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Thu Oct 14 19:59:56 CEST 2004

  Ht Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  Rh NPC Noble             Aren Solest       Duke    Normal/Human  Ma
  Rh Balrog                Balrog            Warrior Normal/Human  Ma
  Wh Tom Crockett          Caladan           Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  ?? Marcel Liberty        Chion             Sailor  Normal/Human  Ma
  ?? Burton Choinski       Cholan            Sailor  Normal/Human  Ma
  Rh Bob Eldred/Nomad      Damon             Sailor  Normal/Human  Ma
  Wh Ryan Torres           Farseeker         Warrior Normal/Human  Ma
  Wh Tim Falkenberg        Malradh ben Kasha Merc    Normal/Human  Ma
  Wh NPC Spy               Suresh Nambler    Spy     Normal/Human  Ma
  Rh Orion (Paul Broman)   Trembyl           Fighter Normal/Human  Ma
  Rh NPC Fighter           Triest            Warrior Normal/Human  Ma
  Wh Franseco B./Bondo     Valgor            Noble   Dead  /Human  Ma
  Rh Scott Adams           Xian              Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  Wh Wout Broere           Unali             Ninja   Normal/Human  Fe
  Wh Alex Koponen          Z'leyra           Healer  Normal/Human  Fe
  -- Chris Wells           Ben'dar           Warrior Normal/Human  Ma 
  -- Lyman R. Hampton      Kaylle            Scholar Normal/Faerry Ma
  -- Wayne Richardson/Uji  Thig              Sidh MU Normal/Faerry Ma
  Rh ------???-----------  Neva              Archer  Normal/Elf    Fe
  Rh Sergi Sallent         Jordi             Unsure  Normal/Elf    Ma
  Rh Npc Noble             Marta Valnon      Noble   Normal/Human  Fe
     Ally Section - Diplomats/Ex prisoners - 26 Allies
      G1  Akat, Zenon    (Goidan),     Chandris, Eri      (Kolari)
      G1  Vaeth, Tuon    (Donaran),    Vaidia, Anil       (Donaran)
      G2 *Zablin, Ris    (Zen'dan)     Ayddar Nylykerka   (Thaliban)
      G2  Nil Spaar      (Ursmaian),   Norda Proi         (Lemasan)
      G3  Walling, Dex   (Helvan)      Zing, Troyis       (Kll'Maun)
      G3  Amin, Rajwani  (Lemasan),    Qasir, Shah        (Ro'babzan)
      G1  Jevan, Corz    (Bhamotin),   Jezek, Gord        (Bhamotin)
      G1  Qualres, Diana (Shuikalese), Oolas, Kirz        (Katalan)
      G1  Abzyon, Wi     (Choisuan),   Xavier, Rua        (Fomorian),
      G1  Makki, Pov     (Katalan),    Matta, Kartz       (R'hiselkan)
      G4  Zenakhis, Trom (Fomorian),   Ackbar, Feli       (Chunrey)
      G4  Jozak, Mer     (Robari),     Zabel, Eti         (Artadan)
      G4  Goins, Sharmon (Teosian(,    Havirmar Havigashu (Vahearian)

         Player               Email Address            Email Status 
     Scott Adams            pnpgm at softhome.net          Working
     Marcel Liberty/Chion   kzinti_maouse at yahoo.com     Working 
     Tim Falkenberg         Malradh at yahoo.co.uk         Unknown
     Wout Broere            broere at powersandperils.org  Working
     Burton Choinski        bchoinski at attbi.com         Working
     Sergi Sallent          igresigres at yahoo.com        Working
     Alex Koponen           akoponen at mosquitonet.com    Working
     Chris Wells            ckwells at comcast.net

     Animals: Ventrius/Pogo Thig's dogs, Firesnake of Caladan's
              Tikil (Cholan's Ferret) (in bag)
              2 Wagon Horses, Hippogriff

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     Game Update #308b in sequence (file #508)
     Admin notes: This is the actual update.
     [Recap]     - None
     [New Stuff  - Current Situation]

     -------------------------New Stuff----------------------------

     * Divination:
       From Z'leyra:
          Z'leyra suggests that someone good at divination try to
          figure which would be the safer route.

       Sava: "I could try..."

       [After a couple hours she returns...]

       Sava: "It seems the northern route has less danger."
       Xian: "So you saw danger ahead?"
       Sava: "What I saw is only a part that may never happen.
         There is no perfect way to the magic.  Things can happen
         in the next five minutes that could affect what I saw."

