seeing the
       now visible Z'leyra.]  
       Z'leyra: "Thank you, kind sir" Z'leyra replies to Xian "You have
         saved my life, I owe you."

       Xian: "Was no problem ma'am.  In fact we are now equal.  You
         saved my life remember?  We are now even." [He releases
         her from his arms and shly looks away] "No go get dressed."

       [Trembyl winks at Xian and then turns to look at the faerry
        approaching the cave.]

       Trembyl: "Who are they?"

       Xian: "I have a feeling who it is.  They are apparently on
         our side so we better warn the others."  [He walks to the
         inside lip of the cave where the sea cave is and yells out]
         "The ship is down.  We have two surviors.  Send a small boat
          to collect them!  We have friendly's approaching - faerry.
          Do not attack them.  At least not now!"

       [Thig returns to the mountain and sees thsoe in the gargoyle

       Thig: "No need to attack.  Might as well return below.  Those
        coming are faerry..while I'd love to shoot their leader
        down we best not for now..." [then he flies down and goes
        into the sea cave through the secret hole]

       [The ship's boat is prepared with Damon, Triest and 3 diplomats
        to go get the survivors.  The sea cave curtain is lifted just
        up enough to let them out.  By then the first of the faerry
        also arrive.  The first are 3 faerry.]

       [One of the faerry has a familiar face to some.  He is wearing
        a uniform o sorts with a shoulder pad and sashes on the pad
        like those o naval officers of the napolenic era.  It is
        deep navy blue with a red sash diagonal down the right side
        of the vest.  He is carrying a crossbow on his back, daggers
        and a sword in a sheath of faerry length and manufacture.
        The other two seem to have repeating crossbow of faerry
        design and short swords.  The leader lands and looks over
        the assembling party.  By now Jordi and the others have come
        down running from the gargoyle cave to meet the newcomers.]

       Farseeker: "Varange....you would arrive just as we were
         finishing up things...as usual."
       Varange: "Fars, you know I would've been here sooner.  I
         was pre-occupied.  But I did help your team up there.
         Seems like I'm always saving your backsides."
       Xian: "We had things under control.  We took this mountain!"
       Farseeker: "Xian!   You actually left home.  What made
         you build up your courage!?"

       [After dressing she comes out and welcomes the winged sidh.
        Expecting Varange, she will courtsy and smilingly say in their

       Z'leyra: "You and your courageous band are most timely.   It is
         a pleasure to see you again and I am glad to see you healthy
         and hearty. I daresay that you and your band are welcome to
         any objects you collected or can recover from the airship
         that just crashed."

       Varange: "Z'leyra!  Nice to see you again as well.  I see you
         are doing well.   Wait..oh I saw you out there?  Naked? [he grins]
         Were you on that ship? ...oh you must've been one of those
         eagles?  Nice!  What was that thing you were carrying?"

       [Caladan now back and dressed walks in]

       Xian: "Never mind about that.  How did you get here so fast?
         We last saw you ..four days ago?  Then you left to go
         to the lower world?"

       Varange: "I never do things without preparation you should
         know that Xian.  I had that portal go to a place i could
         easilly return to my people and then back here through
         other methods.  I actually arrived on the Skyhawk, our
         military ship, we gave chase of that flying ship and
         figured it was coming here.  We mounted a aerial attack.
         We did not know what it was doing or where it was going.
         So this was your mission?  We had rumors..we had heard
         of things but hadn't put it all together.  We figured
         I'd return to the island the fastest way and this route
         was the quickest.  I just happened across that ship and
         through a secret invisible recon found climans aboard.
         We could not isolate how it was flying so I decided to
         attack the crew.  Your ...team...was there and we didn't
         know about it."  [A faerry returns to the room and
         whispers in his ear] "Fine..kill them all.."

