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       This is the loot that Jordi will claim for Neva
and himself if nobody asks for them:

       a) Just in case you don't know (Jordi will
explain it), to improve one status in elven society,
one must demonstrate his/her abilities as fighter or
magician (that is, to improve your MEL or CEL) and
then convince the Elven Council of Nobility that you
deserve the status increase (in game terms, rolling
against your influence chance to convince the council
members that you deserve it).  This list of items will
be used to improve Neva's chances with the council,
because she is a member of a very humble family; some
of them are obviously useful (as the map of Donara
is); others will be used to demonstrate the number of
countries raided, to show how dangerous the Climans
are, considering the number of countries raided:
         A Troll's war mace 8 sc.
         1 piece of clothing (Katai) 7cc.
         Hide of the dragon & the hellhounds (Jordi
will ask Ben'dar for help with this).  If there is a
lot of it, Jordi will ask Ben'dar for enough hide to
make Neva an armour of Dragon Hide. (Hey, Scott, it
will be great for Neva to show in the Elven Council of
Nobility with a Dragon Hide Armour...).
         Area map, 7 cc, acurate, Donara (If I
remember correctly, Donara is hostile to elfs, so
having an acurate map of Donara will be valuable to
the elfs...)
         Tools, exceptionally small, -90%, 0.4 base
value, carpentry.
         Dwarf lyre.
         Statue, 3.2 CC [Eastern Spearman? 10 inches]
         1 Elven Eagle Hood.
         1 Elven Hawk Hood.
         1 Elven Briddle.
         1 Elven Set of Spurs.
         1 Elven Whistle. 
         If Jordi discovers that Ben'dar (or someone
else of the party) likes some of the elven items, he
will ask Ben'dar to take them; after all, he has two
elven flutes as a proof that the climans raided elven
         Container, 126 BB, 0,5 qt, 0,2 qt Peska.
         Container, 66 BB, 0,5 qt, 0,3 qt NatMagI:
         1 Eating utensil(s), excepcionally large,
+10%, 2 BB.
         Art Work, 30 SC, [Icebird? 12 * 20 inches]
weight 2.

       b) For Jordi & Neva's wedding:
       Jordi doesn't like big celebrations or parties,
but he guesses that Neva wishes a nice, big wedding;
also, it will help her status. So, he will take this
for the feast after the ceremony:
       Good Wine - 2 quarts lvl 2
       Fine Wine - 5 quarts lvl 2
       Sup. Wine - 10 quarts lvl 2
       Goideli Wine- 20 quarts lvl 2
       Salt 20 oz. lvl 2
       9 kegs, 10 qt, Ale.
       4 kegs, 5 qt, Beer 4,5 qt.
       1 keg, 30 qt, Goideli wine.
       1 keg, 2 qt, 1/4 grease.
       3 kegs, 20 qt, 14 qt salt.
       6 kegs, 20 qt, 18 qt flour.
       container, 50 BB, 2 qt, 2.0 qt spices.
       container, 12 BB, 15 qt, 7.5 qt flour.
       Of course, it's posible that some of the drink
is consumed by the group during the trip...
       The idea is to offer something during the
weeding's party that is not usually available to
elves... again, the idea is to increase Neva's status,
Jordi main concern for the future...
       c) Presents for his uncle.
          Jordi's uncle is an elven king, and is the
fostered Jordi.  So, Jordi thinks in something for
          Fine tapestry, 5'*10', 25 GC, weight 6.

       d) Useful things for his people.
          4 Kegs, exceptionally large, +50%, 30.0
quart, empty. (Useful for his uncle's fortress, to
resist a siege).
          oil, 10 oz, lvl 2.
          healing herbs, 5 oz. lvl 2, container,
          burnt ointment 2 oz, small bottle, lvl 2.
          2 kegs, healing herbs, 20 qt 18 BB.
          1 Keg, shooting herbs, 20 qt 4 CC.
          (Note: perhaps the healers of the group
might want some of the herbs; if I remember correctly,
Z'leyra took herbs and bandages earlier, but perhaps
she needs more).
          68 yards of cloth, exceptionally good, 272
       e) For Neva and Jordi:
          18 parchments, 19 parchment scrolls lvl 2
          3 quills, 20 bottles of ink.
          All the Jewelry/Gems valued in LESS than 10
sc that nobody wants (Jordi needs a lot of practice in
his jeweler skill).
          Furniture, 1.0 GC, Dresser & Mirror. (For
Neva & Jordi home; it will be a practical souvenir of
our adventure.  However, if it occuppies a lot of room
in the ship, Jordi will renounce to it.)
          Art work, 10 SC, weight 6, Sailing ship at
sunset. (Another souvenir for our home).

       f) Important loot consideration:

          When we reach Marentia, we can sell the
merchant ship.  To not bother Scott with extra
accounting, we can consider that it will be enough to
pay for taxes and spells needed to identify functions
of magic items and so...).

      Non-loot considerations:

        1)  Jordi will try to chat as much as posible
with Duke Aren and with Marta Valnon.  They are
important figures in Marentian court, so it will be a
crime for someone trained in the diplomatic arts as
Jordi is (well, he doesn't have a lot of
experience...) to let pass the oportunity to befriend
& know them.  Perhaps in a future, the Marentian will
help the elves to get rid of the Clyman colony of
Affea... it will be wonderful!!