     * Loot Suggest:

       GM: I like Z'leyra's suggestion.  It might make things a
         bit fairer.  But I can't force it if you don't want it.
         So we'll vote.  The options are:

       A) Keep personal loot profit and party profit.
       b) Keep party profit minus personal property amount.
          So that anything taken personally would not take away
          from party treasury.  Thus if you make 300 gold and
          party share is 40 gold then you get no party profit but
          keep the 300 personal property.
       C) Personal: A or B but up to the player

       For Majority to be enforced we'll need six votes:
         Caladan/Tom    - B
         Chion/Marcel   - ?
         Damon/Bob      - B
         Farseeker/Ryan - B
         Trembyl/Paul   - A
         Xian/Scott     - C - [Since not a real player up to majority]
         Unali/Wout     - ?
         Z'leyra/Alex   - B
         Bendar/Chris   - ?
         Thig/Wayne     - A
         Jordi/Sergi    - ?

         Option A - 2   Option 2 - 4  Option 3 - 1
         No vote  - 3

       So vote.  Then we'll figure out what to do after that.
       I'l go with majority vote.  With 3 votes needed if 2 for
       Option B then we'll go with that route.  But its up to you.

     * Cholan:

       [After the party and healers try to figure out how to help
        Cholan.  After chion and Jordi offer regeneration spells
        Caladan has a suggestion.]

       Caladan: "I can put you (talking to cholan) in a sleep trance
         so you'll sleep.  You will not age and thus your wound will
         not get worse, especially infection.  This might be your
         best bet.  Then when we get home we can wake you and you
         can find a better healer with this spell since it will require
         a high skill to help your hand."

       GM: He can put him to sleep for 2 weeks easilly.  There will
         have to be no big noises or touching of him in the hold. He'll
         need likely some of the cargo space to sleep in.  But this
         gives a alternative to spell use.  Chion/Jordi is this ok?
         I will assume Cholan agrees.  

     * Votes:

       A) Ship: Merchant, Warship?
            Character         Vote
          Aren               Merchant    Balrog      Merchant
          Caladan            Merchant    Chion       ???
          Cholan             Warship     Damon       Warship
          Farseeker          Warship     Kasha       Warship
          Suresh             N/A         Trembyl     Merchant
          Xian               Merchant    Unali       Merchant
          Z'leyra            ?????       Ben'dar     Merchant
          Kaylle             Merchant    Thig        Merchant
          Neva               Merchant    Jordi       Merchant
          Marta              Merchant    Diplomats   8 Warship 12 Merchant

          39 Votes/Majority is 20
          Merchant-24 Warship-12 No Vote-2

          GM: So majority wants Merchant.  Vote ended for ship.

       B) Layover: Now, Later Today, Tomorrow, Other
          Aren               Today       Balrog      Today 
          Caladan            Today       Chion       ???
          Cholan             Tomorrow    Damon       Tomorrow 
          Farseeker          Today       Kasha       Today 
          Suresh             N/A         Trembyl     Today 
          Xian               Tomorrow    Unali       Today 
          Z'leyra            ?????       Ben'dar     Today
          Kaylle             Today       Thig        Today
          Neva               Today       Jordi       Today 
          Marta              Today       Diplomats   18 Today/ 2 Tomorrow

          39 Votes/Majority is 20
          Today -23 Tomorrow-5 No Vote-3

          GM: So majority wants Today.  Vote ended for Layover.

       C) Sink Ships: In Cave, Outside Cave, In Sea   
          Aren               Cave Ent    Balrog      Cave Ent
          Caladan            Cave End    Chion       ???
          Cholan             Sea         Damon       Cave Ent
          Farseeker          Sea         Kasha       Sea
          Suresh             Sea         Trembyl     Sea
          Xian               Cave Ent    Unali       Unsure
          Z'leyra            Cave Ent    Ben'dar     Cave Ent
          Kaylle             Sea         Thig        Sea 
          Neva               Cave Ent    Jordi       Sea [I gather]
          Marta              Cave Ent    Diplomats   11 Cave Ent/ 9 Sea

          39 Votes/Majority is 20
          Cave Entrance - 20  Sea - 17  Undecided/No vote - 3

          GM: So majority wants Cave Entrance.  Vote ended for Scuttle.