       Caladan: "Whoa!  Kill who?"
       Varange: "Those gargoyles held in that room down the hall
         in that cage.  They should be put down."
       Xian: "We know what past you had with Gargoyles.  We last
         saw you being kidnapped by gargoyles in Sivas.  But
         we will not kill them.  We only kill those who refuse
         to surrender.  They are captured and isolated.  There
         is no reason to kill them."
       Varange: "Oh give me a break!  My heart hurts with all this
         gushyness.  Fine!  We'll leave them be.  [he turns to
         one of the faerry] "Order half to return to the ship
         and have the ship get closer." [Turning back to the others]
         "The ship is about 2 miles away and closing fast.   So
          this jar...fascinating..is this the source of their

        Z'leyra: "Do you have official word as to the requested
          disposition of the magics that make the airships float? Or
          in regards to the Staff of the Elements?" {She does not
          mention the bump on her head.}

        Varange: "Magics?  No.  I have not had time to be debriefed
          by the others of my people...hrm..very interesting..
          is it alive?"
        Aren: "Excuse me.  Who is this person?  This Varange."
        [Varange stands up quick]
        Varange: "That's Lord Marshall Varange to you."
        Aren: "Then you must call me DUKE Aren Solest of Marentia."
        Varange: "Yes yes.." [waving a hand of disrepect and going
          back to the jar..soon a faerry returns again from flying
          in the sea cave and observing things and whispers to
          him again]

        Farseeker: "This is Varange a faerry of high standing in
          the military and royal advisor so I'm told..Xian, me,
          and a few others have had dealings with him over the
          last 3 or so years."

        Jordi: "Hello.  My name is Jordi.  Thank you very much for your
          help with the Clyman ship."

        Varange: "Yes yes...fine fine..I'm told you have more
          jars of such.  I demand them for my ship immediately."

        Farseeker: "Nope.  We've not decided what to do with them
          at this point.  We may destroy them or throw them in 
          the sea. "

        Varange: "I'm told by my people your weak and they can
          see that.  You look exhausted and quite frankly smell
          awful.  You expect to keep these if we wish to
          just take them?"

        [Suddenly Farseeeker and Varange begin to argue over this.
         Quietly Xian asks Trembyl to take out the Jar in the
         current cave and bring it and the others to the next
         cave over.  He quietly nods to everyone they should
         leave so they can discuss this in case things go bad.]

        [As they enter a hallway Xian turns to Jordi, Z'leyra,
         Neva, Aren, Chion, Unali, Caladan and Ben'dar]
        Xian: "I doubt seriously he'll fight for them.  He
         is power mad but I think he knows we outnumber him.
         He works with numbers like that."
        Aren: "What magics could he come to bear on us?"
        Xian: "Not much.  But I'd have to say they could have
          all magic in some form or another through innate

        [The other jars are now all in the warehouse cave next to
         the other cave and the survivors are returned to the
         ship with the others and tied up.]

        Caladan: "Theres about 15 of them now here."

        [Yelling is heard from the next cave as Farseeker tries
         to persuade Varange]

        [The party in the warehouse listen for a few minutes then
         suddenly Trembyl wavers back and forth as if dizzy.
         He holds onto the staff for leverage.]

        Xian: "You ok?"
        Trembyl: "I think so."

        [Suddenly behind the party a portal appears and pure
         whit elight shines through.  Jordi and Neva quickly
         go into a fighting stance.  Everyone steps back a
         few feet.  But as they do Trembyl stands up and looks
         at the portal.  He then walks 2 feet toward it and
         eyes it up and down.]

        Xian: "Stand back!"
        Trembyl: "No...I don't know..but"
        [He walks another 2 feet and is now just a foot from it.
         Suddenly he looks back..]
        Trembyl: "I believe its safe to enter."
        Xian: "Your crazy!  Sto-"
        [Before he could finish Trembyl turns around and steps
         through and disappears.]

        Caladan: "What is he doing!?"

        Neva: "What now?"

        Xian: "We better get the others."

        [Before Xian starts to walk away Trembyl's head and
         shoulders reappear and he smiles..]

        Trembyl: "It's ok...c'mon guys!  Its safe."

        [Those in the warehouse cave that sees this are:
         Aren, Caladan, Chion, Trembyl, Xian, Unali,
         Z'leyra, Kaylle, Thig, Neva and Jordi]

        Who wishes to enter the portal? :)

      Next update Monday..

      Where did the goblin throw the football?
      Over the ghoul line.

      What do witches put on their hair?
      Scare spray.

      GM: This is the last planned event.  If you wish to enter.  Please
         say so by Monday afternoon my time (EST).   Unali I know
         your out of town so will assume you follow since your a
         curious person.  If you do not then I'll assume you do not
         wish to by lack of saying so.  A clue on all this has
         been covered in past updates if you've been taking notes :)

     Hapy Halloween for those who celebrate it!

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