            If the Duke is friendly, Jordi will speak
with Neva, and if she agrees, then he will speak with
Duke Aren:
         "Excuse me, Aren (OOC: I imagine we use our
names, and not "Sir" or "Duke"), but Neva and I want
to ask you a little favor.
          We are going to return home, and we will
marry there; however, it's our desire to have all our
friends with us in our wedding.  Alas, it will be
imposible; most of them will want to return home, and
the trip to our forest is long and dangerous.  So, we
believe that the most convenient is that we marry
twice: once at home, in our forest and once in
Marentia, once we arrive there, so all our friends can
assist to our wedding.  Will you please help us to
organize our wedding in Marentia?" 

        2) Ships:

         Jordi thinks for some time.
         "If we sink the ships, perhaps the Clymans
can rescue them.  If we burn them, perhaps we atract
attention.  So, I think we can do this:
          Once ready to leave, we can sail with the
merchant ship.  Once we are at 100 yards of the coast,
we can anchor it.  Then, a skeleton crew can return,
take the warships out of the cave, anchor and burn
them.  The exit of the cave perhaps won't be blocked,
but we will for sure destroy the ship, and the smoke
won't fill the complex.  Then, we will leave with the
merchant ship.  There is no people near; and while
someone arrives, return to report and decide to send
ships to investigate, we will have a good advantatge."

         (OOC: If I remember correctly, the Climans
doesn't have any remaining flying ships... Do I
remember correctly?).

        3) Leaving:
           After loading.  However, perhaps we want to
do something more in the complex.

        4) Healing:

           Jordi wants to cast a Regeneration spell on
Cholan's hand.  He needs to recover mana in order of
doing it, so, if nobody complaints, he will save mana
for the moment being.

        5) Magical Creatures/Aliens:

           "Well -Jordi says- they saved my life, and
helped us.  So I suggest that Caladan can contact
them, explain them that we are leaving, and ask them
if they want something.  I think we can open the cave
that the Clymans closed, where their eggs lay; or
perhaps they want to be left alone..."

        6) Drinks/Celebration:

           "I suggest that we forget about it.  When
we reach Marentia, we will be able to celebrate as
much as we wish... we have to load the ship, watch the
prisioners, etc."

        7) Sea Voyage:

           "I suggest that those experienced in the
ways of the sea decide.  However, I suggest taking the
route that dodges encounters the first days; because
after the first days, everybody will be magically
healed, and our chances of survival will increase."

        8) Ben'dar:

           If Jordi notices that Ben'dar doesn't pick
anything from the loot (something very likely, has a
high Em), he will talk with him:
           "You had to take something for you.  You
fought in the worst fight of the day, against the
dragon, so you should take something.  Come on, I am a
magician, I will help you in your choice of magic
items... and don't complaint or refuse, Ben'dar; you
have earned it."

        9) Zabil, Eti of Aratad:

           Jordi will find Zabil, Eti of Aratad.  In
the climan scrolls, he was noted as a friend of the
elves (nothing strange, if we consider that he is from
           "Hello, Zabil.  We haven't any chance to
speak previously.  My name is Jordi, and I'm nephew of
King Zeen.  We live in a castle, 65 miles west of
Affea.  I was captured by the Clymans while I was in a
diplomatic mission with Caldo and Donaran diplomats. 
We were discussing about a trade agreement.  I don't
know if my uncle wants to promote trade with more
countries, but if he wants, for sure your nation will
be among the first included, because yours is a nation
friend of the elves."

            (OOC: Establishing good relations with a
foreign country that is friendly to elves is, for
sure, something that Jordi's uncle will aprove.)

        10) Akat, Zenon of Goidan:

        This man live too far away from Jordi's home
to be what we can call "a useful diplomatic contact";
however, his nation is friendly to elves, so Jordi
will befriend him & try to help him.

         11) Vaeth, Thuon & Vaidia, Anil; Donaran.

        (OOC: Are these men the diplomats captured
with Jordi? If they are, Jordi will keep an eye on
them; his uncle was very interested in the treaty
signed with them; the fact that Donara is a country
hostile to elves makes the treaty more valuable than a
usual treaty).

         12) Zenakhis, Trom (Fomorian); Chandris, Eri
(Kolari); Ayddar Nylykerka (Thaliban); Xavier, Rua

          These men (or women) live "near" the Wild
Forest (well, perhaps the fomorian not...).  So Jordi
considers them useful diplomatic contacts (as they
will consider Jordi).  So Jordi tries to befriend
them; nobody knows the future, and having friends is
something very valuable for someone like Jordi.

        13) Kaylle:

           "Kaylle, have we ruined their ritual? will
they be able to build their flying fleet?"

        14) The Staff:

           "I consider that perhaps the best thing we
can do is to break the staff again, and then hide the
four parts of it.  I think I will be able to contact
with Alfar and then I can give them one of the four
pieces, so they will hide it in an Alfar Fortress, or
something like that.  Does someone have ideas for the
other three?"

        15) Suresh:

           Jordi will vote for giving him as much
clyman money as he needs.
           "Suresh, there are three persons in
Marentia that are mentioned in the scrolls as being
working for the climans: Arkella, Corizon and Dura. 
We will report them to the Marentian authorities.  Do
they know you? You are the expert in this kind of
things; what do yu suggest?"

       OOC: Sorry for the big post.  When we leave
Clyma, I will send my priorities for Jordi actions for
the next three months.



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