       D) Magical Creatures in Jars: Throw in Sea, Unsure, etc??
          Aren               Sea Throw   Balrog      Sea Throw
          Caladan            Take Home   Chion       ???
          Cholan             Sea Throw   Damon       Take Home
          Farseeker          Take Home   Kasha       Sea Throw
          Suresh             Take Home   Trembyl     Take Home
          Xian               Take home   Unali       Take Home
          Z'leyra            ????        Ben'dar     Neutral
          Kaylle             Take Home   Thig        Take Home
          Neva               Take Home   Jordi       ----
          Marta              Sea Throw   Diplomats   6 Take Home/14 Destroy

          39 Votes/Majority is 20
          Destroy/Sea - 19  Take Home - 16 Undecided/No vote - 4

          GM: So majority wants the Magical creatures in the Jars destroyed
          or thrown into the sea.  Jordi - Your vote was for Xian's
          friend.  These are the air creatures in the scrolls and in the
          jars on ships.  Unfournately we have no majority here other
          than to destroy them.

          Z'leyra, Chion, Ben'dar, Jordi - wish to vote or decide?
          Otherwise those like the diplomats who wish to destroy the
          creatures (they feel marentia could secretly use them and
          outbalance the world) could have  a tiff with those who
          wish to save them.  Could be a nervous voyage home.

       E) Sea Voyage: North/South 
          Aren               North       Balrog      North  
          Caladan            North       Chion       ???
          Cholan             North       Damon       South
          Farseeker          South       Kasha       North 
          Suresh             South       Trembyl     North 
          Xian               North       Unali       No opinion
          Z'leyra            ????        Ben'dar     North 
          Kaylle             South       Thig        North 
          Neva               North       Jordi       Neutral [Up to sailors]
          Marta              North       Diplomats   10 North/10 South

          39 Votes/Majority is 20
          North - 21  South - 14 No Vote- 4

          GM: So majority wants North.  Vote ended for Voyage.


       So the party will head north, today and sink ships outside
       the cave entrance but are divided on the magical creature issue.

       [Z'leyra helps healing and Unali requiers normal healing.  She
        bandages up Unali and helps her with first aid.]

       Horses - Unali wants to take the horses.  But unfournately
         I think we are running out of room.  See the loot report.

       From Jordi: [Re: Conversation during voyage home]
       To Aren:  "Excuse me, Aren (OOC: I imagine we use our names,
          and not "Sir" or "Duke"), but Neva and I want to ask you a
          little favor. We are going to return home, and we will marry
          there; however, it's our desire to have all our friends with
          us in our wedding.  Alas, it will be imposible; most of them
          will want to return home, and the trip to our forest is long
          and dangerous.  So, we believe that the most convenient is
          that we marry twice: once at home, in our forest and once
          in Marentia, once we arrive there, so all our friends can
          assist to our wedding.  Will you please help us to organize
          our wedding in Marentia?"
       Aren: "Of course!  I would be honored.  I could not likely do
         anything right away.  I'm considered a traitor in my land.
         But with the freedom of Marta, we now know why and can
         resolve that...I hope.   So it may take a few days or a week
         to get things resolved.  But after that I can help.  I actually
         do not know many elves in the land.  But do know someone.  A
         Merchant who deals with them alot and sells many goods to them.
         If you ..want your kind there I could send word to him about
         the wedding.  Otherwise I'll be glad to help."
       Marta: "Congratulations you two!"

       GM: Aren explains full details of what happened and why he
         had to flee Marentia (Duke Valnon frame up) and unali then
         protecting him to Jordi. 

       [Sava listens but looks solem]

       From Jordi: [Re: Magical Creatures]
         "Well -Jordi says- they saved my life, and helped us.  So
          I suggest that Xian can contact them, explain them that we
          are leaving, and ask them if they want something.  I think
          we can open the cave that the Clymans closed, where their
          eggs lay; or perhaps they want to be left alone..."
       GM: Changed Caladan to Xian above since I think you meant that.

       Xian: "They do want to be alone.  It will be some time before
         his brothern or childen...I'm not sure which..will hatch...
         Its hard to tell his time scale but it could be weeks or
         years...if I see him I'll ask him about the cave.  I doubt
         he needs help though as they can move through solid rock."

       GM: In fact 3.5 hours later after loading is almost finished.
         Xian sees the shadow creature in the sea cave watching the
         ships being loaded.  He walks toward the wall and tries
         to make contact with him.  AFter a very brief encounter
         Xian reports back.

       Xian: "The creature wishes us to leave.  I have informed him
         that we are about to likely in the next 2 hours.  It has
         agreed that a solar cycle...I guess a day...is fine..but
         I assured it we'll be gone by then."

