[pnpgm] Z'leyra

Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Fri Oct 8 02:33:06 CEST 2004

Z'leyra suggests that someone good at divination try to figure which would
be the safer route.

WANTS: only 1 Repeating Crossbow; 2 sets of Quarrels; Bandages; Burn
Ointment; Healing Knife; Healing Kit; Healing Herbs; Soothing Herbs; Peska;
Lotsa tools; Don't need the hawk hood but still want the eagle hood (will
get new eagle); Don't need magical Pikes (can go to party treasure...or sell
later); Mild interest in the drums; Wants enough dragon hide to make a helm
(or three).

Z'leyra is not really concerned about the Gems/Jewels but is an accomplished
jeweler and expresses a mild interest in the possibility of her cutting the
gems to increase their value.

Are tapestries worth anything? Still magical? (Thig or Kaylle could look).
Lets fill wine bottles with dragon's blood. Take Firehound blood (in silver
containers) as well as claws, teeth and hide from Firehounds and dragon.

We also need enough food and drink on ship for the voyage, so some cargo
space is used for that. Will we have enough space to bring the hippogriff
with us?

Suggests that the total value of the loot be figured out and the individual
share amount calculated. Then each have the value of loot items taken as
personal gear be subtracted from their share. (Z'leyra with lots of items
would thus end up with very little cash and others with few items might end
up with lots of cash.)

Z'leyra doesn't feel a great need for more cash as she already has money
from previous adventuring (the biggest haul was from selling horses brigands
no longer needed).

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