       Marta: "What about the climans who are knocked out?  The creature
         will kill them and likely the ones tied up."

       Suresh: "I was going to suggest something about that.  I agree
         they are in danger.  We'll need to help them.  Its one
         thing to kill them in self defense.  Its another to kill them
         outright or leave them in danger.  They are only doing their
         jobs.  So I suggest we gathoer those alive and take them
         outside.  We can then leave them out there.  Those who look
         like they could escape their rope we place in the prison wagon.
         We'll have to do it with my face covered as I'm staying on
         the island."

       Thig: "Staying?"
       Suresh: "Yes.  I have not been recalled.  Have I? " [looking at aren]
       Aren: "Sadly no.  I don't know if I have the authority to recall
         you.  You still have a good use for us here."
       Suresh: "Besides, my girlfriend is still here.  If I leave I'll
         ..try to...if she ...wants to..leave with me..I don't know if
         I'll tell her who I really am...it'll be a risk...anyways,
         that's why I am taking these presents for her like teh furs.."

       GM: So I'll assume this idea is ok with the party.  Most of the
         party is lawful towards life and thus would try to save it.
         If any objections let me know.  It'll take another 30 minutes
         to do this.

       From Jordi: [Re: Personal conversation]
         Jordi will find Zabil, Eti of Aratad.  In the climan scrolls,
         he was noted as a friend of the elves (nothing strange, if we
         consider that he is from Aratad...). "Hello, Zabil.  We haven't
         any chance to speak previously. My name is Jordi, and I'm nephew
         of King Zeen.  We live in a castle, 65 miles west of Affea.  I
         was captured by the Clymans while I was in a diplomatic mission
         with Caldo and Donaran diplomats.  We were discussing about a
         trade agreement.  I don't know if my uncle wants to promote
         trade with more countries, but if he wants, for sure your
         nation will be among the first included, because yours is a
         nation friend of the elves."
       Eti: "I would have to seek the court on this.  I don't know what
         the rulers have in mind.  I have been gone for four months
         so things may have changed.   But I will consider it."

       From Jordi: [Re: Ritual]
           "Kaylle, have we ruined their ritual? will they be able
            to build their flying fleet?"
       Kaylle: "I could not find much information on if we did or not.
         I would say we prevented the final element..pardon the pun..
         but the staff is in full piece so it was only seconds from
         being completed.  So I would say we did...but unsure.."

       From Jordi: [Re: Elemental Staff]
         "I consider that perhaps the best thing we can do is to break
          the staff again, and then hide the four parts of it.  I think
          I will be able to contact with Alfar and then I can give
          them one of the four pieces, so they will hide it in an
          Alfar Fortress, or something like that.  Does someone have
          ideas for the other three?"
       Trembyl: "This staff is powerful.  But I have a uneasy feeling
         this may resolve itself.  But it seems I may be the only
         one to touch the staff.  Unless anyone else knows elemental
         magic?  I will have to examine the staff to see how to break
         it without it backfiring.."
       From Jordi: [Re: Suresh]
         Jordi will vote for giving him as much clyman money as he needs.
         "Suresh, there are three persons in Marentia that are mentioned
         in the scrolls as being working for the climans: Arkella,
         Corizon and Dura. We will report them to the Marentian
         authorities.  Do they know you? You are the expert in this
         kind of things; what do yu suggest?"
       Suresh: "Let me think...the name Corizon sounds familiar.  Seems
         like I was infiltrating a climan merchant house to disocver
         their illegal arms trade routes...yes..that name was on one
         document...it didn't have anything but his name and a date
         by it.  That being months ago.  Maybe Corizon is dealing
         with arms in Marentia for the climans.  The others I don't
         know of.  I suggest not showing all the scrolls to the
         diplomats.  They could use this information in diverse ways.
         Let the authorities handle it once ashore."
       GM: As to money so you wish to give him all your money? :)
         Nah.  He should have plenty in his share of the party gold.


       [New Stuff]

       [The loot is loaded onto the Merchant ship.  Many take part in
        this except for Choland Farseeker.  Farseeker has to rest for
        a good 45 minutes for the first hour.  Being almost at total
        exhaustion.  Cholan is too hurt to help.  Everyone else helps
        out in one way or another.  In a couple heavy cases the horses
        are taken level to level to help out as the 'stairs' are nothing
        but slanted earth and tall enough for horses.  Small wheeled
        carts are used for others.  They are then sent to warehouses
        where the raft takes the loot to the merchant ship and then
        up to the deck and down to the hold.  Damon, Chion and Cholan
        help to organize the hold as efficient as it can be with the
        boxes, crates, kegs and barrels.  

        About 15 help either escort or carry out the climans into the
        front of the cave.  Where they will later be placed directly
        outside the mountain.

        At about 11:30 or so things begin to slow down.]

       Farseeker [who is now helping] : "Status?"
       Damon: "I'm told all but about 5 crates are loaded and all but
         about 4 dead climans on level 7 are hauled into the main
       Aren: "Then we are ready to leave?"
       Farseeker: "Sounds like it.  Balrog go over to the other side
         and check that flap area where Chion entered and look for
         any ships."

       [Ten minutes later he is over there and watching the seas..
        He is using Damon's spyglass for distance viewing.]

       Aren: "We might as well eat lunch here before we go and
         save our ship stores.  It'll be the last time before
         we relax on land for a good week maybe two."

       Xian: "Somoene will need to bring down food for those in
         the main cave guarding the climans."
       Kasha: "Me and some of the diplomats will handle that."

       [Balrog and Triest watch the ocean and doesn't spot anything.]
       Triest: "Ya'know Balrog  This whole flying ship thing is just
         a hoax I think.  We've yet to see one fly.  I think its
         an illusion if anything.  Those jars things are probably some
         form of fire that looks fancy to scare diplomats.  Flying

       [Six minutes later...]
       Triest: "Nothing out there.  Let's get some lunch..."
       Balrog: "Yeah your right.  It looks cloudy today but it should
         be fairly good weather wise by-"
       Triest: "What?" [He looks over at Balrog staring at the sky...]
       Balrog: "Look!"
       [Triest looks up and just sees clouds.]
       Triest: "What?  Oh yeah I see that cloud there looks like
         a frog!"
       Balrog: "No dummy there!" [he points] "Look hard..."
       [Triest stares for 2 minutes in silence..then jerks his head
        back quickly..in surprise]
       Balrog: "You saw it ?"
       Triest: "Yes.  But what was that?"
       Balrog: "That was the bottom of something.  Before that I saw
         what could be nothing but a sail."
       Triest: "A flying ship!?  No way!"
       Balrog: "Then what?  A big bird? ...warn the others"

       [Triest runs to the edge of the room toward the water line
        facing the ships on the other side of the cave.]
       Triest: "TROUBLE!  Everyone over here now!"

       [Two minutes later those interested or free come over by the
        raft and take turns looking.  Whatever is seen is actually
        among a bright white puffy cloud.   Occasionally ever few
        seconds a tiny black or brown smudge is seen.  Balrog
        explains what he saw.]

       Damon: "Its an illusion the real ship must be on the water but
         I don't see anything."
       Trembyl: "Its no illusion.  I know I do those and if we all
         can see something it would have to be powerful."
       Kaylle: "This must be a merchant or warship since there is
         an empty slot in the cave for another large ship my guess
         is a warship."
       Farseeker: "Not good.  They could have 30-50 or more on there
         and we can't fight them in our weakened state. They could
         just hover and wait us out and send reinforcements if they
         have gargoyles or magic on board."
       Xian: "So what are you suggesting?"
       Suresh: "If you flee on the island you may never escape for days
         till you find another ship.  By then they could track you
         down and a large group is easy to find."
       Damon: "We have to take the ship out." [everyone looks at
         Damon in shock knowing it won't be easy.]
       [A minute later...after a long pause]
       Xian: "How?"
       Farseeker: "I don't know but I do know we have to stop it before
         it gets to the water.  Once it hits the water and heads this
         way our chances of survival decrease greatly."

       [The object or ship seen is in a large puffy white cloud that
        seems to be about a mile up.  Its hard to tell distance and
        it could be more.  Maybe as high as 3 miles?  Parts of it
        seen are sails and the bottom of the ship.  At this point
        it seems to be one ship.  It seems to be using the cloud
        to cover its movement from observation but is not doing
        a perfect job.  It is about 2 miles out to sea high in the
        sky toward the south-west.  By now the sun is almost directly
        overhead so there is no angle into the cloud to highlight
        the object further.  At the rate the cloud seems to be moving
        it could be at the mountain as soon as 5-15 minutes.]

     Actions? Comments?
     Next update Monday...

     Next post is the final loot report assuming survival above.

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